Thick and Creamy (MM)

Cedar Falls 10

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,590
27 Ratings (4.8)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M, HEA]
Welcome to Cedar Falls, a small North Carolina town nestled amongst the Smokey Mountains, where the people are friendly and the men are hot.
The moment Taden McIntire’s gaze lands on Will Cunningham he's fascinated by the blue-eyed blonde. Even when he's rejected, Taden can’t seem to take his mind off the sinfully sexy man.
Will Cunningham shouldn’t be surprised when his boyfriend—well, ex-boyfriend—not only dumps him on New Year’s Eve but also strands him in a small town two hours from their apartment in Atlanta. Just when he thinks this might go down as the worst New Year’s ever, Taden quite literally walks into his life and refuses to leave.
There is something about Taden that calls to the sub in Will, but he’s made a promise to never go down that road again. Can Will get over his past hang ups and give Taden a chance?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Thick and Creamy (MM)
27 Ratings (4.8)

Thick and Creamy (MM)

Cedar Falls 10

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,590
27 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Loved it!!!!
Who doesn't like ice cream? And who doesn't love someone that is just a little bit of a klutz? Taden moved to Cedar Falls to get away from the big city and do something he had enjoyed in his youth. Taden and Will have a very auspicious beginning. Taden rescues Will from a very unfortunate event that Will feels he deserves no matter what. But Taden knows that isn't so. From his first day of working for Taden, Will couldn't hide his klutzy-ness. Will is sure he'll be fired. But Taden sees something in Will that draws him. Taden needs Will like his next breath, but he also needs Will to learn to breath and spread his wings. Taden will be there to catch him and help him fly with their friends to watch.




“But that card made me go over twenty-one, and I don’t have any more money to keep playing,” Jesse whined while batting his eyelashes at Parker.

Parker struggled to hide the smile that attempted to break free, but he wasn’t doing a very good job. “Angel, you promised Aidan not to cause another fight. If you keep this up, he’s not going to have a choice but to call Stone over to physically remove you from the table, and you know I’m not about to allow anyone to touch you, even if you deserve it.”

Jesse’s bottom lip stuck out in a pout. “But I never got a twenty-one.”

“Do you really want me to have to fight Stone?” Parker countered.

A big, dramatic sigh that could rival any actor came from Jesse. “No.” Turning to Yvonne, Jesse mumbled, “This all could have been avoided if you’d just taken back the stupid card.”

Before she could respond, he turned to Ethan. “Let’s go.”

“But I still have money,” Ethan was studying his cards intently. Clearly he wasn’t about to leave.

Jesse stomped from the table in his gold boots with what had to be the highest heel Taden had ever seen on a man. Aidan chuckled.

“He really has that dramatic exit down, doesn’t he?”

A huge grin formed on Parker’s face as he watched Jesse walk away. “I never tire of watching Jesse in full drama-queen mode.” With lust in his eyes, Parker stalked after the man.

The sight of the two men so clearly in love sent a pang of jealousy through Taden. Not that he wanted anyone as high maintenance as Jesse was, but he would love someone to call his. After he caught his last boyfriend, Tom, fucking the security guard in his apartment building, Taden had sworn off relationships.

He resorted to nothing but casual hook-ups. The thing was that they just weren’t enough. Taden was a Dom with a need to have a sub twenty-four-seven. Scenes were fine, but what he was really looking for was someone willing to put all decisions in Taden’s capable hands.

Maybe it was time to cash out his chips and go up to his room. He’d considered just making the fifteen-minute drive home, but he’d had a few beers and didn’t want to chance his judgment was impaired.

Weaving through the throng of partygoers, Taden once more wondered what made him think coming here was going to be a good idea. Crowds were never his thing. He preferred the solitude of a glass of wine and a boy at his feet or, better yet, curled up on his lap with a good book they could both enjoy.

A soft voice laced with panic caught his attention just as he was passing the last of the slot machines. “But you were the one who made me play the slots.”

His breath caught. Before him was the prettiest man he’d ever laid eyes on. Unbidden, his hands curled at the sight of the man’s silky blonde hair. Taden was sure it was just long enough to thread his fingers through, perfect for maneuvering the beauty’s head to capture those lush pink lips.

“I don’t care what your excuses are. Since you don’t have enough money to pay for your half of the gas, you can stay here.” A man was towering over the slight blond, using his size to intimidate. “I always knew you weren’t worth dating.”

