Captain's Mate

ManLoveRomance Press LLC

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 26,000
2 Ratings (4.0)

Can a Dragon and human solve the problems on a naval ship in the middle of the Pacific while falling in love?

Patrolling in the Pacific Ocean, there are problems aboard the USS Ronald Reagan.Newly appointed Lt. Commander Franklin Delano Michaels is sent to rectify the problems between the Marines and the human sailors.When he meets Marine Captain Danegeld Drake, the Dragon shape-shifter in charge of the Marine squadron, there's an attraction that takes them by surprise.

There are more problems aboard ship than Franklin knows about.A Dragon shifter doctor whose infirmary is being sabotaged.A Dragon/human mating between one of the Marines and a Sailor.A plot against Dragons throughout the military.And a possible build-up of the Voldai, an enemy that almost defeated the allies in the 'Almost War'. Can the two of them build a future together with all this going on?

Captain's Mate
2 Ratings (4.0)

Captain's Mate

ManLoveRomance Press LLC

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 26,000
2 Ratings (4.0)
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Case file #101: THE FOREVER HAUNT

Taken from
"Retrospect: The Twenty-First Century War"

It was a long war. A bloody war. Over five million people died. Over a thousand dragons. We call it the "Almost War" because we almost lost.

The Voldai had come into power over the Russo-Chinese people in the mid-twentieth century. Originally, they were an economic and ecological group trying to look out for the needs of the millions of people in their borders. They pushed for the nuclear disarmament of the world. It took years, but by 2026, the last nuclear arms plant was converted to a power plant. By 2039, the last nuclear warhead had been disarmed.

In 2070, Svegenti Mallakin was elected Chancellor. He was the charismatic son of one of the Voldai leaders. Unlike his father and grandfather, Mallakin was not for the people.

By 2074 reports were making their way to the Pentagon about troop build-ups and trouble along the borders with Korea and India. The United States and their allies needed time to build up their forces. Many of the EuroStates and the Africannas had small peacekeeping forces only.

The Dragos lived in small enclaves all around the world. Except for business purposes, they rarely concerned themselves with human affairs. Then the Dragos Senior Council received word of Asian dragons being forced to enter the Voldai military. There were tales of kidnapping young dragonettes to force their parents to obey.

When the Dragos sent a group to talk to Svegenti Mallakin about the rumors, only one made it out alive. Ursum Bolivar was able to swim to a boat that carried her to New Australia. Stories of the attack on the peace delegation and the truth of the dragonettes being held captive were told.

The dragons had kept their warriors, the Mythos and Muldar clans, trained for any eventuality. But there were only ten thousand dragons around the world. There were over a billion Russo-China citizens, and almost one fourth belonged to the military.

Each enclave sent a group of dragon fighters to an area of Russo-China that was closest to their homelands. Some met with success. Some were destroyed.

At this time, the Americans and Canucks sent a combined force over the Arctic to Siberia. The force occupied the Russo Islands in the Arctic Circle and made inroads into the frozen north of Siberia. One of the patrols found a guarded group of dragonettes in the city of Nyda on the Obskaja Guha waterway. The young told of the bravery of the humans who rescued them. They also told the heartbreaking stories of the deaths of other dragonettes and dragons.

The Dragos senior and governing councils debated for more than a week. The younger members were anxious to stop the Voldai from causing any more harm. Some of the elders didn't want to become involved in a human war.

A report came in of an attack on the Dragos enclave in India. Half of the dragons were killed, including the dragonettes. This was the turning point. A unanimous vote to join forces with the humans came out. Dragons from all seven clans volunteered to fight with the humans against the Voldai.

War was officially declared against the Voldai in 2077.

Training centers were started in New Australia, Central-Southern American States, and the United States. Members of the human military began training with the Dragos. It was decided to have the dragons take the place of Marines on the naval carriers of the different nations. Those human Marines would become backup to the Special Forces and receive more in-depth training.

Battles were fought. The Voldai won all of the battles in the beginning. The massive number of people in their military was overwhelming. After more than three years of fighting, the tolls on both sides were enormous. The Voldai were suffering the most due to a lack of medical care for so many wounded.

An underground movement was starting to form in the Russo-Chinese countries. It took another three years of planning for the combined forces of the Allied Coalition and the Free Fighters of the Russo-Chinese countries to launch an offensive. By this time, the world was beginning to think the Allies would lose the war.

The Allies started an offensive on the EuroStates battlefields. Another offensive was started in the Asian-India States. More troops poured over the Arctic into Siberia.

Free Fighters started detonations at ammunition plants. Forces infiltrated prison camps and smuggled many of the prisoners to the borders. One group made their way into an old nuclear plant to see if rumors of it starting up were true. They took over before it was able to come online.

Dragons were flying everywhere. Through practice, they discovered which type of fire was able to destroy the different types of missiles and rockets. Black and gray dragons would fly thru the night to attack forces inside the enemy lines. The Voldai were forced from their captured cities back to the Russo-Chinese borders.

The Free Fighters had finally gained the cooperation of a few of Mallakin's inner circle. If they could not take him prisoner, an assassination was planned. They were given until the summer solstice.

Over nine years after the Voldai attacked India, a massive explosion rocked the palace in St. Petersburg. Buildings collapsed. There were no survivors. When it became known that Mallakin was dead, the military leaders began vying for power.

The Allies moved in from all sides. They began capturing the leaders of the armed forces. Islands in the Indian Ocean were turned into prisons. Perpetrators of the worst crimes were put on trial. Many were sentenced to death. Some were sent to do time in the prisons in Siberia.

The Voldai were no longer in charge of the Russo-Chinese people. The party was officially defunct. Peacekeepers were in the country for another five years until it was believed honest elections could take place.

The world started to return to normal. Dragons stayed in the military with the humans. World leaders made sure to keep their armed forces intact. A lesson had been learned the hard way.

Chapter One

Franklin Delano Michaels entered the shipboard office of Captain William H. Millhouse. He was answering

a summons to a meeting with the commanding officer. Hopefully it was good news. He hadn't committed any acts that would get him into trouble.

"Michaels reporting, sir." He saluted the captain of the USS Phoenix.

The salute was returned. "At ease." Captain Millhouse looked at the report in his hand. "I have your evaluation here, Michaels. You did well."

"Thank you, sir." Franklin stood at a relaxed stance.

"You are up for promotion to Lieutenant Commander, and a transfer to a new ship." Millhouse looked up to see the surprise on Franklin's face.

"Transfer, sir?"

"Yes, Michaels. You are reporting to the USS Ronald Reagan as a training liaison with the Dragos Marines." The captain stood from his desk. "We need someone the Marines can respect. You've been trained with them aboard this ship and worked well with the Dragons. There have been problems on the Reagan. We need someone to go in fresh and take care of those problems."

The skipper handed a file to the new lieutenant commander. "Here are some reports for you to read on the chopper. The Reagan is two weeks out of port. Your father's ship is equidistant from here and the Reagan. I know it is his last voyage before he takes up duties as Vice Admiral. You have a day of leave on board the Poseidon before you report to Captain Drexler." He leaned back on the edge of the desk. "Talk to your father about Drexler. He can give you some insight to the admiral." Millhouse nodded at Michaels. "I have every reason to believe in your ability to resolve any training problems the Dragos Marines are having. Good luck on board the Reagan, Michaels."

"Thank you for the confidence, sir. I will do my best." Franklin saluted. He went to his rack to pack his seabag. Transferring to a new ship was part of being in the Navy. Dealing with a new squadron of Dragons would be the interesting part

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