Caught on Camera (MF)

Love at First Sight 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,401
1 Ratings (1.0)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Cowboy Romance, HEA]
Bailey Chapman isn’t looking for love, but when Nick Palmani shows up at a bonfire and starts pursuing her, she notices. Soon, the two are grinding out their passionate fantasies. Unbeknownst to the couple, the entire episode is caught on camera.
Nick Palmani knows Bailey possesses that special spark, but when he discovers Bailey’s father owns the farm where he’ll soon work, things are complicated. After a night of passion is caught on camera and the entire groping session goes viral, he isn’t too certain of his job security. He’s more concerned about Bailey and how her life will soon spin out of control.
Fearing Bailey will do whatever necessary to pacify her family and avoid unattractive labels, Nick whisks her away to an undisclosed location. Soon, secrets are revealed in front of an interested public and Bailey and Nick must decide if they can move forward together or find a way to leave their explosive past behind.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Caught on Camera (MF)
1 Ratings (1.0)

Caught on Camera (MF)

Love at First Sight 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,401
1 Ratings (1.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff




Bailey’s pulse kept more than three-quarters time, ticking a little faster than the moment before. Looking her way and making sure she knew it, the cowboy narrowed his eyes and cocked his head. The wicked smile on his face was enough to send Bailey out of the gate at a running-go.

“Stats please,” Stacy drawled, sighing dramatically.

“Ten—no nine—and definitely over twenty, maybe even thirty.” Bailey tried to remember the details they’d once discussed about the opposite sex. In the early years of teendrom, a nickname for small-town boredom, they’d spent many Friday nights rambling off stats between them. They’d banter back and forth for hours on end, occasionally letting some of their other gal pals in on the predictions.

“Okay, so he’s swinging nine or ten and what else?” Stacy studied the handsome stranger and then added, “And you’re wrong about over twenty. That man there is a player with a capital P and I’m guessing he’s also experienced with a capital E.”

“One could only hope.”

“Ah, so you had noticed him before I mentioned him!”

“He’s hard to miss.” Standing next to Max Michaels’ tailgate, the stranger shook hands with Bailey’s brother as Stacy’s oldest sibling introduced them. Bailey held her breath and waited. She and her brother had a longstanding rule. They didn’t hit on one another’s buddies.

“Don’t worry. I’ve already exchanged hellos with the stallion of the hour. He and your brother aren’t destined to be friends.”

“Let’s hope not,” Bailey said, breathing a sigh of relief when Shane and the newcomer seemed to brush one another off for better conversations elsewhere. “You know how Shane is. He slaps someone on the back and suddenly they’re his new best friend and off-limits to me.”

“I’m not the one who agreed to such nonsense. Your brother has always kept company with some of the finest pieces of male flesh in this town. You should’ve told him to get a life when he made up that stupid rule. Besides, you sort of threw me a curveball there. I’d always hoped I’d be your sister-in-law.”

“You’re much better than a SIL, Stacy. You’re my sister from another mother.”

“Continue,” Stacy said, turning her butt to the tailgate and hopping up on the truck. “Give it your best shot.”

Bailey caught a smile from the hunk and countered the gesture with a good once-over. Gaze-groping came easy when the cowboy deserving of it didn’t seem to mind.

“Good God, Bailey. Why don’t you just walk right up to the fella and tell him you could get off on a nice smile, good body, and a man who knows how to work that cowboy swagger.”

“Don’t tempt me.”

“Go!” Stacy nudged her with her foot. “Give me his stats.”

Bailey turned her back to the handsome one but stole a quick peek over her shoulder, studying the six-foot-four tower of pure sex appeal now standing in line at the keg. His wavy dark brown hair was a little long at his nape and ears and the tiny dimple etched in his cheek was absolutely adorable, as in sexy-hot adorable.

Moistening her lips, Bailey could’ve sworn he shot her a wink and immediately acknowledged the heat in her cheeks! “Did you see that?” She shook Stacy’s knee.

“Did I see what?”

“He winked at yours truly.”

“How could you tell for sure? You’re all the way over here.” Stacy wagged her finger at her. “If you don’t make the prediction, I swear I’ll ask him as soon as he walks up. Then you may not have the opportunity to find out for yourself.”

“Why do I have the feeling he knows what I’m doing,” Bailey muttered.

The stranger seemed to check her out in his periphery. She felt a shiver of excitement start at the base of her spine and work its way up her back.

“How would he know what we’re discussing?” Stacy flattened her hands on the bed of the truck and swung her legs back and forth. “I’ll give you my assessment after you give me yours.” She tilted her head at Lawyer Banks, her brother’s best friend. “Grief.”

“Well I want ya to looka’ there,” Bailey teased. “If it isn’t the ‘f in your fantasy’ stopping by for a beer and a good time.”

“Promise me when we’re older than the golden girls, you won’t remind me of the dumbest of dumb things I’ve done.” Stacy dropped her head when Lawyer passed.

A week or so ago, Stacy had been dog drunk and called Lawyer to tell him he was the “f” in her fantasy. Apparently Stacy had taken the time to spell out what she’d meant and Lawyer had easily coaxed her into some phone sex, which the jackass had recorded.  Her brothers and their friends hadn’t let her live it down.

Sensing Stacy’s shame, Bailey gave it up for their old game. “Nine and I’m sticking to it.”

