Three for All (MFM)

Jewel Box 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 15,200
182 Ratings (4.0)

[PolyAmour: Erotic Contemporary Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, Multiple Partners]

Since leaving home and heartbreak behind eight years before, Shelby Daniels has been very careful to keep her involvement with men about just one thing: sex. No dates, no meaningful discussions, no plans for the future. So far, it's been a pretty satisfying system, as long as she cuts the men loose once they show signs of wanting to take their "relationship" to the next level.

Then the sudden death of her uncle forces her to return to the small mountain community where she grew up and face the reason she left it behind. Two reasons, actually: darkly, devilishly seductive Gabriel MacKenzie and gorgeous, fun-loving Justin Walters, whose kisses could send any woman to heaven. Young, confused and afraid of being forced to choose between Gabe and Justin, Shelby did the only thing she could to stop their torrid tug-of-war from tearing them apart. She ran away to culinary school and never came back.

Now, a shared inheritance means that best friends Gabe and Justin will finally get the chance to prove to Shelby that she doesn't have to choose -- and they're willing to do whatever it takes to show her there really is love in Three for All.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Three for All (MFM)
182 Ratings (4.0)

Three for All (MFM)

Jewel Box 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 15,200
182 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Professional Reviews

5 CHERRIES: "Given her choice between two hunky lovers from her past, Shelby Daniels is conflicted. Which one should she choose...or should she choose both...or neither? I liked all three of the main characters and found Justin and Gabe appealing. The sex scenes are hot and the anal sex is not too over the top to offend. The story moves along and I found myself very interested in all three and the outcome of the story." -- Azalea, Whipped Cream

5 ANGELS: "Three for All flows seamlessly, and the reader is given just enough background to appreciate the dilemma that Shelby, Gabe and Justin face without overloading the story with too much information. Instead, Raina James focuses on the tension and chemistry between these three, and it steams right off the page. I also loved how easily I was able to visualize each scene in this story. The small details that are sometimes overlooked painted a very vivid picture for me in this perfect erotic short." -- Heather, Fallen Angel Reviews

4.5 HEARTS: "Ms. James has added an interesting twist to this spellbinding ménage story. Having former rivals for Shelby change from continuing to fight each other for her to now wanting to share her adds some extra steam and tension in this story. ... Shelby, Justin and Gabe's characters were phenomenal. The love scenes are very erotic and caused a lot of steam. Before you know it, you'll find yourself overheating. This story is a quick, easy read that gives you all the details you need from their past without bogging down the story line. If you are looking for a smoking hot menage story, you need to give this book a try. It is sure to leave you satisfied." -- Jacquelyn R. Ward, The Romance Studio

4 STARS: "Three for All was a super hot read that proves a story can be complex, sexy and detailed rolled into a very short story...The sexual scenes were hot, and each seemed hotter than the last until you get to the explosive M/F/M scene at the end. Whew! They are a combustible threesome, who needs toys when an author can paint such a vivid picture. I enjoyed Three For All and highly recommend this story." -- Stefani Clayton, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4 STARS: "Raina James' Three for All is a very sensual romp that will require a cold glass of water. The story is perfect for a quick read or when you are in need of a romantic fix. The characters are intriguing and their desires are more complex than most. This is a beautiful story with a flare that leaves the reader wanting more." -- Kimberley Spinney, Sensual Ecataromance

4 BLUE RIBBONS: "Three for All is an erotic look at the hard decisions that must be made to actually have a relationship involving three people...Gabriel and Justin's ability to love [Shelby] in spite of her trepidations shows just how strong both characters really are. Add in their dreamy good looks and seduction skills, and I was blushing. Three for All is erotic and almost innocent despite the fact that it is a ménage. All of the characters are learning how to deal with their relationship, and I wish them all the luck in the world!" -- Natasha, Romance Junkies

4 STARS: "Tymber creates a deliciously wicked tale of a woman and her bond with three extraordinary and talented brothers who happen to be shape-shifters. The heat between the three brothers and Elain left me blushing and wanting to read more. The storyline is interesting and lays the groundwork for what looks to be a promising series." --ReviewYourBook

"Three For All by Raina James is a short book, a quick read and sexy fun, too...this story is an adventure in discovery. The men know what they want, they have to convince Shelby that, in truth, it is both of them she desires as lovers as well as partners. This is a "Don't Miss" book, and one you will not be able to put down." -- Rose, Romance at Heart Reviews

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Shelby picked Gabe out of the crowd the instant she cleared the automatic doors into the arrivals area. Leaning comfortably against a post near the baggage carousel, Gabe in form-fitting black denim and a soft gray sweater that matched his eyes was enough to send the blood pressure of any heterosexual female skyrocketing. He didn’t appear to notice the appreciative glances tossed his way, but Shelby did. Sternly ordering her libido down, she nodded to indicate she’d seen him. Hitching the strap of her carry-on bag over her shoulder, she made her way to the mechanical monster that was starting to spit luggage onto the conveyer belt.

