[Siren Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, shape-shifter, HEA]
Sometimes the way forward is lost behind what lies in the past.
Colby Harper was determined to save Quinn Fields. He had only been back in her life for two years, but she would be damned if she was going to lose him again. She was prepared to do anything, even facing the man who had abandoned them both eighteen years ago.
Seth Reid was the alpha of one of the largest bear sloths in the country. He always did what was best for the ones he loved. Even if it meant leaving them behind when that was the last thing he wanted.
Then Colby, the woman his bear imprinted on, walked back into his life. She told him that without his intervention, Quinn was going to die. Seth knew he was going to do whatever needed to be done.
How could he not? After all, Quinn was just as much his mate as Colby was.
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Their Past Laid Bear (MMF)
5 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
OMG great book!! Loved the bears and can't wait for the next one. So happy Grey River came for a visit too.
This is a lovely love story that I hope you will all read and enjoy




Reacting to her tone, Seth crossed his own arms and straightened his spine, leveling her with a look that would usually have people squirming before him, but her only reaction was to cock an eyebrow at him in challenge. And damned if his dick didn’t twitch again. “You’re half right.”

Colby’s expression morphed into confusion. “What?”

“You. You’re half right. I do fuck, on as regular a basis as I can, and enjoy every damn minute of it. But my mother, she wasn’t a bitch. She was a whore, and there is most definitely a difference. So, in order to be specific, I would prefer to be known as a fucking son of a whore. It has a certain ring to it.”

Seth knew he was being an asshole of epic proportions. But with the shock of seeing Colby standing before him looking as amazing as he had ever remembered, and that haughty tone she used that always got a rise out of him, common sense and hell, courtesy gave way to his ire.

“I stand corrected.” Colby’s tone turned cold. “I will endeavor to remember that from now on and refer to you as often as I can as a fucking son of a whore. But I can assure you that it will not be for long. I need help, and as much as I might wish it, there is no other person, shifter or otherwise, on this planet who can help me but your sorry ass.”

A tendril of shock arced through him. Shifter? How in the hell did she know anything about the shifter world? Seth ensured his face remained a mask of indifference.

Seth tsked at her, shaking his head. “Now, now. Is that any way to speak to a man you have come to ask a favor of? That isn’t exactly the way it works you know. If you want something, then you come and you ask nicely. Now, there are two ways that a woman like you can make such a request. One, you ask the person you need help from, in this case, me, as nicely as you can and you offer something in return.” Seth let his gaze drift over Colby’s body in a crude way that had his bear pacing angrily within him, obviously not liking the way Seth was treating their mate.

“And trust me”—Seth leered in her direction, and the hard swallow and look of uncertainty that graced her beautiful face had him feeling triumphant and sickened at the same time—“you have exactly what a man like me can be enticed with. Or two… You can beg.”

Colby glared at him, but Seth caught the glimmer of tears in her eyes and his entire being froze. How in the hell had this conversation gotten so out of control? He and Colby hadn’t spoken in years. She was the woman that called to his bear like no other woman on the planet, and if either of them had the right to be pissed, it was her. How had it come to this?


“Fuck you, Seth.” Colby’s voice shook with emotion. “I am not here to ask for something for myself, but I do need your help. You left eighteen years ago, and whatever the reason, you turned your back on me. But it wasn’t just me that you left behind, was it?” Memories once again slammed through Seth, images of thick dark red hair, startling green eyes, a quick wit, and loyalty like nothing he had ever found again.

Colby stepped forward, staring intently into Seth’s face, and he fought hard to keep his expression blank. “You can pretend that you don’t know what I am talking about. Hell, you can turn around and walk back into that monolithic monstrosity you call a home, and go on with your life, and your fucking anything and anyone on a regular basis. But this is our last chance for help. And I am not leaving here until you give me your word that you will help us.” Us. “I have spent the last two years looking into every possible medical journal and researching any and all medical advances to try to find something to help.”

Seth felt dread begin to build within him. He did not like where this conversation was going. Not one little bit. He wanted to growl at Colby to stop talking.

“And when that failed, I started to look into the impossible”—Colby looked pale beneath the light makeup she wore, and Seth’s dread increased—“and that led me to you. You and your kind. As a bear shifter, you have a healing ability that modern medicine cannot and probably will never be capable of replicating. I need your help,” Colby’s voice caught on that last word, and her jaw tightened as she squared her shoulders. “Quinn is sick. He’s dying.”




Seth nodded. “Well, Quinn has wanted you for so long, baby girl, and he never thought he’d have the chance to be what you need in a man, but now he does. Go to him, crawl up over him, and take him inside you. Show him what he means to you.”

