Wicked Deeds (MM)

Syn's Playground 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,895
17 Ratings (4.8)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M, sex toys, HEA] 

Heartbroken after another sub had cheated on him, Kent “Wicked” Fields had decided to give up on finding that one sub to build a future with. He should have known fate would screw with him the first time he hooked up with a sub and not let him ignore the sweet heat that could be found in the cute little waiter. 

Adam “Butsy” Butts found himself once more tossed away like yesterday’s garbage by the new bouncer. What he didn’t understand was why. Maybe his ex was right, and Butsy was bad in bed. If only he could forget what it felt like to be held by the man of his dreams. It would be difficult, but Butsy feared it was time to face facts. He was meant to be alone.

But happily ever after would be around the corner if Syn has anything to say about it.

Warning:  Wicked Deeds abounds when Syn becomes involved. 

Wicked Deeds (MM)
17 Ratings (4.8)

Wicked Deeds (MM)

Syn's Playground 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,895
17 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Would you like to have a seat?” Joel gestured to a nearby table on the edge of the dance floor. After they sat down, Joel went through the preliminary questions about Wicked’s work history.

As Joel glanced over his online application, his brows drew together. “I think maybe there is a typo on your application.” Joel set the paper flat on the table and pointed to the question “Name you’d preferred to be called.”

It wasn’t surprising that Joel questioned it. Wicked wasn’t exactly a common nickname. But it was one he’d earned shortly after starting the BDSM lifestyle that had stuck. “You aren’t honestly called…”

“Wicked,” a deep voice boomed out from across the room.

Wicked glanced over at the newcomer but not before seeing the grimace Joel made. The moment his eyes landed on Devlin Kincaid, Wicked grinned. He hadn’t seen the man in over a year. “Why, Devlin Kincaid, I thought you’d dropped off the face of the earth.”

He stood up when Devlin made his way over, hugging his friend tightly. “I’ve missed you, too, Wicked. What brings you here?” Devlin smiled brightly. “Please tell me it’s you we’re interviewing for the new bouncer.”

They had worked together at clubs in the past and Devlin knew Wicked was good at his job. He had a knack for reading a crowd and knowing when trouble was brewing. More importantly, he knew just how to stop it.

“You’d know that if you’d bother to read the messages I send you,” Joel muttered just loud enough for them to hear. “I was just in the middle of our interview. If you’d like to sit in on the rest…”

But once more Joel was cut off. “No need.” Devlin practically dismissed Joel when he turned to Wicked and said, “You’re hired. When can you start? I hope you don’t need to give a two-week notice because we really could use you. Let me show you around while we discuss things.”

“You can’t just hire him.” Wicked winced as Joel’s voice had risen several octaves, sounding more like a screech than anything else. “We haven’t even run a background check. Plus, he has to have a drug test.”

But Devlin just waved him off. “Wicked is clean on both counts. Get the paperwork ready for him to sign when I’m done giving him the tour.”

Joel stomped off toward a hallway. The grin Devlin wore spoke of trouble. “Oh, and Joel?”

Devlin didn’t say anything even though Joel had stopped. He waited until Joel finally turned around to face him. “I have the new equipment set up in room ten. I’ll expect you there after Wicked has left.”

Joel turned on his heel, refusing to say a word.

“Joel.” Devlin’s voice was firm but not angry. Once more he waited until Joel turned around to face him. “I’ll expect you in position waiting for me.”

Neither of them missed the shiver that shook Joel’s toned frame. Still refusing to speak, Joel stormed away, practically running, most likely so Devlin couldn’t try to stop him again.

Wicked just raised an eyebrow when Devlin grinned at him. His friend chuckled. “It’s a long story, my friend. Now, let me show you Syn’s Playground.”

The place was quite amazing. The main floor was a dance club. They catered to the gay community, but everyone was welcome, no matter their sexual orientation. There were two bars, one in the front of the room and one in the back to keep up with the flow of customers.

There was also a full kitchen. The main floor only served appetizers and what they call “small plates” while the other floors could order full entrees if they wished. It was a nice setup.

After touring the main floor, Devlin led him up a grand staircase that ended at a landing with large wood doors, similar to the ones outside. When they opened, Wicked felt his jaw drop. Secluded booths rimmed along the edge of the floor while several tables and chairs filled in the rest of the space to a dance floor.

But there, on the other side of the dance floor, was a stage. Curtains went across the back of it, indicating a set-up area beyond. He was in awe.

Wicked just hoped the entertainment was what he thought it was. “What kind of entertainment do you offer?”

Devlin’s mouth quirked upward. “Everything from demonstrations to Doms and subs wanting to show off. We are even planning a sub auction for Valentine’s Day, with the proceeds going to a LGBTQ youth shelter here in Ybor.”

