Whispers in the Night (MM)

The Moonlight Breed 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 40,329
105 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, werewolves, leopard shifters, vampires, public exhibition]

Shot and left to die on the side of the road. That's not how Jackson had hoped to meet his mate. He remains understanding for four long years, waiting for his eighteenth birthday, the day Talon will claim him. Now twenty-one, he’s losing patience, and Talon is still holding out. Brooding and gruff, Talon doesn’t exactly have a reputation for being soft and gentle. Cursed by a rare genetic heart disease, he knows his days are limited. By claiming his young mate, he binds them together, heart and soul, and he refuses to allow Jackson to suffer the same fate that awaits him. Dreams of a brother he left behind when he fled his birth pack plague Jackson, becoming more intense until he finally realizes they’re calls for help. Can Jackson save his brother and convince his stubborn mate to claim him? Or will he lose them both forever?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Whispers in the Night (MM)
105 Ratings (4.6)

Whispers in the Night (MM)

The Moonlight Breed 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 40,329
105 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
great read and series
Really liked this one, so far it's may favorite in the series.
Professional Reviews

4.5 NYMPHS: "Whispers in the Night is a great story. I loved when the characters are able to pull the reader into their story they way they did in this book. The deep love that exists between Jackson and Talon is clear from the beginning, even with all the denial. There are wonderful secondary characters, most the readers have met in the previous stories. The interaction between all the characters makes for entertaining reading. I can’t wait for the next two stories to come out and only hope they will not be the last in the series." -- Critter Nymph, Literary Nymphs Reviews

4 STARS: "WHISPERS IN THE NIGHT is the third book in the Moonlight Breed Series by Gabrielle Evans. Ms Evans continues to bring more men of the moonlight pack into focus while revisiting previous characters (that I love) in this m/m shifter love story. Elements of love, humor and suspense make for a great story as Talon and Jackson find their way to each other. Since both are part of the moonlight pack, this story is different from the other matings. Jackson is kind and sweet, always one of my favorites throughout the other books. Understanding he is too young to claim when they first meet, Jackson keeps the secret and waits for his eighteenth birthday for Talon to claim him. Now twenty-one, he's completely confused why Talon is still holding out. Ms Evans adds her signature humor in a scene with Braxton and Keeton, two of her funniest characters, as they try to help Jackson cope. Brooding and bad-tempered, Talon is one of the more "manly men" in their pack. Readers haven't seen his soft and gentle side in previous books, and it is a touching scene when we first see this side when he finally interacts with Jackson. But still he holds back out of fear over his rare genetic heart disease since claiming his mate means binding their life forces together, and he refuses to allow Jackson to suffer the same fate that awaits him. Still, full bonding or not, there are some classic Evans steamy sex scenes in this book. Readers following the series will not be disappointed. The unique twists in this book are welcome. Readers will be kept guessing as each story evolves since the author so carefully creates unique storylines for each character and this is no exception. Just as the couple seems to be coming together, Jackson begins having dreams of the brother he left behind when he fled his birth pack. He knows he must help his brother but the troubles are far bigger than he can conquer. This is where Ms Evans brings in those fabulous secondary characters to pull together again and gives us even more glimpses into her preternatural world, with undertones of a future event in their world that will have some big impact. WHISPERS IN THE NIGHT is another solid book. I adore this fabulously funny and loving family and can't wait to read more. Since every book is building up the suspense over something looming ahead, readers will be hooked to the very end." -- Rebecca, The Romance Reviews

4 CUPS: "Mad enough to see red, Jackson Cunningham has finally had enough. He loves the man more than anything, but if his mate cannot accept him, then it is time to move on. He knows that he has been a complete and utter ass to Jackson, but Talon Cartwright has had good reason. Jacks is so young and has so much going for him; Talon knows in his heart that Jacks deserves much more than he can ever give him. When Jackson was taken in by Talon, he was just a boy of fourteen and on the run from a father who tried to kill him, but he knew even then that Talon was his mate. Years passed with Talon keeping his distance, because of his age, but now that excuse no longer works. When Jackson makes his stand, Talon finally reveals the truth behind his actions, but all too soon their feelings for each other are pushed aside as Jackson’s past comes tearing back. When he left his father, he also left his brother, and now it will take everything Jackson, Talon, and the rest of their pack has to try and right a hideous wrong. The drama surrounding Jackson’s past and Talon’s future adds layer after layer if intrigue to an already totally sexy read. Jackson is young, but he knows what his heart wants, and he is not afraid to risk everything to get it. Talon’s feelings are easy to understand, but it is even more fun to see Jackson completely unravel every one of Talon’s arguments. They are yin and yang, but with Jackson’s impetuous youthfulness, and Talon’s sometimes somber maturity, they complement each other’s differences perfectly." -- Lototy, Coffee Time Romance Reviews


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Jackson needed his mate. He needed to feel the hard, hot muscles under his palms, the warm wet heat of his lover’s mouth, and the throbbing thick length of Talon’s cock sliding in and out of him.

