Boy Toys

ManLoveRomance Press LLC

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 15,000
1 Ratings (5.0)

Fairy Prince Beauregard (Beau) Bishop washes ashore on an uncharted island during a snowstorm and awakens in a strange bed and staring up at a strange ceiling. Then he gets to see the person who saved his life, Jack, the owner of the island. Jack has a boyish face, a slender body, white hair and sparkling blue eyes. Beau fall instantly in love and believes that Jack feels the same way, but unfortunately Beau has to leave the next day. He is headed to the North Pole, also known as Santa's Island to take over as head doctor at the only hospital in town. It isn't until Beau has a long conversation with the guy, he's supposed to replace that his Jack is none other than Jack Frost, the current king of the Island of Misfit Toys.

Boy Toys
1 Ratings (5.0)

Boy Toys

ManLoveRomance Press LLC

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 15,000
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Chapter One

The snowstorm was so bad Beau Bishop could hardly see as he piloted the boat to his destination, the North Pole. He was on his way there to replace Dr. Carl Ivory who had decided to retire. Apparently, there was something going on there and only certain people were allowed to live and work there. Unfortunately, no airplane was flying in or out of there because of the weather. He was both a licensed pilot for air and water but he never had to deal with snow and ice before. "Oh shit!" a big wave approached. He'd checked the weather before he left and the weatherman only mentioned there to be a light covering of snow. If this was light, he would hate to see his definition of bad weather.

The water hit the boat with a powerful strike. Icy water splashed and came aboard, soaking him even though he wore the proper gear. Ice clung to his lashes making it difficult for him to see. He swiped it away with a wet glove. He spotted something…land. Beau looked down at the controls. Was he near his destination or had the wave thrown him off course? He didn't know but he knew he couldn't take this weather much longer. He was growing tired from just trying to maneuver around icebergs and getting pelted by snow and ice. Another wave. This one struck the ship and rocked it from side to side. The water hit him too, knocking him away from the controls and to his knees. It was like something was trying to draw him to the island. But that was stupid. What could it possibly be? Most of the nearby islands were uncharted. This wasn't something normal happening. It felt supernatural. Another wave. Beau tried to make it to his feet and to get back to the controls. The boat slammed into something the moment he made it to his feet. Another hit sent him over the edge and into the frigid water. Then everything went black.


Jack looked down. It was a male. He took off his glove and placed his hand just above his chest. A heart still beat, barely. If Jack left him, then he would surely die.

A boat had come ashore too, even though every precaution had been put in place to prevent it. Well, it was too late now, and the only thing he could do was rescue him and try to get him in perfect health and off his island.

Jack pulled out his flute and blew a tune. A few minutes later the sound of marching could be heard and ten tin soldiers appeared. "Put him in the bedroom across from mine." They lifted the male and carried him toward the palace. Jack went to check on the man's boat. He found a lot of luggage, and what looked like some important document's sealed inside of waterproof plastic. Jack opened it. Inside he found the man's passport. His name was Beauregard Bishop and he was from Scotland. He looked at another paper. He was a commission doctor and he had been sent to replace Doctor Ivory who took care of the inhabitants of Santa's Island. The storm must have blown him off course. Jack used his magic to send the man's luggage to the palace and the boat to the garage for repair and then he walked back home to see to the care of the Misfit Toys he collected during the years. He couldn't recall how long he'd actually been there, centuries; perhaps, keeping his island hidden from human eyes and making sure it and neighboring islands had a cold and snowy winter.

Jack entered the palace. The temperature adjusted as he walked into the foyer. He removed his outerwear, pushed his feet into his slippers. His body began to warm. Jack traveled to his bedroom, waking up the toys from their inanimate sleep.

"Hello, Mi Lord," they all said.

"Hello kiddies. How are you?"

"Fine, Mi Lord," they answered. They went back to sleep as soon as he left the room. This went on throughout the house until he reached the stairs. He climbed to the second story and entered the bedroom across from his. The male lay there, guarded by the soldier who brought him there. He shivered and his teeth chattered. Jack reached over and felt the guy's head. He had a fever. Jack had to get him out of those wet things.