That was something Wicked would enjoy. A night of no-strings-attached fun. “Are employees allowed to participate?” Wicked loved showing off his subs in front of a crowd. Although, it would mean getting to know someone for more than just a night. He’d have to think long and hard before risking himself again. No. For now, he’d would just stick to a one and done.

“Yes, you may participate. Just let me know when so I can make sure if you are working, someone can cover you.” Devlin led him to the back of the stage where every piece of equipment imaginable was neatly arranged.

Then they went to the third floor. This was where the private rooms were. Each room had a bed where couples could  spend the night if they chose to do so. The elevator that led to the first floor had a side door that went to the parking lot. It only opened from the inside, so no one would be able to sneak in.

“The control room is here. There is someone stationed here so long as rooms are occupied.” Since no one was in there, Wicked assumed all the rooms were vacant, which being that it was a Tuesday, wasn’t surprising.

“There are emergency buttons in each room that the sub can push if he feels unsafe. But we also have systems in each room that alert us if our universal safeword is called out.” Devin showed him the screens for the various rooms. “When red is said, the main screen will show us the room in question and the sound will come through the speakers.”

Wicked had to admit to being a bit surprised. He was glad, for too many subs were injured in their world by wanna-be Doms who used the lifestyle as an excuse to hurt others, instead of offering the pleasure that pain can provide. But still, he would have thought many Doms, even some legitimate ones, would object.

“Isn’t that considered an invasion of privacy?” Wicked asked. Even he wasn’t sure he’d be comfortable knowing the cameras would come on if one of them said the word red. Not that they usually did. Like Devlin had said, it was the go-to safeword and many subs used it, making it a word not uttered during a scene unless it was needed.

Devlin shrugged. “No one is forced to use these rooms and everyone, subs and Doms alike, are not only verbally told of these conditions but they must sign a contract stating they understand the rules.”

“What happens if a sub says red?” he asked curiously.

“Depends on what the Dom does. “As I said, we are able to hear and see how the Dom reacts. If he takes care of his sub, we reset the system, which turns off what we see and hear. If the Dom doesn’t stop, we go in and stop him.” There was a hardness to Devlin’s voice.

“Have you had to do that?”

Devlin nodded, his lips turning downward. “Twice. The first time, the guy monitoring things, Nat, didn’t react fast enough. I think he expected the Dom to stop, and it took him precious minutes to realize the bastard wasn’t about to do that.

“The second time, Nat was there again. That time, he didn’t hesitate to rush into the room and knock the Dom on his ass when he was still whipping the poor guy who was calling out red over and over again.” Devlin shook his head, the sorrow evident on his face. “At least the sub was saved from being permanently injured. The first one, had twenty stitches and a broken arm.”

Damn. Not something Wicked had wanted to hear.

“Nat went to see him every single day for a week. He ran errands for the guy and helped him to get back on his feet.” Devlin’s tone indicated he was proud of Nat, probably the only reason he had kept his job after screwing up so badly.

Then Devlin slapped Wicked on his back. “Come on. Let’s get you downstairs to fill out that paperwork.” That shit-eating grin was back on Devlin’s face. “I have some new equipment to break in.”

Wicked chuckled. Syn’s Playground may have some troubles, but he had a feeling he’d end up liking it there.




Adam didn’t know what to think when the handsome bouncer gestured to one of the other bouncers to take his place and headed Adam’s way. Shit, am I getting fired by my wet fantasy? Oh, please don’t let that be the case. Adam might just throw a temper tantrum.

Before he knew what was happening, Adam was lifted off the floor and into the strongest arms he’d ever had around him. Afraid he was about to be tossed out on his ass like the three bullies, he started to struggle against the behemoth, but it was like an ant trying to move a boulder. Not happening.

“Calm down, imp. You’re bleeding. I’m just going to take you to the bathroom to clean you up.” That deep voice had Adam’s cock twitching to life again, and this time precum leaked from the tip.

There was no way he was going to be able to hide the wet stain in the front of his shorts. Of course, the raging boner he had wasn’t exactly hidden in the barely-there material.

“I can do it,” Adam insisted when he realized there was no good way to explain the hard-on, the wet spot, or the fact that his cheeks were on fire. Plus, he was afraid if his dream man kept touching him, he’d embarrass himself further by coming and really, hadn’t this night been humiliating enough?

“You need to go back and make sure no one steps on any glass,” Adam blurted out when his walking fantasy kept carrying him instead of setting Adam back on his feet.

“Good try, imp. But it’s not going to work. Manuel already has the accident taken care of.”

“Yeah right,” Adam said with a snort before he could stop himself. “Like it will matter if it was an accident.”

Thick brows pulled together, causing a deep crevice to form between them. “What is that supposed to mean, imp?”

Refusing to answer the question when he hadn’t meant to blurt that out to begin with, Adam decided if he was going to end up mortified by coming in front of this man, he might as well know his name.

