Bound by Lust (MM)

Bound BDSM Club 4

Twisted E-Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 25,640
5 Ratings (2.6)

Bestselling Gay Erotic Romance Authors Kelex and April Andrews return to the world of Bound for a new duo of hot erotic tales from the club.

Bumfuck Revisted by Kelex

Running from a mistake, Rory Burgess heads to his cousin Levi, the only person he can think to turn to. Levi hesitantly lets Rory stay. A BDSM club isn’t exactly the best place for a well-known manwhore to reside without wreaking havoc.

When he meets Jack, Rory senses a connection he can’t fathom, but Jack just might be out of his reach. The man hasn’t touched anyone sexually in years.

A voyeur, Jack gets his kicks from watching. He comes to the club for the ample shows, happy to stand at the edges to observe. But when the temptation to caress Rory drives him to distraction, he crosses his own lines in a bid to have a taste of forbidden fruit.

Playing It Hard by April Andrews

A year ago Anson met Niall at Bound. They spent just one erotic night together and since then Anson has not been able to get the other man out of his mind. Night after night he has dreamed about him and day after day he has thought about him.

One winter night, after another torturous dream, Anson finds himself back in Bound...and to his surprise and delight Niall is there too.

If Anson has Niall just once more will he be able to finally lay the memory of the other man to rest? Or will he find that once...twice...will never be enough, and that he has been, and he is destined to be, forever bound by lust?

Bound by Lust (MM)
5 Ratings (2.6)

Bound by Lust (MM)

Bound BDSM Club 4

Twisted E-Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 25,640
5 Ratings (2.6)
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Cover Art by Covers by K
Bummer! :( Bought it witout checking the download. I wish BS gave all downloadpossibilities on all books.

Rory went inside and could heard the throb of music. Excitement coursed through his veins, his heart beating a little faster. Down the hallway, he saw a man clad in leather leading another man on all fours by a chain.

Lust slammed into him.

He eyed the pair, his stare roaming over the leather-clad man on his feet. The guy’s chest was strong and muscled… and shining with oil. A harness crossed his pecs, at a slight angle, and wrapped around one meaty bicep. His cock was semi-erect and hung exposed from an opening in the leather. A piercing glimmered from the head, and Rory’s mouth watered to lick all around that tip and feel the bead on his tongue.

The man on all fours was equally hot. He was nearly naked, save for a collar and pads on his knees… and a mask on his face that made him look like a dog. As Rory’s stare crossed the guy’s body, he saw what looked like a little black tail poking out behind the man… which could only be hung… oh dear, God… the guy had an anal plug in with a tail on it.

Rory’s mouth grew dry. His heart beat harder, and he licked his lips, hungry to play.

The metal door shut behind him, causing him to jump. Levi stopped beside him, one eyebrow cocked. “Ready?”

Rory’s stare returned to the men approaching. Both of them were hot as hell. His cock thickened, pressing painfully against the zipper of his jeans. His mouth dry, he turned to Levi. “Ready? Yeah… I’m ready.”

Ready to erupt.

His dick was hard as a rock in an instant, the throbbing painful against the zipper of his Wranglers. He took a hesitant step forward before he heard his cousin cough behind him.

“Upstairs, Rory,” Levi said.

Cockblocked. Damn.

Rory sighed before sidling over to walk into the elevator he hadn’t even heard open.

“I think this place might be dangerous for you,” Levi said as he laid a hand on the door when it began to close automatically. He shoved it back open and eyed Rory. “Or you’re dangerous for it. Not quite sure yet.”

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