To Tame a Wild Mustang (MMF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 73,094
18 Ratings (4.2)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Western Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F]

Kate is hardly an average gal in the old west. She dresses in men's trousers, speaks Hupa Indian, and pursues animal medicine—a male vocation. Why should it surprise her to find herself in a shocking, unconventional relationship with two drop-dead-sexy cowboys?

William is trying to save his failing ranch by taming wild mustangs with native Indian methods to keep things running while he rebuilds his cattle herd. Jack is the muscled ranch hand who has stuck by William through thick and thin—and stirs something inside of William that he’s never felt for a man. Does Kate, the wild beauty who has lassoed their hearts, have room in hers for them both? And can their love survive a lynch mob determined to see Kate and William hung for a crime they didn't commit?

A Siren Erotic Romance

To Tame a Wild Mustang (MMF)
18 Ratings (4.2)

To Tame a Wild Mustang (MMF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 73,094
18 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
A brilliant book
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4 RAVENS: "While I don’t normally read a lot of historical, erotic romances, I picked up Ms. Allister’s book, To Tame a Wild Mustang not only because of it’s title, but also because it has two hunky cowboys in it. Add a dash of mystery to the plot line as there is treachery under foot and I was hooked. Ms. Allister did a phenomenal job of creating this world . I can only imagine how much research she had to do, but I felt like I was being wisked away to a long forgotten time as I cried along with Kate during the opening scene of the book as a horse had to be put down because of a broken leg. Such harsh times they lived in back then. And the idea of it being the reasoning for Kate’s character to pursue such an unlikely occupation for a woman of her time had me cheering along. While I don’t want to give away any more of Ms. Allister’s plot, I will tell you that despite it’s length at over 230 pages, it was a fast read which I read in nearly one sitting and probably would’ve if my kids hadn’t decided they needed to be fed. So if you’re looking for a great historical book, with an unusually strong female lead along with hunky cowboys times two and a strong plot, To Tame a Wild Mustang by J. Rose Allister is definitely the book for you." -- Tamara, Black Ravens Reviews

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“We’ll help put up the horse and wagon,” Jack said in a volume that suggested he was trying to remind her he was standing there, watching. She hadn’t forgotten. His eyes penetrated her to the core, and a shiver went through her at the thought of standing in Jack’s arms the way she was practically doing with William.

“Thanks to you for the escort as well, but I’m perfectly capable of putting up the wagon on my own,” she told him. “I don’t want to hold you two up.”

A lazy smile curved his lips, and her gaze lingered on them a bit longer than was proper. “Two extra sets of hands will ease your task.”

Something shocking flickered in her mind—a thought of what other things two extra sets of hands might be helpful for.

“Besides,” William said, “we’re in no hurry.”

Unable to think of an argument aside from the obvious impropriety of being alone in the dark with two men and her indecent thoughts, she let them help her unsaddle Peaches and get the animal put up for the night. As the pair worked side by side with her, she couldn’t stop herself from wondering what it would be like to have a man like William or Jack helping her with chores every night. Afterward, he’d take her by the hand and lead her inside, where he would watch her brush out her long hair before retiring to the bed they shared.

“Guess that about does it,” William said, jerking her away from her folly. She felt hair prickling along her arms beneath the sleeves of her dress, standing on end from the shock of where her imagination had sent her.

She barely managed to stammer out thanks while they walked back to their horses, and she pulled her shawl tighter around herself when they did. William turned to her, his measuring gaze searching every inch of her face. He pulled off his hat and nodded. “Miss Kate,” he said, his voice dropping to a hoarse whisper while he stepped close. Too close. “There’s somethin’ I’d very much like to do right now, if you’ll forgive me for asking.”

Her breathing grew shallower until it nearly left altogether, and her lips parted slightly. Oh, please, let him kiss me, she thought as he drew even closer. She licked her lips and wavered, deciding whether to let him finish asking or just cut to the chase and meet him halfway.

Her pulse fluttered, and when she couldn’t stand his hesitation any longer, she darted forward and pressed her mouth to his. The sensation was indescribable, sending a shiver through her despite the warmth of her wrap. His lips were hot and pliable, smooth and yet firm.

He stiffened, but she heard a slight groan in his throat.

The sound of Jack clearing his throat brought her back to sanity, and she jerked back. Jack’s eyes were regarding her with undisguised interest. William’s looked a bit glazed.

“Is that what you were going to ask?” she whispered to William.

He cleared his throat. “Actually, I wanted permission to call on you sometime.”

Heat flew to her face. “Oh.” She stepped back and hugged herself. “Well, I’d say you’d better pay call, since you just kissed me.”

He cocked his head. “I believe it were you who kissed me. Ma’am.”

Jack’s chuckle sparked a touch of irritation in her. “Looked that way to me.”

She shot Jack a glare. “He didn’t exactly fight me off.”

William smiled. “Should I have?”

Well, didn’t the two of them look mighty pleased with themselves at her foolishness? She fought off the urge to hit William. “You were the one who said I made an impression.”

He put his hat on and untethered his horse. “Oh, yes, ma’am. And you can consider me duly impressed.”

“Amen,” Jack said, climbing on his horse.

William’s thigh swung up over Windstorm, and he tipped his hat to her. “Night, Miss Marsh.”

Her chest felt like a hammer was trying to beat its way out of it while she watched them trot off into the night.