Just as he opened his mouth, the guy started talking. “Yeah, I have, Butsy. He’s been cut by the glass he was picking up with his bare hands.” There was a growl of disapproval in that deep voice that left Adam confused with a mix of crushing regret for having disappointed this man and arousal pulsing through him from the gravelly tone to his voice.

Of course, there was also the ultimate shame to hear that his fantasy man knew his demeaning nickname. Not that Adam should be surprised. He wasn’t sure anyone at the club knew his real name, even if he had tried to remind them every chance he got.

It wasn’t his fault his last name was Butts, or that he had a bubble butt that someone could bounce a quarter off of. Okay, so that last part was his doing as he took keeping in the best possible shape seriously. He wasn’t smart or rich. The only thing he had going for him was his looks, so Adam was determined to make sure to keep in top form.

Being small, he knew he’d never be a bodybuilder, so he made the most of his stature. His tight ass was his best feature and Adam used it to his advantage whenever he could.

“Someone needs to take Butsy’s tables for now.” The next thing he knew, the bouncer was entering the employee bathroom, which was actually a lot nicer than the main restroom. Its dark granite counters with forest green tiled floor always gave Adam a sense of serenity in his otherwise chaotic life.

But this time, not even the dark coolness of the décor helped. He was pissed. Mostly at himself. “You need to put me down,” he finally said.

Damn if his cheeks didn’t burn even hotter when he felt his butt land on the counter even as he said the words. Was he ever going to do or say anything right in front of this man?

“I mean I can take care of myself. You can go back to work.” There, that sounded confident. Right?

The faucet being turned on, along with his hand being placed underneath the spray, said otherwise. For all the big brute of a man listened to him, Adam might as well not have said anything.

Worse, his cock was really starting to leak the more he was being manhandled. Refusing to come without even knowing the dream man’s name, Adam got up the nerve to ask, “What’s your name?”

A sexy grin tugged firm lips upward while dark sensual eyes sparkled with merriment. “Wicked.”

Fuck. Of course it is.

Adam closed his eyes, savoring the sensation of that deep chuckle surrounding him like the softest of silks, skimming along his skin yet simultaneously setting it on fire. The orgasm he’d been trying to fight all night long was right there, ready to push him over the edge into the abyss.

As if sensing just how close he was, Wicked leaned in and whispered. “Would you like to know how I got the name?”

It didn’t matter. Adam could imagine all on his own. The thought of having wicked things done to his own body sent him careening off that cliff. The tingle at the base of his spine was all Adam needed to know there was no stopping the oncoming orgasm. His balls pulled up tight as he imagined that deep husky voice telling him to get on his knees and suck Wicked’s cock.

He just knew it would be big. Everything about the man was big, why wouldn’t his dick?

A growl rumbled around him and Adam couldn’t hold back a second longer. His free hand slammed behind him to brace himself against the counter. He threw his head back and cried out as spurt after spurt unloaded from his prick into his tiny black boy shorts.

“Fuck, imp.” Lips slammed down on his own in a kiss so hot, so consuming, it had his dick trying to come back to life.

Strong arms wrapped around him as large hands went to his ass and pulled him off the counter and onto his feet. “Kneel.” Those dark eyes looked at him as if Wicked could will Adam to do as he was told with just a look.

The need to obey was too intense to ignore and Adam dropped to his knees. Without being told, he quickly untied the straps holding the leather pants together. Just as he’d thought, a thick cock sprang out, slapping him in the face.

Fingers speared through his hair, most likely messing up his artfully arranged stands, but Adam didn’t care. Opening his mouth, he sank deep onto Wicked’s massive length. His own dick was coming back to life as he tasted Wicked. Musk and salt with a hint of leather had him moaning in pleasure.

“That’s it, imp. Take me deep into that mouth of yours.” Not waiting for him to do as he said, Wicked held Adam’s head still and thrust until he hit the back of Adam’s throat.

Wanting more, Adam opened his throat and swallowed.

“Fuck.” Wicked’s fingers tightened further in his hair and gave several shallow thrusts into his throat before pulling back and allowing Adam to catch his breath.

What he hadn’t expected was to be suddenly lifted once again, flipped around, and placed face down on the counter. Before he could say a word, his uniform had been stripped from his body and those dark eyes stared at him in the mirror.

“Tell me you want this,” Wicked demanded.

All he could do was nod.

“I need you to say it, imp. Do you want me to fuck you?” Even as Wicked said the words, his finger traced along Adam’s crack finding his pucker and teased the muscles with soft strokes.

“Ungh,” came out of Adam’s mouth instead of words. The laughter in Wicked’s gaze forced Adam to stop acting like an idiot. Swallowing, he finally managed to say, “Yes. Please.”

That was all Wicked apparently needed to hear. With a speed Adam appreciated, as all he could think about was having that monster of a cock inside of him, Wicked grabbed one of the single-use lubes from a basket on the counter and opened him up. There was nothing sweet or gentle about Wicked’s touch, but Adam didn’t want any of that. At least, not now.

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