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Brenda Steele loves all things out of the ordinary, especially science fiction, dark fantasy, and paranormal. She writes to gratify the cravings of her own sexual drive, and for her dear readers. Hopefully, the two won't be far apart, and all who read her work will come away satisfied. Brenda longs to explore the universe, but since she can't, she takes her characters there, and when they're grounded on Earth, she changes that too into sexy encounters with shape-shifters. Brenda lives with her little ones and her cat Muffins in the big city.

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Q: What is your writing day like?

A: I wake up early somewhere between 4:30 am and 6:30 am, depending on what time I went to bed. I either write for three to four hours in the morning or that same amount of time in the evening. I set goals of how many words I want to get done each day. I also set a goal for the total number of words I want to write in a book. When I give myself a completion deadline, I divide that number by the number of days to deadline. I reach my goals only fifty percent of the time, I think, but I never stop setting them or I'll be a lazy bum on the couch watching TV

Q: Why is outer space and other planets so fascinating for you?

A: Because I've never been there. I've been on this planet a long time, and the older I get, the more likely it is that space travel for the average Jane isn't going to happen in my lifetime. So I'll get my adventures in my books.

Q: Do you think you'll ever write erotic contemporary books?

A: No way! I have everyday life. We already see regular folks walking around do the usual. Give me shape-shifters and magic and the paranormal, science fiction and fantasy. Ordinary people and life are already here. Bring on the different, the unknown.

Q: Why do you write erotica?

A: It's hot! As I say on my web site, I'm single. A woman has to find an outlet for that sexual energy somewhere. Besides that, it's naughty. Who hasn't wanted to let loose with all her secret fantasies? Any woman who has been too shy, or for whatever other reason, to act on her inner desires can live them out though writing or reading them. Also, erotica pays the bills. Can't beat that.

Q: So you're a full time writer?

A: Yes. I wish I had greater discipline with it. I think I could take it much further, but what I've accomplished so far, being on the best seller's list of several e-book seller sites, has been awesome. This is the best "job" in the world. I would never return to the corporate world I came from.

Q: What are you working on next?

A: I'm currently working on werewolf shifters, but I hope to get back to some more vampire and other types of shape-shifting characters.

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