Licking and biting at the jumping vein snaking along Talon’s throat, he swiveled his hips, grinding his erection against his mate’s groin. “Want you, babe. Need you to make me forget everything but you.”

Talon’s fingers tangled in his hair, yanking his head back sharply. “Be careful what you ask for, pup. I’ve had your scent in my head, your sexy little ass snuggled against me all week, and I can’t be gentle now.”

Jackson couldn’t agree more. Talon’s unique scent permeated the air until he could almost taste it. Sandalwood and vanilla, the smell swirled inside his head, making him weak in the knees every time his lover came within sniffing distance.

“Fuck me. Hard and fast, down and dirty, whatever you want, but do it soon.”

Talon pushed him to the side and reached over to turn off the water. “Out,” he commanded.

Disappointed and not bothering to hide it, Jackson stepped out of the shower crossed his arms over his chest. “What the fu—”

Talon came at him swiftly, whirling him around and pushing roughly. Jackson had just enough time to unwind his arms from his chest and brace himself against the vanity. Talon’s steel-hard erection pressed against his ass cheeks as the man licked up his spine, noises emanating from his mouth somewhere between growl and groan.

“You drive me fucking insane. All I think about anymore is sinking my cock into this perfect ass and never leaving. I want you all the fucking time.” Talon bit into his shoulder as though it were Jackson’s fault. “I keep thinking it will get better, but it doesn’t. Every second, I want you more than I did the one before.”

Shaking, trembling, practically vibrating with his desire, Jackson soaked up the harshly rasped words that poured from his mate’s mouth. “Please.”

Talon groaned and rested his head between Jackson’s shoulder blades. “God, I love the way you beg.” His strong hand gripped one of Jackson’s globes and squeezed, kneading and massaging the muscle.

Watching his lover in the mirror, seeing the raw lust shining from his eyes, Jackson decided he loved it as well. “Please, Talon. I can’t wait any longer. Fuck me.”

Talon disappeared from view, sinking down toward the floor, and leaving a trial of liquid heat in his wake as his lips and tongue smoothed over Jackson’s skin. Cool air swept over his quivering hole as his ass cheeks parted and a slippery appendage bathed his needy entrance.

Gripping the counter until his knuckles ached, Jackson moaned, pushing back into his lover’s mouth, quivering as electricity rocketed down his spine and exploded in his gut. “You can’t even imagine how many ways I’ve dreamed of having you. No more dreaming,” Talon breathed over his opening before diving back in to lap and suck at the ring of muscles.

“You’re mine, baby. No one is ever going to love this body but me.” Talon invaded his depths with his tongue, stabbing it in and out while his fingers kept a death grip on Jackson’s ass. “Say it. Tell me who you belong to.”

“You,” Jackson cried out. His cock jerked and bobbed between his legs, leaking freely from the engorged head. “Yours, Talon. I’ve always been yours.”

His mate’s handsome face appeared over his shoulder in the mirror. He didn’t say a word, but continued his assault on Jackson’s senses by kissing and licking at his neck. A finger caressed his entrance, circling and probing, before slipping in and nailing Jackson’s prostate on the first try.

Stars exploded behind his closed eyelids, and his hips bucked forward. His inner walls clamped down on the invading digit, and his prick erupted without warning, coating the counter and drawers with his creamy seed.

“It’s so damn sexy when you lose it like that. Want you to come again, baby. Can you come for me again?”

A firestorm started in his empty balls and spread throughout Jackson’s body in a hurry. Oh, yeah, he could definitely do that again. Bobbing his head, his eyes still closed, he felt another finger breach his entrance, pumping in and out, stretching him to receive his mate.

Within minutes, Talon had four fingers buried deep in his ass, and Jackson’s cock ached and throbbed once again. “Now!” He couldn’t take anymore. His belly burned and his balls tightened against his body, his ass hungry and begging for Talon’s hot length.

The drawer to his left slid open, then closed, and he heard the snap of a bottle. Thank mercy they lived in a house with a bunch of hormone driven nymphos. There weren’t many places you could go in the house without having some sort of slick close at hand. He wondered where he and Talon could hide their own personal stash.

Then all thought fled when the crown of Talon’s heavy prick nudged his opening, pushing in with steady pressure. Moaning like a pro, Jackson leaned further over the sink and tilted his hips up, trying to take in as much of his lover as possible.

He wiggled a little at the slight burn, but it quickly faded as Talon started moving in and out of him in slow and steady thrusts. Before long, Talon’s movements increased in speed and intensity until each shove of his hips rattled Jackson’s teeth. Fingers gripped both of his shoulders, pulling him back to meet each of his lover’s forceful jabs.

“Touch yourself, baby. I want to see you touch yourself.” Talon’s voice slipped in octave and clarity, causing him to sound more animal that human.

Never allowing his eyes to stray from Talon’s reflection in the mirror, Jackson eagerly palmed his jutting shaft and stroked it furiously.

“No coming,” Talon ordered.

What? No! Talon couldn’t do that to him. He needed to come, and pretty fucking soon, or his goddamn dick was going to fall off!

“Trust me, pup.”

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