CatCreams (MFFM)

CatTales 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 84,552
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Ménage and More: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/F/M with F/F, shape-shifters, HEA]

The sinister drug lord Adonis Cervantes and his sister, Medea, are holding Minx captive. Jagger, Fox, and Jinx must make peace with the past to save her. When dreams converge with reality, past and present will collide. Can their combined love rescue Minx? It takes daring to dream. Jagger Dyami is an Air Force pilot. Yet when dreams guide Jagger back to his native roots, memories return en force. Will old friends and ancient rivalries derail Jagger's quest or, ironically, bring his dreams to life?

Fox Silvers's life as an agent is complicated as he grows ever closer to the mysterious Jinx. When Jagger returns, eager to help free Minx from Adonis's evil clutches, will familiar bonds bring them all together or forever tear them apart?

Jinx never imagined she'd find love. She's out for one thing—revenge.

Will Jinx find the love she secretly longs for or just jinx everything? Can cat creams come true?

A Siren Erotic Romance

CatCreams (MFFM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

CatCreams (MFFM)

CatTales 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 84,552
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston



“Now, hold up, boss. I think you will want to see this.” Sanchez stumbled over his words nervously.

“This had better be worth bringing me out here.” Adonis sniffed disdainfully. “This place smells rank.”

He rather disliked dealing with the sordid side of business.

“Oh, it will,” Sanchez said soothingly as they walked past the guards and into the building that functioned as a holding house and prison for the soon-to-be-auctioned slaves.

Adonis ignored the pathetic murmurs and groans of the prisoners as Sanchez led him past the winding corridor of caged rooms. As they turned the corner, Sanchez suddenly called out, “Medea, I brought him, just like you said. You owe me. I’m lucky Adonis didn’t try to decapitate me.”

Medea just smirked at his look of confusion as they turned the corner.

“Well, sister dear, whatever is this about? I should’ve known you had something to do with interrupting my evening plans,” Adonis groused, still resentful of the interruption.

“Brother dear, you will thank me, not later, but now,” Medea responded with an imperious nod of her head as she moved to one side, affording him a full view of the cage behind her.

The arch of Medea’s supercilious brow irritated him. Adonis glanced at the bodies Medea motioned to. He stepped forward, in shock.

“Is that who I think it is?” Adonis questioned, disbelieving his own eyes.

“Consider that my wedding gift to you, dear brother,” Medea proffered with a smile that was more fang than not.

Lynx’s brother was a known COBRA agent. This was an impressive coup, indeed.

“A fitting gift,” Adonis admitted, grudgingly. “So, who is the blond surfer boy with him? I don’t recall any COBRA profiles we have that match his pretty face,” Adonis added thoughtfully. The handsome blond would surely fetch a wad of cash come auction time.

“From what we overheard by the springs, he’s probably just one of their ranch hands,” Medea huffed.

“Even better, if so,” Adonis remarked, mentally revising his opinion to stupid blond farmhand, versus stupid blond surfer. Still, this man was a friend to his enemy. Perhaps his sister had earned a real reward.

“What do you want for this, Medea?” he inquired. “Would you like to play with them before they’re sold?”

Adonis couldn’t help but notice that neither of the shackled men had moved yet. Apparently, his sister had knocked both men out, but good. His dear sister certainly had a winning way with men.

“Given the magnitude of the gifts that I’ve brought you, I should be allowed a bonus. Don’t you think, Adonis?” Medea cajoled.

Adonis nearly laughed outright. Give Medea an inch on any road, map, or route, and she’d burn rubber for miles. But that was one of Medea’s more endearing qualities from his perspective. It was also a family trait that he could identify with.

“Okay, spit it out, Medea. What do you want? If it’s a reasonable request, it’s yours,” he capitulated agreeably. In light of the new events, he felt exceptionally gregarious, even generous.

Medea’s smile was almost frightening. It warmed his heart. Her smile was terrifyingly feral, familial, really.

“I want to play with Minx,” Medea purred. “After you’ve had your fun first, of course,” she added smoothly.

“Done,” Adonis said, glancing over at the two prize specimens still sleeping. “Now, if you don’t mind, sister dear, I have a nightcap waiting my return, along with a female anxious for my, um, largesse.”

“Don’t let me keep you, brother dear,” Medea purred back silkily. “Just promise me that, tomorrow, you’ll share the finer points of your evening’s entertainment. I’d like to hear all about it before you immerse yourself in business again.” Medea pouted. “I’ve barely seen you lately.”

“Fine,” Adonis agreed. “As long as you promise, Medea, to keep in mind I have last-minute preparations to handle. Not just for the party, but also the wedding and the auction. I’ll see you at 8:00 a.m. sharp for breakfast on the patio,” Adonis countered.

Adonis turned and made his way through the maze of moans, eager to get back to his evening’s entertainment. Sanchez had already snuck outside. Sanchez was smoking another foul-smelling cigarillo.

On his way out past Sanchez, Adonis snarled, convincingly, he was sure, “You can keep your head for now, Sanchez. But from here on, I expect to be kept abreast. Before—not after—Medea enacts another harebrained scheme. This little mission you two undertook could have failed as easily as it succeeded. I’m sure you don’t want her next surprise execution to be you, sí, señor!”

“Yes, sir, boss,” came Sanchez’s careful reply.

A few minutes later, Adonis stepped back into his luxuriously appointed casa with a sigh of relieved contentment. As he passed by the hall leading to Minx’s quarters, he almost decided to pay her a visit anyway.