Stacy kept her head down and Bailey ignored the chit-chat, footsteps, and laughter behind them. “Nine, twenty-nine, nineteen—no, I’ll say barely eighteen. His momma’s best friend probably took his virginity, kind of like what happened in that old movie The Graduate—and…” Realizing Lawyer had definitely dampened Stacy’s fun, Bailey cocked her head and peered under Stacy’s long blonde strands. “And if you must know, he is definitely the one I’d run my fantasy by if I had the chance.”

“Really?” Stacy said, looking up and seemingly amused.

“Got your attention. Did it?”

Lawyer, already soused, yelled, “Hey, Stacy! My phone is on all night long tonight, honey.”

“Ignore him,” Bailey said, pissed when Stacy’s eyes watered. Where were Stacy’s big brothers when their obnoxious friends tormented the only sister they had? Picking up on her true angst, Bailey continued, “I’d work Mr. Stud in Boots over like nobody’s business. I might even say something like, ‘See, I was barely eighteen when my boyfriend of four years took my virginity. He was so small, I’m not even sure he did the job but he claims he was in there nonetheless. Now I need a real man to make me a believer. Interested?’”

“Damn right I am.” A guttural voice filled the air.




She slipped her arm between their bodies. Reaching for his cock, she whispered across his lips, “Let me be your little plaything, Nick.”

He grabbed her chin with a rough hand, holding her steady and forcing her to look at him. “Bailey, you need to be very careful here.” His eyes were darker then. She winced from the tight grip he kept on her chin and he loosened his hold. “You can’t go around asking these things from a man.”

“I’m not asking these things of just any man, Nick. I’m asking them of you.” She pressed her lips together and watched him, loving the tense jaw, the way his body went rigid, his cock became harder, that thick bulge between his thighs pressing against her with more strength, more rigid thickness.

“Why, baby?” He dragged his thumb across the swell of her lip.

“Why what?” she asked, stroking him through his jeans and gasping when it occurred to her.

The damn man had lied. He was huge! Still she wanted to see him, touch him, and experience every inch!

The damn woman would be the death of him. She was a vixen who needed a lesson and he wanted to give her one with every last stroke!

“Why me?” Nick had made his living reading people as much as the animals he trained. Bailey apparently wanted him to believe she was this experienced vixen on the prowl, but he didn’t buy it.

She wanted a teacher and for whatever reason, she’d chosen him to educate her. He wasn’t about to complain.

Nick locked his hand in her hair, loving the throaty little whimpers she made when he drove his tongue between her lips and thrust inside her mouth. He kissed her like he’d fuck her, giving her a little taste here and a little taste there. He kissed her into a maddening heat and then backed away from the passion, just left her to grovel for another, a little more to sate her curiosity to settle the recklessness undoubtedly rising inside her.

Bailey grabbed his collar to haul him forward but then brushed her hands over him, sweeping his shirt away from his flesh and seemingly unaffected when the material fell softly against the sawdust. Bare-chested now, he wanted to strip off her shirt and feel her full rack mashed up against him.

Damn it to hell. His own self-inflicted guidelines were wreaking hellish havoc on his balls. Still, he reminded himself of how he’d feel tomorrow or the next day or God forbid, even the day after that.

Sex like what Bailey had described could be fun and competitive, an action-filled romp where neither one of them would surrender, let alone lay still and allow the other one to do all the work. He grew harder still thinking about the good times they could have together.

He grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head. She wiggled her arms and tried to escape the cotton material she wore. Her mounds rose and fell with each ragged breath. She took a step back and reached behind her.


Bailey looked surprised. She nervously swiped her tongue across her upper lip.

Ah yes, she was hungry for it, dying for a taste of him, and yet all he could do then was stare back at the woman who had come on so strong, the young woman who wanted to give him everything, but at what cost?

“You aren’t after my body, lady. You’re after something else altogether.”

“You think I’m after your heart? Is that what you think?” She laughed and her laughter was positively addictive. “Mind-blowing sex. That’s what I want from you. Earth-shaking, wall-rattling, body trembling sex.”

“God yeah,” he said, tearing into her then with ravenous kisses, firm touches, and powerful body-to-body grinds.

Ragged breaths resounded around them and the dry humping turned more explicit. The quickly established tempo was driving him insane as the boards slammed against the stall in what resounded like a sex-filled rhythm. They took turns giving and taking, touching and kissing.

He held her arms at her sides, studying those gently sloping firm curves, curves which could lead him anywhere, even straight to hell if the wrong person found out about this. “I think you want the new boy in town to have eyes only for you.”

“I’m not after a boy,” she assured him, her words delivering a challenge. She tucked her hands behind her back and finally unhooked her bra. “I’ve had boys pursue me in the past.”

“Which is why you aren’t attached.” Boys couldn’t tame a vixen. They couldn’t catch and restrain one.

“I don’t need a boy, Nick.”

“It’s a good damn thing,” he rasped, all too aware of the excited male she’d roused. His mouth watered as she slowly slipped her lingerie out of their way and revealed the best tits he’d ever been close enough to kiss, to touch, and God yes—devour. He bracketed his arm around her waist and forced her to arch in his arms.

Nick then ducked his head and disposed of all doubt. He ignored those second thoughts of pushing her away. He pulled the first tight nipple between his teeth and licked the peak, loving the way she whimpered as he crossed over a threshold of trust and savagely went at her like a man without a conscience, a man without any fear of consequences.

This woman wanted a lesson in hard loving, good loving. Bailey didn’t want easy. She didn’t want an attentive lover who would take things real slow.

The little vixen had clearly expressed what she desired and she wanted a hardcore man who wasn’t afraid to take her the way she longed to be taken. She yearned for a ravenous lover who would give her precisely what she craved.

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