Colby’s breathing rate had increased to match her heart, and she was helpless to resist the need to follow Seth’s instructions. She stepped forward, loving that Seth’s eyes were locked to hers and that he, too seemed to be breathing a little faster than he had been just moments before. She climbed up onto the bed, crawling over Quinn, and when her head was level with his groin, she couldn’t stop herself from leaning down and running the tip of her tongue along the sensitive underside of his dick.

“Fuuck, angel,” Quinn groaned and every muscle in his body seemed to tense right before her eyes.

“Mmm,” Colby moaned in pleasure as she brought the taste of him into her mouth. “You taste good, Quinn.” She kept moving forward until her knees could tuck into Quinn’s sides and she pushed up into her knees. “And I am really looking forward to sampling more of that later, but right now, I think our alpha bear has other plans in mind for us.”

“Too fucking right,” Seth growled as he moved to lean against the wall beside the bed, his position giving him the best view of her and Quinn. He had removed his shirt and stood with his arms crossed over his chest and the top button of his jeans undone. The jeans rode low on his hips, and the tantalizing view of all his tattoos could have proved distracting had she not had a completely naked Quinn beneath her, and about to take him into her body for the first time ever.

“What about birth control?” Colby asked breathlessly.

“Being a bear shifter comes with some cool side benefits,” Seth said. “One of the coolest is that we aren’t susceptible to some of the sicknesses that humans are. We don’t need condoms.”

“I’m on the pill,” Colby blurted out.  “It helps to regulate my period. I won’t become pregnant, at least not yet.”

Reaching down and between her own thighs, she gripped Quinn’s hard cock in her hand, pumping it once, twice, and reveling in Quinn’s groan of appreciation.

“Damn, angel.” Quinn’s voice was hoarse. “Don’t fucking tease me. Take me in.”

Colby bit her bottom lip as she placed the head of his cock against the swollen wet heat of her pussy. She rotated her hips clockwise, working herself down over him until she sat on his thighs, having taken every inch of him.

“Quinn,” she moaned as her head fell back. Of their own accord, her hips rolled in tight circles, rubbing her clit against him and igniting bursts of pleasure within her body.

“You look so damn hot grinding against our man like that, baby girl,” Seth said from his position beside them. Colby could hear the need in his voice and the thought of him watching her pleasuring Quinn drove her arousal higher and had her pussy clenching around Quinn’s erection.

“Christ, yeah, angel, squeeze me,” Quinn groaned.

Colby set her mind adrift on waves of pleasure and allowed her body free rein. She started out slow, pulling up and slowly rotating her hips down to impale herself down on him to the hilt. Soon the pressure within her began to build to overwhelming proportions, and she couldn’t maintain that slow steady rhythm any longer.

“Colby, stop,” Seth ordered, and despite her need to go faster, to take Quinn and drive them both to the pleasurable oblivion that hovered just beyond her reach, she did as he demanded.

“Fffuck!” Quinn growled from beneath her, and she knew exactly how he felt. “Goddamn it, Seth, you sadistic son of a bitch, let her move. Let us move!”

“Can you feel it building within you?” Seth asked in a hoarse voice. “Even without moving, can you feel that wave threatening to consume you from within?”

“Yes!” Colby cried out. She could feel the damn wave, and the height of it was overwhelming. “Please, Seth, please, I— I have to move!”

“Then move, baby girl, move hard,” Seth growled.

With a growl, she leaned forward, placing her hands on Quinn’s chest. She flexed her fingers automatically in the muscles they found there, and she began to move with quick flicks of her hips. She kept her gaze on Quinn’s, reveling in the fact that his eyes had darkened and the hard grip he maintained on her hips told her that he was just as crazed for her as she was for him.

“That’s it, baby girl.” Seth’s deep seductive voice rolled over her. “Fuck him hard and fast, take everything you need from him.” Colby’s heart was pounding in her chest as she felt her release building within her. “But you will not come until I tell you to.”

“No!” Colby wailed her gaze lifting to meet Seth’s where he lay against the head of the bed. “Please!”

“Goddamn it, Seth,” Quinn growled from beneath her, and from the way his entire body seemed to tense, Colby knew he had to bite down on his release, too. “Don’t be a merciless prick. Let her have me, let me have her. Goddamn it! Please, she’s ours!” Colby felt how tense he was and sobbed with need, unable to stop her movements and grant them both a moment’s reprieve.

“Yes, she is.” Seth’s tone was tense but held a threat of satisfaction. “So do it. Both of you, come. Now.”

And as if that were all that they were waiting for, Quinn’s hips pumped hard into her as he roared her name and emptied himself deep within her, and Colby shattered above him, screaming his name to the world.

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