Captured by Three (MMMM)

The Mating Season 2

Twisted E-Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,300
11 Ratings (4.2)

The Mating Season, 2
When the aliens came to help save his people, Lucas worried that it wasn’t quite that simple … he was right …
Alien warriors, Ayden, Regil and Danth are a mated trio…they thought they were complete. But then they’re called to the ruined Earth and they meet Lucas. Something about the stoic human calls to them and before long they start to wonder if they really are complete after all.
Lucas is the last of Earth’s scientists. Charged with entering the old lands he must find enough fuel to save his people, and the alien warriors are his escort. He isn’t sure what to make of these strange males. They are strong, brooding…and they treat him in a way that Lucas can’t quite understand…
Because the aliens have realized that the only way to know if Lucas is their mate is to take him to their bed. And if that means capturing him heart, body and soul then so be it…
Warning: rimming

Captured by Three (MMMM)
11 Ratings (4.2)

Captured by Three (MMMM)

The Mating Season 2

Twisted E-Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,300
11 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Covers by K
A Must Read, again I was happy to see the story-line continue and now I'm waiting to get my hands on the next one...

Lucas complied because he just did not know what else to do. Should he try to fight them off? Make a run for it? But how could he, when he didn’t even want to? He could say no, and no, and no again, but the aliens knew it was all a lie. They knew he wanted them to fuck him, his aching cock said everything that he couldn’t.

“That’s right.” It was Ayden that spoke. He came around to the other side of the table and ran a finger along Lucas’ jaw. Lucas heard the males behind him inhale sharply.

“Look down,” Ayden continued. “Look at how hard you have me, human. I am dying to bury myself in your tight ass.”

Pre-cum leaked from Lucas’ dick at those words and he groaned. He accepted fully what was about to happen. What other choice was there?

Ayden took his wrists and tugged him forward. A moment later Danth came from behind and bent him over the table so that his stomach rested on it, his shoulders and head on the other side. Lucas’ legs were pushed open, his elbows bent so that his hands splayed on the surface.

He shuddered at being so exposed, his dick jerking.

Large hands pulled on his pants. They fell to Lucas’ ankles before he could stop them, and another pair of large hands was there, helping him to step out of them. Ayden tugged on his damp tee so that it was removed in one.

Once he was naked the aliens ran their hands over him. Six hands caressing every single inch of his body. They rubbed down his back, along his shoulders, up his thighs. It was like nothing he had ever experienced and in that moment Lucas realized just how much he had longed for the touch of another. Alone in his power plant, he had not realized how lonely he had really been, not until now.

Hands moved to his hips. They were Danth’s, how he knew that Lucas did not know, but they were. He was pulled back, so that he was tilted like Regil had been. There was space in between him and the table now…space enough for an alien.

Regil dropped to his knees and took Lucas’ cock into his mouth. It felt wet, slippery and so fucking hot. Lucas moaned in pleasure as the alien sucked him in. He felt his dick hit the back of the male’s throat, felt him gag slightly, but he did not pull back. He suckled every inch of Lucas’ cock and the human’s head spun.

To have his dick being sucked…it was something Lucas had imagined more than once and now to actually feel it…pleasure shot through his system and his whole body both relaxed and tensed.

“He likes that,” Ayden whispered. “Likes his cock being suckled.”

“Of course he likes it,” Danth growled. “He’s wet for us. Hard for us.”

Danth’s hands gripped him harder as he spoke and a moment later Lucas felt something hot and wet on his ass. The fluid, whatever it was, tingled along his prostrate and made him ache to be filled.

Almost as if Danth had read his mind he guided his heavy cock to Lucas’ ass, the tip nudging the opening. Lucas wasn’t even sure what he expected. For it to hurt? For his body to reject the invasion?

Neither of those things happened. His hole was wet with longing and Danth’s cock slipped in without any resistance. Lucas groaned his pleasure as Danth slow fucked him and Regil slow sucked him. When Ayden steered his dick towards his mouth, Lucas opened it without complaint.

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