As the tall man turned to leave, the beauty grabbed his arm. “But I don’t have any money. How am I supposed to get back home?” Disbelief laced the cutie’s words as he looked up at the man in front of him in fear.

“That’s my home, not yours, and I don’t live with losers.” The tall man’s mouth twisted into an ugly sneer. “Consider yourself evicted.”

The pretty man just stood there watching the other man walk out of the casino. If asked, Taden wouldn’t have been able to answer why he headed over to defeated man. He’d learned his lesson long ago to not let himself get invested in someone else. Yet there he was striding to stand next to the beauty.

He couldn’t say how long he stood there waiting for the man to notice him. When several minutes passed, Taden wanted to growl. None of it made any sense to him, but more than anything he wanted to be the center of this man’s attention.

Taden had to take a deep breath before he did something stupid like throw the man over his shoulder caveman style to carry him back to Taden’s room.

Once he was sure his emotions were back under control, Taden stepped right in front of the beauty. The sweetest cornflower-blue eyes filled with disbelief and pain looked up into Taden’s gaze.

“He left me.”

Taden’s heart broke. His rule of not getting emotionally involved was crumpling like cheap paper. He just wished he knew how it had happened.




This just couldn’t be happening. How he managed to wake up in Taden’s bed, Will didn’t know, but he wasn’t about to let Taden find him there when he woke. That would have been easier if Taden’s arm and leg weren’t thrown over him, effectively trapping him to the bed.

For the last ten minutes, he’d been trying to free himself, but each time he thought he might be able to slip out, Taden’s grip would increase. Unless he woke the sleeping man, Will wasn’t going anywhere, and he wasn’t about to let either of those scenarios happen, especially when he was only in his underwear with a very obvious erection tenting them.

Why did Taden have to feel and smell so damn good? It didn’t seem fair that Will popped an erection whenever the man was close. What was worse was that Will was on the verge of not caring about his rules any longer. He just wanted to feel that thick cock that rested against his hip deep in his ass.

His hole clenched at the thought. Will didn’t consider himself a size queen exactly, but he definitely preferred to be fucked by someone on the bigger side. He wasn’t sure just how big Taden was, but from the bulge pressing against him, the guy was obviously well endowed.

Just like it always seemed to be around Taden, Will’s body had a life of its own, and he started humping the leg pushed against his cock. It felt too good to stop. Hell, at this point, Will would have settled for not mindlessly rutting like an wild animal.

There was no way he wasn’t going to wake Taden up if Will didn’t find a way to control himself, but how was he supposed to do that when all he wanted to do was beg Taden to help him come. That was when the large hand pinning him to the mattress moved down to cup his ass.

“Umm, so fucking beautiful.”

Taden’s deep voice startled Will. He looked up into sleepy brown eyes and fell a little more in love in Taden. And wasn’t that the kicker. He hardly knew the man, yet with each day, Will was falling hopelessly in love. All that resolve not to get involved with a Dom ever again went right out the window.

Taden captured his mouth in a searing kiss as he maneuvered them so he blanketed Will with his body. Will found himself pinned to the bed, unable to move unless Taden allowed it. Being in this kind of position again should have scared him, but all it did was turn Will on even more.

When his attempts to thrust his hips up to get more friction failed, Will whimpered into the kiss, begging for relief. One large hand skimmed along his side, down to his hip, and around to his ass before pulling Will farther against Taden.

Bolts of electricity raced up and down Will’s spine as his cock finally got what it wanted—rubbing against Taden’s hard body. But as amazing as that was, Will wanted more. He wanted to feel Taden’s hot prick against his own, not with two pairs of underwear between them.

Pushing his hands down between them, Will managed to get a hold of Taden’s waistband. Taden lifted his hips when Will tugged the material down over his hips. He wasn’t able to reach far, but it was enough to feel that silky stalk against his hand.

Will gave Taden’s thick cock several strokes. Loath to give up his prize, Will eventually did exactly that but only because he wanted to feel that hot shaft against his own. Just as he succeeded in pushing his own underwear down, Taden came back down, aligning their groins perfectly.

Moans rang out from both of them. To Will, it was close to heaven. The only thing that would have been better was to feel Taden deep inside of him but for now, this would do.

“That’s it, boy. Take what I give you.”

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