Seeing Minx’s brother had reminded him of her. But, better to save it for their wedding night. After all, they’d made it to this late date. A few more days would only heighten his anticipation of her deflowering.

Besides, the lovely, dark-haired, busty Raven was waiting for his pleasure tonight. Adonis smiled as he entered his office and caught sight of the object of his evening’s affection.

“Is everything okay?” Raven asked anxiously. She was seductively posed on the couch. “I didn’t want to start without you.” Raven inferred flirtatiously.

“Just business as usual.” He didn’t bother to elaborate. “But I’ve cleared my desk,” he said, eyeing the ample surface there, “for you. Would you like some champagne now?” He took the bottle of Cristal from the temperature-controlled compartment of the cabinet.

“Yes, I believe I would,” Raven answered softly.

Deftly removing the cork, he commented, “I see you chose to wait for my return before indulging. I think you’ll find the Cristal—and me—worth the wait.”

“I’m sure I will, Adonis,” Raven acknowledged, “I’m sure I will.”




Jag slowly closed the door behind them, turning the lock with a small click. “So, what are we waiting for then?” Jag asked.

Jinx swallowed back a groan of appreciative eagerness as Jag smoothed Minx’s tunic from her shoulders and simultaneously backed Minx toward the customized, oversized bed.

Fox took the opportunity to follow suit, edging her toward the bed with a light slap to her rear.

“On the bed, vixen,” Fox said with a grin, “buns up. I think you deserve a reward for your, um, twisted idea of an engagement gift.”

Jinx gasped as Fox nimbly nudged her face down on the bed where Jag was divesting Minx of her jeans with similar eagerness. Fox, on the other hand, didn’t bother removing her dress. He tugged her crimson underwear off, exposing her bared flesh to his sudden stinging slap.

“What kind of reward is that?” she sputtered, as the burn spread like a wildfire across her rear. The throb in her pussy intensified. Jag was slowly introducing a finger into Minx’s creamy slit. He withdrew his finger, licked it.

“Fuckinlicious,” Jag muttered just as Fox landed another stinging slap to the same butt cheek he’d swatted seconds before.

She let out a hiss of pleasure, as the fire spread. Minx moaned, too, and Fox paused.

“I think Minx deserves a reward, too,” Fox offered.

Jag seemed to agree. Jag bent to sample the nectar spreading between Minx’s legs before spreading them, exposing them to her.

Minx’s eyes were glowing. Jinx wasted no time. She licked where Jag left off.

Jag shrugged off his jeans. Fox had already shed his by the time she took the first sip of honey that clung like dew on Minx’s pussy lips.

“That’s a sight I’ll never forget,” Fox said reverently as he climbed back on the bed beside her.

“Beautiful,” Jag growled, taking Fox’s place behind her, rubbing away the sting Fox had inflicted.

Minx moaned. Jinx did, too, as more of Minx’s ambrosia hit her taste buds.

When Jag slid his fingers over the slick nubbin of her clit, Jinx shuddered and came up for air. Cream melted from her. Jag’s fingers were hot. His groan of appreciation vibrated through her.

Minx mewled and Jinx watched between shuttering eyelids as Fox worked Minx’s spike-hard nipple, twisting and tonguing it. Fox feasted with hungry pulls and nips.

Jinx felt the blunt head of Jag’s cock poised against her. “Scoot up,” Jag instructed. She scooted over as Fox angled himself in place over Minx. Fox’s long shaft was a mere inch away from Minx’s mouth.

Jinx moved up. Jag had them both within licking distance of Fox. Minx, tentative at first, then bolder, began to lick Fox’s cock.

What the hell? She wanted a taste, too.

Jinx took her first lick, and then another. On a slick, hard thrust, Jag began to fuck her. Her tongue and Minx’s tangled as Fox slowly pumped his cock with a hand to each of their heads.

Jag groaned, but showed his true appreciation with another hard thrust and stinging slap to her rear. Jag’s muttered exclamation of Vixen coincided with her own ragged cry.

Jag gave another demanding thrust before pausing. Jinx bent to the invitation of Minx’s nipple. Fox found Minx’s mouth and slipped the broad head of his shaft just inside her soft lips.

Jinx thrust back. “Want some more, eh?” Jag drawled with a wicked chuckle. “Coming right up, then, vixen.”

The sound of Jag’s amusement laced with unfettered lust sent more cream to coat his cock’s thick intrusion. Heated goose bumps followed her slick excitement as Jag began a slow-rolling thrust that set every single nerve inside her pussy to fire.

Her hips began their own involuntary motion, meeting Jag’s thrusts as they built in intensity.

Fox cradled Minx’s head, similarly affected if she had to judge by the look of raw strain on his face. He slowly milked his cock past Minx’s swollen lips.

Fox’s next utterance proved her correct. “I’m too close, Minx,” Fox muttered, trying to pull back. Minx, apparently, wasn’t having it.

Minx maneuvered her hips to where Jinx could reach her, and then Minx popped Fox’s swollen cock back in her mouth. Fox growled and began the slow slide past Minx’s lips again.

Jag’s next thrust made her hum, as she spread Minx, and began to lap the plumped clit and creamy slit before her.

Heat suffused her body. Small jolts of electricity pumped through her. Jinx flicked her tongue through the honeyed slash. Jag’s hard cock was hitting her sweet spot with every deep thrust he took.

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