Plus-size Delaney Mason has finally escaped the nightmare bullying of her high school days to become a successful Graphic Artist and VP of Marketing to one of the largest firms in the south. When she stumbles into her boss’s office and catches him in a compromising position, she fears losing her job. Instead her boss sends her to Climax Holler, Tennessee to meet with their new clients, Stone Mountain Adventures. Delaney takes one look at the perfection that is Beau Stone and knows she is in trouble. Guys like Beau made her life a living hell in high school, but she still can't help but want him.

Beau Stone can’t keep his eyes of the pretty red-headed Delaney Mason. When he catches her checking out his package he is determined to teach her how good things between them could be. But first he has to get her to trust him, get her off the mountain and out of danger. And get her into his bed. Beau is going to show her just how beautiful she is and how much he wants her for his own.

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Delaney swatted at yet another mosquito and tried to concentrate on putting one foot before the other. She was practically anemic from being an all-you-can-eat buffet to the nasty bloodsucking demons! If only they sucked fat instead of blood she would be in heaven. Instead she glared at the back of him, Beau Stone, Mr. Sexy-Hotness-Hunk himself.
The man was seriously the Ferrero Rocher of arm candy. But as mouth-watering as he was, Delaney was truly wishing she had laser beams for eyes so she could zap him, and his gang of miniature vampires, to smithereens, exactly like one of those mosquito-zapping machines she had seen demonstrated on late night TV. But as exhausted as she was, Delaney had to admit the view couldn’t be beat. Beau Stone’s ass was a work of art. She grinned; maybe this assignment wasn’t going to be as bad as she had first feared.
Two days ago she had been in her cushy, air-conditioned office in downtown Nashville, living her dream job as Senior Graphic Designer, and Vice President of Marketing at the most prestigious firm in the south. A job she had worked her tail off to get. Then fate had stepped in to bitch slap her back to reality…yet again.
Delaney had inadvertently stepped into her boss’s office to ask him a quick question, only to find his flabby white ass bonking his new intern on top of his desk. The two of them had turned at her horrified gasp, her boss with a triumphant, ruby-red face dripping with sweat. The intern—Delaney thought her name was Vanessa-something-or-another—looked smug and clearly bored with the whole sexual encounter. The look on her face said she could have been getting a manicure, instead of being enthusiastically fucked by the president of the company.
Delaney had rushed back to her own office to sit, and plan, the ugly sight burned forever in her retinas. How the hell was she supposed to forget what she had just seen and just move on like it had never happened? To sit across from Harold at his desk where she knew Vanessa’s scrawny, naked ass had just been. Office meetings would never be the same that was for sure! Oh crap, and what was she supposed to do when she ran into his wife at the Christmas party again? This could get awkward real fast. What if Harold decided to fire her to shut her up? The thought of losing this job literally made her sick to her stomach. Delaney snorted, he wouldn’t dare. She wasn’t above blackmail to keep her job. She liked to think of herself as a nice person, but when push came to shove she would always fight. She had fought for everything she had.
Life hadn’t been easy for a plus-sized, red-headed, freckle-faced kid with an absent mother and a too busy to notice father. There was nothing that she hated more than a bully. She had stopped being bullied years ago and she had no intention of going back now. If Harold wanted a fight he had one.
An hour later, word came that Harold wanted to see her in his office. Delaney had marched there with her head held high, only to have Harold tell her he was sending her on assignment to East Tennessee. He had been contacted by Cooper Stone of Stone Mountain Adventures; they wanted a new website along with some new marketing ideas so, within the hour she was packed, and headed to some tiny town with the unlikely name of Climax Holler. Well, at least that sounded promising, thought Delaney, as she steered her car into the parking lot of the impressive, modern-looking office building.
Her visit with Cooper Stone had gone well. He was attractive, professional, and business driven. Cooper had made several good suggestions, but when he suggested that she should go on one of their adventure packages to get some pictures for the website and to help her get a feel for some of the services that they offered, things had went downhill faster than one of her diets at a birthday party.
Enter Beau Stone, co-owner, and cousin to the Stone brothers, Cooper and Colton. He was six feet four inches of lean muscles, with long, inky black hair tied back into a come-and-grab-me-ponytail, and amazing, stormy gray eyes. Beau Stone was every secret fantasy she had ever had in the middle of the night as she had touched herself. He was a genuine walking, talking wet dream come true, and apparently the guide for their little miss-adventure through the mountains of East Tennessee.
Of course, she had always heard that guys with big muscles were overcompensating for a small cock, so Delaney tried to judge by checking out his package, only to have him catch her staring. She felt her face flame as he smiled knowingly at her. Then he had actually winked at her! What the hell? She was so busted!
Now here she was, tromping through the woods, headed up the side of a freaking mountain and following along behind Beau’s tight, muscular ass, all while being eaten alive by mosquitoes when really she just wanted to be eaten by him. Simply because her client thought it would be a good idea for her to get the full effect of the southern experience. As it happened, Delaney was southern to the core. Delaney bled Jack Daniels when cut, but her kind of southern didn’t involve hikes into mosquito-infested woods up the side of a mountain, no less. Her kind of southern was more like the sipping sweet ice tea from a porch swing on a night filled with the gentle wafting of honeysuckle on the breeze while a mournful Patsy Cline competed with the crickets to gently serenade you. Yep, that was her kind of southern. Despite Horny Harold, Delany was determined to be professional and give the client an awesome website with amazing pictures. Now if only she could keep her mind on the job and off Beau Stone’s sexy backside!

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