Cassidy Browning

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Cassidy Browning lives in Colorado as a part of a triad with her Master and her partner. She adores her übersubmissive Great Dane, Daisy, and is an active member in the BDSM and polyamorous communities. The family can be found selling their chainmail jewelry and presenting at national Master/slave events around the country. They dream of the day they can have their own Clifftop Fantasy.

Q. Why do you focus on BDSM lifestyles in your writing?

A. Increasing public awareness and acceptance of alternative lifestyles is my passion. I have been in a 24/7 Master/slave relationship for the last 5 years. We want to show BDSM as a viable, beneficial lifestyle as it is practiced in the real world, by real people. It makes for some very erotic fantasies, but it can also be a tool for personal, spiritual and professional growth.


Q. Can you explain the importance of reality-based BDSM versus fantasy-based fiction?

A. There is nothing wrong with BDSM as a fantasy element in romance. However, society in general holds many misconceptions about BDSM that we hope to dispel with reality-based stories. Of course there is just as much potential for abuse and manipulation in power exchange relationships as in any other type. But if they are negotiated with care and integrity, the level of spiritual and physical connection that can be attained is astounding.


Q. How do you research your books?

A. Besides practicing BDSM ourselves, we are an active part of our local “leather” community. We also travel the country selling our chainmail jewelry (available at at fetish shows and alternative lifestyle pride festivals. We love meeting other people who practice polyamory, BDSM and power exchange and hearing their stories. It is truly an amazing, down-to-earth and loving group of people!


Q. Can you explain why you do not capitalize submissives’ names in your books?

A. It is a widespread, although by no means universal, custom among submissives and slaves not to capitalize their scene names. They feel that the practice emphasizes the hierarchy of their relationships and signifies their chosen lifestyle. I follow this practice when I can, although it is not always practical!


Q. What is your writing process like? 

A. My partners and I are all involved in the writing process. We brainstorm the plot and individual scenes, and then we read them out loud afterwards. That way, we can all check for continuity, plot points and grammar or stylistic problems. It works very well for us.


Q. Do you think that mainstream readers are ready for subjects like BDSM and polyamory to bepresented in a realistic way?

A. Absolutely. I think the popularity and quality of books about polyamory, BDSM and power exchange shows that the public is becoming more aware and accepting of alternative lifestyles. Terms like “safeword” are showing up more and more in prime time television and the popularity of shows like “Sister Wives” is a testament to increasing tolerance. It’s a great sign.


Q. Tell us about the BDSM Ménage Fantasies series. 

A. The books are set at Clifftop Fantasies, a BDSM bed-and-breakfast located on the California coast. It is run by Allie Walker, her dominant Karl Masterson and her boyfriend/submissive Brad. In the first book, Allie learns about the BDSM lifestyle and decides to give it a try, while accepting her own past as a nude model. She also learns to accept her body and her sexuality in ways that she would never have dreamt possible. In later books we will meet other members of the BDSM community and hear their stories.

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