Capital Games (MM) (Movie Version)

The G.A. Hauser Collection, LLC

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 55,093
2 Ratings (5.0)

In this newly revised version of Capital Games- we see Mark Antonious Richfield and Steve Miller meet for the first time, in this prelude to the Action! Series- Soon to be released as a full length feature film.

Let the games begin…

Former Los Angeles Police officer Steve Miller has gone from walking a beat in the City of Angels to joining the rat race as an advertising executive. He knows how cut-throat the industry can be, so when his boss tells him that he’s in direct competition with a newcomer from across the pond for a coveted account he’s not surprised…then he meets Mark Richfield.

Born with a silver spoon in his mouth and fashion-model good looks, Mark is used to getting what he wants. About to be married, Mark has just nailed the job of his dreams. If the determined Brit could just steal the firm’s biggest account right out from under Steve Miller, his life would be perfect.

When their boss sends them together to the New Mexican desert for a team-building retreat the tension between the two dynamic men escalates until in the heat of the moment their uncontrollable passion leads them to a sexual experience that neither can forget.

Will Mark deny his feelings and follow through with marriage to a women he no longer wants, or will he realize in time that in the game of love, sometimes you have to let go and lose yourself in order to really win.

Capital Games (MM) (Movie Version)
2 Ratings (5.0)

Capital Games (MM) (Movie Version)