“Her pussy is so wet,” Jack said, seeming to read William’s thoughts. William gasped when the man’s hand slid up over the one William was working on her clit. “Here. Taste it.”

Jack’s finger came up and slid between William’s lips. His eyes rolled back as he caught the flavor of her sweet musk, and his groin tightened at the feel of Jack’s finger stroking in and out of his mouth. He caught the finger between his teeth, holding it in place a moment while he rolled his tongue around the tip. The other man hissed in pleasure, and William released it.

“So sweet,” William said. The men’s eyes met, and his pulse raced like wildfire.

William slid a finger inside Kate’s soaking pussy, moist enough to almost make him rethink his assessment of her readiness. Jack’s warm hand moved over his, sending tingles up William’s arm.

“More,” Kate whispered. “It’s so good.”

Her head turned back and forth on the grass, again bringing to mind the vision of an untamed beauty, begging to be claimed by her chosen riders. And this beauty would be ridden by no others—not now, not ever. William felt a fierce need to possess her and to ensure that no other man aside from Jack ever could. That her willingness to take on the two of them would go no further—that she would accept no other men’s hands sliding between her honeyed thighs and bringing the pleasured groans he heard from her now. That privilege would belong to him and Jack alone.

He slipped a second, then third finger inside her, and when he joined Jack in sucking her nipples firmly into their mouths, he felt her tighten. A shocked, almost tortured cry followed. “Oh!” she shouted. “I’m…what’s happening to me?”

She began to shudder and moan her release.

“That’s right,” Jack cooed to her. “Come for us.”

Her cream coated William’s fingers while muscles pulsed in ecstasy, her back arching and face turned to the sky in a picture of artistic magnificence no master painter could ever capture.

“I’ve never felt anything like that before,” she whispered in shock. Then she moaned and arched her hips more.

Jack pulled his mouth from her nipple when her climax began to dwindle. William did the same, but before he could get far, Jack leaned in and kissed him. William’s surprised groan sounded almost pained, the way the man’s mouth lit a fire in his already aching cock. Their tongues met and devoured each other right over Kate, who gave a little gasp. Then her hand reached up to rake through both men’s hair, encouraging them to extend the kiss. Much as it pleasured him to have Jack plundering his mouth, William couldn’t wait one more minute to possess the woman beneath them.

He lingered on Jack’s lips for another moment while he reached down to release his erection from his long johns. When he broke off, Jack’s eyes were glazed and dark with need. William pushed himself up and moved down to kneel between Kate’s thighs. His lust offered no patience for the task of peeling off the clingy wet garment entirely, so he merely shoved it down enough to give him access to the woman flushed and ready beneath him. Jack’s cock was already out, stiff and even longer than he’d guessed when he’d accidentally brushed it the day in the barn. He fought off a momentary urge to wrap his fist around it.

Now it came down to it. Would it be a fight to see who would claim the woman first?

“I can’t wait to sink into her,” Jack said. “But yeh should be the first, Will.”

With a surprised nod, William positioned himself at her entrance and stroked a curl away from her face.

“You’re ready for me, darlin’,” he said. “I promise I’ll be as gentle as I can.”

“I need you,” she said, still panting with passion. “Don’t worry about me. Just do it.”

Though it was hard to resist his cock’s need to plunge right in at her urging, for her sake he fought to slow his pounding heart and guided himself with easy tenderness into her slippery, molten sheath. He inched forward bit by bit until he felt resistance, and then he pushed through it to fully possess her. She cried out, but stilled immediately beneath him, and they lay together enveloped by night and by the sensation of his claim for many long moments. One of Jack’s hands slipped in between their chests, rubbing her nipples as he knelt beside them and milked his cock with the other hand. William pictured Jack lying in his room so many nights doing just that, and his shaft pulsed and throbbed inside of Kate. The ferocity of his desire to own her innocence sharpened, and the thundering of his heart resumed with fervor.

Despite the maddening feel of her wet velvet cunt while watching Jack’s fisting and moans, William forced himself to wait until he felt Kate’s body relax completely against him. Only then did he pull back his hips and begin to thrust with long, deliberate strokes. Every long night he’d spent with empty arms, every waking moment spent fantasizing about making love to this woman exploded with the understanding that life would never be the same again. Her body molded to his perfectly, complying with his every command and responding to every motion. Nails raked gently along his shoulders, and slender calves wrapped around his thighs. She again surprised him by knowing instinctively how and when to buck and thrust her hips to meet his, writhing and twisting in a dance that brought the sharp edge of orgasm to the base of his cock well before he was ready to see this encounter end. Jack’s hand flipped over between them, and William felt his nipple being pinched. He moaned in surprise as he almost climaxed at the added stimulus.

William shifted his weight to lean on one arm over Kate, and moved the other one to where Jack was busy pulling on his swollen dick. He let his hand join in. Jack swore with a ragged moan, and with their hands together, they squeezed and stroked the man’s impressive erection. The feel of Jack’s cock in his hand made his own jerk and spasm inside Kate. Sweat slicked his chest and forehead as he struggled to retain control. He was determined to make Kate come again before he allowed himself release.

He slowed his tempo, though she whimpered and wriggled against him with an ardor that threatened to undo his resolve. “Let it happen,” he growled against her ear. “I want to feel you come with me inside you.”

She bucked against him, her breasts sliding under his slick chest.

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