Liam knows that a trip to Ireland over Christmas break will be the perfect chance to show his husband and daughter one of his favorite places in the world. But when she sees someone she wasn’t supposed to, his world is rocked. Back home things aren’t much better as Hannah reveals a secret she’s been keeping bundled up inside and it means taking a chance on something new for both Liam and Travis.

Celtic Calling
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Cover Art by Carmen Waters


Liam looked at his daughter, her tiny face glowing with excitement over using her new favorite word. His eyes turned upward and he prayed for patience. She’d seen Princess Bride three times in the last week and he’d had enough of it, although before she and Travis moved in with him he’d nearly watched his copy of the movie to death.

“I do not think that means what you think it does!” Travis called back to her, quoting one of his favorite lines from the next room in the little B&B as he packed their suitcases and put their clothes away. It might not have been a perfect quote, but Hannah didn’t seem to mind as she giggled loudly.

Liam knelt down in front of her and put his large hands on her shoulders to keep her from spinning while he was trying to talk to her. It had long been one of her favorite methods of distracting him. “Alright, honey. It’s time for good little princesses to go to bed. It’s nearly nine o’clock.”

Hannah grinned up at him, her bright pink taffeta skirt still swirling about her knees. “But I’m not a princess, Daddy.”

Her grin was infectious and soon he found himself sharing it with her. “Alright then, what are you?” he asked as he picked her up easily in his arms and dropped her down into a pile of bright pink blankets and pillows on the bed.

“The Dread Pirate Roberts,” she said cheekily. “And there shall be no survivors.”

Definitely time for another movie choice. “Uh huh. Then it’s time for all little pirates to go to bed.”

“Do I have to?” she pouted.

“Yes, Hannah, you have to.” He would not give in to her pout. He could not give in to her pout. Luckily a yawn broke her spell over him as she buried herself under the blankets.

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