The G.A. Hauser Collection, LLC

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 55,093
2 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Xavier Avila- Photographer
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Feeling disoriented, Steve woke up to hear someone ranting and raving nearby.
“We’re not lost, he said! Someone will be by! Just wait and a jeep will pick us up! Well? Where’s the bloody jeep?”
Steve rubbed his face and focused on Mark as he paced nervously. Checking his watch first, Steve then noticed the sun ready to dip below the hilly horizon.
As soon as Mark realized he was awake, he yelled, “You bloody idiot! No one is on their way! We’re flamin’ lost! Do you feel how cold it’s getting? Look! I’ve got goose flesh! Look!” He showed Steve his forearm. “I’m not equipped for this! And what about snakes? Pinon? Is that a snake? What about scorpions? Oh, we had to listen to the bloody LAPD cop! Bloody wanker is more like!”
Sitting up, Steve yelled, “Pinon is a type of tree, you dipshit, not a snake. I said don’t worry! What the hell is wrong with you? Are you really that soft that you can’t take an hour in the desert to cool off? For cryin’ out loud, Richfield. How pampered are you?”
“How pampered?” Mark coughed sarcastically. “Very! Very fucking pampered, mate! I come from wealth! My parents have title, breeding! I can’t sit on my arse out here in the cold. And it’s your bleedin’ fault! You think you’re so bloody macho and strong that you can run over everyone around you. Oh, make no mistake, mate, no one has a say when you’re in the room.”
Steve stood up and puffed out his chest in rage. “What the hell are you talking about?”
“What the hell? What the hell?” Mark mimicked in fury. “What did you do in the team building exercise? Eh? Did you motivate the group? Did you get everyone to cooperate? No! Ya bloody did it all yourself to prove how flamin’ manly you were! Oh, there’s Officer Miller showing off his biceps,” Mark said sarcastically, “You weren’t impressing anyone, mate. There were no single birds there to ogle you. Just a few married female executives who put up with your arrogant display.”
“Shut the fuck up!” Steve was furious. “No one did a fucking thing! You pussies are too soft to even hold a post. Which one of you volunteered? Huh? You didn’t! You were afraid you’d break a nail, for cryin’ out loud. Don’t act as if you stepped up to the plate and helped out.”
“It was a team building exercise, you bloody wanker! A bloody team building exercise! What did you do? You played Mr Flamin’ Macho-man. We were all impressed, Officer Miller. Oh, yes, we now worship the ground you walk on.”
“You think I wanted to kill myself out there? In the grueling sun? Look at my fucking hands!” He held them up in front of Mark’s face. “You see the damn blisters I’ve got? You think it was fun?”
“A small price to pay for your ego.”
“And I felt guilty!” Steve threw up his hands in a comic gesture. “I actually wanted to apologize to your sorry ass about what I said earlier. Ya know what? You can fuck yourself!” Steve stormed off.
Immediately he could hear Mark’s footsteps behind him. Stopping, Steve turned around in exasperation.
His arms crossed over his chest to fend off the chill, Mark’s eyes were wide in the dimming light. “You’re not leaving me alone out here.”
Taking a moment to gather his thoughts, Steve climbed up a nearby hill and had a look around. “Jesus, it’s fucking dark.”
“Can you see anything? A light in the distance, perhaps?”
“No. You would think I could see the damn ranch, but who knows which direction it’s in.”
“It’s got to be that one. I’m as certain as you we were headed this way,” Mark pointed behind him, “…and should be heading that way now. I’m not a bloody fool. I know where the sun sets.”
“And it has set.” Steve sighed and walked back over to where Mark was standing. “Look, we can’t wander around in the dark. Let’s just park here and wait ‘til morning.”
When Steve sat down on the dirt, Mark said, “Here? Sit here? Are you joking? Are you suggesting we sleep in the rough? On the ground? Oh, you are winding me up. You can’t be serious.”
“Shut up, limey, and sit down.” Steve set his hat next to him and rubbed his head.
After a reluctant minute, Mark plopped down beside him, his knees to his chest. “It’s bloody cold.”
“It’s amazing how the temperature dips after the sun sets.”
“Don’t you feel cold?” Mark shivered and rubbed his legs, hugging them tightly to his body.
“Of course I do. I’m just not a wimp.”
“Will you stop playing the bloody hero? It’s wearing on my nerves!”
Ignoring him, Steve brushed some stones away from the ground and lay back, staring at the sky as stars began to appear.
“I’ll end up bit by a bloody snake.” Mark looked around him in paranoia.
Steve laughed to himself, but he knew Mark heard it. Finally he said, “Just lie back and enjoy the view. Look at that. How often do you see that kind of sky without the ambient light of the cities ruining it?”
Mark tilted upwards.
As Steve watched, Mark managed to get horizontal as if the ground revolted him. It took some time, but he finally heard Mark sigh in awe at the sight.
Steve smiled. “Amazing, huh?”
“You don’t get stars like that in LA.”
“You don’t see much of anything but smog.”
“There’s a place I go sometimes to get away.” Steve smiled. “North of Malibu on the beach. You can see the stars from up there.”
It grew silent and then Mark said, “Why is it so cold? I was burning up only a moment ago.”
“Where’s the canteen?”
“Here.” Mark showed him. He shook it and they both heard water inside. He handed it to Steve.
After he took a sip Steve gave it back. “Use it as a pillow.”
“Oh. All right.” Mark made sure the cap was secure, then propped it behind his head.
Steve enjoyed the cosmic view. “I used to love stargazing as a boy.”
“Did you? Not shooting birds in the woods?”
Turning his head to see Mark’s profile in the dim moonlight, Steve asked, “What the hell kind of a monster do you think I am?”
“I don’t know you bloody well enough to guess.”
“I’m actually a nice guy.”
“Oh? Have that on your curriculum vitae?”
“My what?”
“Never mind.” Mark snorted.
“I’m not stupid either, Mark. I didn’t get where I am today because I’m an idiot.”
“And where are you today, Officer Miller? Hmm? Lost in the flippin’ desert? Well done!”
“You’re lost too, limey!”
“You had the bloody map!” Mark sat up.
“Who had the ‘bloody’ broken compass?” Steve sneered.
“Oh, shut up…I’ve a bleedin’ headache. I’m half starved.”
“You are so soft, it’s sickening.”
“Oh, so sorry I offend the brutish police officer. Why don’t you just beat me up and get your jollies?”
“I should. At least it would warm me up and shut you up.” Steve laughed sarcastically.
“Go on then!” Mark dared, “Hit me! You’ve been hungry for it since we met. You’re so bloody paranoid I’ll take that account. And I will…oh, bloody yes, I will.”
Steve sat up abruptly and faced him. “You will not! I worked my ass off for that account and I’m not going to see some pansy-ass limey take it from me!”
“You will see me take it! Are you joking? I’ve just about got it now! Parsons is very smitten by me. I know who’ll get it.”
“You fucking bastard! Smitten? Just because you’re good looking he’s supposed to go for you? What the hell’s that supposed to mean? He’s a married man with grandchildren, you weirdo!”
“What? I don’t like what you’re implying! You implied the same thing when you said I’d suck his bloody cock! Who do you think you are?”
“I’m the one whose about to kill you, that’s who I am!” Steve got to his knees and tensed up.
“Kill me? Go ahead! It’s the only way you’ll ever get the bloody Foist account! You can’t do it on merit! So, go ahead, Officer Miller! Try and kill me!”
Steve grabbed Mark’s shoulders and shoved him to the ground. Mark gripped his arms and braced Steve up off his body. They wrestled around the dusty ground, trapping each other’s legs and trying to pin down arms and control fingers and knees. When Steve realized their hips were connected he had a flash of fire wash over him that stunned him. And worse. He grew hard.
“Come on, you bleedin’ cop! This the best you can do?”
“You’re stronger than you look, you stupid limey!”
“Am I?” Mark laughed cruelly. “Or are you not as tough as you look?”
“I don’t want to really hurt you, that’s all!” Steve ground his jaw and wrestled with him, unable to stop rubbing his hard cock against Mark’s crotch.
“Oh? Is that your excuse? Kill me, but don’t hurt me? You flippin’ moppet! You’re all talk!”
“Shut up! Just shut the fuck up!” Something in Steve broke. An incredible animal attraction for this man was making his head spin and he would be humiliated if Mark felt how hard he had gotten from the contact. He shoved Mark back and turned away.
“Thought so.” Mark sneered, brushing off his legs and arms. “Nothing but bravado. You’re pathetic.”
Wiping at his tears discreetly, Steve felt sick inside. As if his life was meaningless and a failure, he began to travel back in time remembering everything that had ever gone wrong. And so many things had.
Wiping off his face in humiliation with the bandana, Steve peeked behind him in embarrassment.

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