Her flashy red suitcase was one of the first to make it onto the belt. Shelby reached for the handle, but a tanned, very male hand with a plain silver band on one finger beat her to it. Gabe’s scent, spicy and crisp with only a hint of cologne or aftershave, seemed to wrap around her. Her body’s reaction was instantaneous. Her belly clenched, her thighs trembled and her breath caught in her chest. It had been almost eight years since she’d been this close to him and the sensual awareness he ignited simply by standing beside her was devastating.


She swallowed and again told her unruly hormones to cool it before tilting her head to meet his gaze. She was a bit startled by the heat in it, then chided herself for being foolish. Gabriel MacKenzie had always had a way of making a woman feel like a goddess. “Gabe,” she said, “thanks for meeting me. I could have taken a cab to the lawyer’s office.”

He stopped her demurral with a look, a faint smile quirking his lips. “As if Justin and I would let you take a cab.”

“Justin’s here?”

Taking her elbow, Gabe guided her to the edge of the crowd of passengers still waiting to retrieve their luggage. “He dropped me off to meet you while he went to park the car. It wasn’t until I called the airline on the way here that we realized your flight was landing early, so we were a bit pressed for time.”

Before Shelby could comment, someone grabbed her free arm, spun her around and clamped her tight against a broad chest covered by a white T-shirt and a worn leather jacket. Then, in a move that could have come straight out of a silver-screen classic, she was tilted back over a strong arm and given the kind of kiss that wouldn’t have made it past the decency censors of old Hollywood. Her carry-on bag slid off her shoulder and landed at her feet with a soft thump. Shelby closed her eyes and clasped a square, rough-shaven jaw in her palms. After only the briefest hesitation, she opened her lips and his tongue surged into her mouth.

He ended the kiss before she was ready to. Reluctantly, she let go of his face and let him steady her as he brought her upright. His eyes blazed blue flames and he grinned at her with unabashed happiness. “Welcome home, babe,” Justin said.

“Yeah, Shelby,” Gabe said, drawing her attention back to him. He’d picked up her abandoned carry-on and slung it over his own shoulder, shooting her a sexy smile that was surprising, given that she’d just been lip-locked with his former rival. “Welcome home.”


“See, honey? I told you Justin wouldn’t mind.”

Shelby’s eyes flew open. “Justin!” Her voice was a strangled squeak. She let go of the edge of the table and pressed her palms flat against its top, evidently with the intention of levering herself up.

Gabe put a hand between her shoulder blades and held her down with little effort. “Shhh, Shelby.” His voice was almost a croon. “Look at Justin, honey. If he was any harder, his dick would be bursting through his jeans to get to you.”

A little of the panic faded from Shelby’s eyes, but she still seemed uncertain as she stared at Justin.

“Buddy, tell her. You’re cool with this, right?”

Justin suddenly realized his mouth was too dry to speak. He settled for a single, jerky nod. It must have reassured Shelby, because she relaxed enough that Gabe was able to sink the rest of his cock into her ass to the hilt. His head sagged back as he withdrew on a slow glide before plunging back into her hard enough to slap his lower belly against her ass, forcing a cry of pleasure from the woman submitting so sweetly to him. “Oh, fuck, Shelby. That is so good,” he said.

This time, Shelby kept her eyes open, watching Justin as he watched his friend fuck the woman they loved in the ass. Instead of being repelled, he was fascinated by the way a gloss of sweat made Gabe’s all-over tan gleam, and the way the sucking and slapping sounds of their mating mingled with Shelby’s increasingly uncontrolled cries. The room was rich with the musk of sex. By now, Justin was gripping the doorframe on either side, shuddering with the need to join them, but still a little uncertain himself.

Without warning, Gabe stopped moving. Looping one arm under Shelby’s hips, he used the other to urge her up until she was pressed flat against his chest, his cock still firmly lodged in her ass. The nearby chair’s legs scraped across the old linoleum as Gabe sat down, drawing Shelby down into his lap. He used his knees to spread her legs until they dangled on either side of his. Justin had a perfect view of Gabe’s sack and the thick base of his cock. The rest of it thrust up out of sight into the haven of Shelby’s ass. Justin’s breath roared out of his lungs like a bellows.

“Justin, get in here,” Gabe ordered.

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