"That will be all," he said to the soldiers. They saluted and marched out of the room.

He used his magic to strip the male's clothing from his body and levitated him in the air and got the wet sheets and covering off. Then he put new covers on the bed and then lowered Beau. He covered him with a blanket and then he looked down at him. Beau certainly was handsome with bushy black eyebrow, thick wavy hair and the face of a Roman god. He was tall and muscular by human standards and anatomically correct. Boy was he ever. Jack had snuck a peek after he undressed him. The guy moved on the bed and groaned. Jack got to work using his magic to cure the man and kept him sleeping so he could figure out what to do with him. He would certainly need food when he awakened. Jack left the room and went downstairs. Beau would be out for several hours which gave Jack enough time to go to his workshop and get things done. He manually put a pot of vegetable soup. It would be done by the time the male awakened.


Beau slowly opened his eyes. The ceiling over him didn't look familiar. It was pretty though, dome-shaped and glittery with flecks of gold. Something smelled good.

"Ah, you're awake." An angelic face appeared above him.

Whoa! Beau's heart skipped a beat as he peered into eyes bluer than a robin's egg. "Yes." He tried to sit up and the covers rolled down his chest. "Ooh, someone undressed me." He did not miss the way the other male's gaze traveled over him.

"I did. You were soaked to the bone."

Jack felt the power rolling off of the other guy. He had a foreign accent, probably European and whitish hair, like cotton. He had a boyish face, but Beau suspected he could be as old as him or probably older. Soaked? Now he remembered. "The boat."

"It's safe," the other guy said. "It got banged up in the storm." He put a tray on a table near the bed. "You must be hungry."

"I have another need, I'm afraid."

"Oh," the other male pointed to a door and then turned around quickly to give him privacy.

Beau threw back the covers. Oh my God! He was completely nude and semi-erect. Beau got out of the bed and went to use the bathroom. Everything in that room sparkled including the golden fixtures. He did his business and washed and dried his hands. The male with the beautiful face and perfect body still had his back turned. He looked good that way too. The white pants and shirt he wore showed off every curve of his slender frame. Beau got into the bed again. "You can turn around, I'm decent." He was greeted by a warm smile and dimples so deep they had to be illegal. "I'm Beau Bishop."

"Nice to meet you, Beau Bishop, my name is Jack."

"Where am I?" Beau asked as Jack put a tray of food across his lap.

"My island," Jack answered.

"You mean the North Pole."

Jack shook his head. "Uh uh. Is that where you were trying to go to?"

"Yes," Beau answered as he raised the lid off the center bowl. Vegetable soup. "How far off the mark am I?"

"Just a sleigh ride away," Jack answered, running his gaze from Beau's head to his toes.

Beau still didn't mind the perusal or the twinkle in the blue eyes. "A sleigh ride? It would have to have a motor and be amphibious to sail."

"True. You're just a little off course."

Beau did not know if he wanted to leave so quickly. Love at first sight was a terrible thing. He ate some of his soup. Delicious.

"Are you going to the Pole to visit relatives?" Jack asked.

Beau couldn't get enough of that voice or his scent. "No, I will be working there. I'm a doctor."

"Oh, you're going to be the one to replace Doctor Ivory."

"Yes, do you know him?"

Jack nodded. "He takes care of the islanders."

What an odd way to put that. "Yes."

"You've come at a wonderful time. Everyone on Santa's Island is preparing for Christmas."

"Santa's Island?"

"It's what we call the North Pole. You'll see why once you get there." He paused. "I better let you eat. I'll be back with your things. I took the liberty of cleaning and pressing them for you."

"Thanks," Beau said watching Jack walk from the right side of the room to the left. His cock hardened beneath the covers. Jack smiled as if he knew what was happening. What kind of creature was he? He wasn't human, that was for sure. Jack was as handsome as a fairy prince, but Beau did not think he was one. Yet, he wouldn't mind finding out if those blue eyes deepened in color when he was fully aroused and moving beneath him.

Jack smiled at him again as if reading his mind. He exited the room.

His sweet scent remained. "Definitely not human," Beau mumbled. He went back to eating his food. He'd never ever been swept away so quickly before.

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