Chance Meeting

Roadside Strangers 2

Cobblestone Press LLC

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 23,000
1 Ratings (3.0)

Tired of his lackluster film career and overbearing money hungry boss action star Dexter Thornheart decided an impromptu road trip would be the best way to clear his head. However, he never imagined miles later that he would end up on her doorstep.

Evangeline Jackson couldn’t believe anyone would be crazy enough to be out during a rainstorm. She was positive the scratching sound was just in her head under she opened her front door and saw the hunk lying on her front porch.

Can Evangeline overcome the tragedy from her past to find a future in Dexter’s arms?

Chance Meeting
1 Ratings (3.0)

Chance Meeting

Roadside Strangers 2

Cobblestone Press LLC

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 23,000
1 Ratings (3.0)
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Dexter Thornheart drove down the slick, deserted road through the pouring rain wondering how quickly he could fire his cocky know-it-all agent. How many times did he have to tell Anthony Seltzer he wanted to do more than high-budget action movies? So many times over the years that he had truly lost count because Anthony kept turning a deaf ear to his complaints. All his agent cared about was filling up his pockets with ten percent of his earrings.

For Christ’s sake, he was a damn actor, which meant he was versatile enough to do any good script that came across his overpaid and overweight doughnut-eating agent’s desk. Nevertheless, his old buddy Anthony seemed determined to keep him doing the same type of movies because they were always a box office success.

For the past five years, he had been thinking about getting a new agent, but he felt a little loyalty to Anthony because he had helped him break into the movies as an extra with a speaking part.

However, that was years ago, and Anthony hadn’t changed any of his auditions since then. It was almost like his agent was giving him the same old scripts on purpose.

Why couldn’t everyone see that he wanted to star in a variety of movies like Will Smith and Leonardo DiCaprio? They seldom played the same roles over and over.

He was positive now that after his much-needed vacation was over he was going to fire his lazy agent without feeling bad about it. Anthony had to go, and that was that. He was better than Anthony’s business skills, and it was past time he proved it.

Without a doubt, Anthony would try to bully him into not firing him or come up with an excuse why they shouldn’t part ways, but it wasn’t going to work. Dexter was smart enough now to know when to cut his losses. That is what he was going to do.

He didn’t know why it had taken him so long to see Anthony’s true colors. Sure, he believed in loyalty but not to the point it would ruin his current career and future movie deals.

He did feel bad that Anthony wouldn’t be a part of his everyday life anymore, but his need to stay loyal to the person who’d helped him couldn’t and wouldn’t be more important than hopefully winning an Oscar one day. The only way to achieve his ultimate dream was for him to make better movies.

A sudden thought crossed Dexter’s mind as he turned onto a different side road. Why should he wait until his vacation was over to tell Anthony he was fired? It was best to do it now. Then, when he got back home, the worst would be over.

Taking his eyes off the road, Dexter reached for his cell phone lying in the change console. It would only take him a minute or two to make the call, and then he would do his best to enjoy the rest of his well-deserved vacation.

A sound of a thunderclap followed by a flash of lighting jerked his eyes away from the phone and back to the road in time to see a deer blocking his path.

“Shit!” Dexter cursed as he swerved to miss hitting the animal. He went off the pavement, crashed into a ditch, and then ran into a tree before his head hit the steering wheel, knocking him out.

* * * * *

The feel of the rain on the side of his face jerked Dexter awake. Moaning softly, he moved away from the steering wheel and winced in agony when a pain shot through his head and the entire length of his body.

“What in the hell happened?” he mumbled as he put his fingers to his forehead. He instantly felt a sticky wetness there which had nothing to do with the rain soaking his already drenched clothing.

Bringing his hand away, Dexter glanced at the blood staining his fingertips. He shivered as rain came through the window.

I have to get out of here and get some help, he thought as he worked to block out the pain shooting throughout his banged up body.

He pushed against the driver’s side door, but it wouldn’t open. So he slowly inched his way across the seat to the passenger’s side door. It took a few times, but the door finally swung open, and he fell out, hitting the cold, wet ground.

Holding the side of the door, Dexter pulled himself up and struggled to get his bearings but all he could see was trees and darkness. Taking a couple of deep breaths, he swallowed down the nauseous feeling in the pit of his stomach. Now wasn’t the time for him to be getting sick out here in the middle of the woods. He had to find a way to save himself since no one knew where in the hell he was. He hadn’t told anyone he’d decided to leave for his trip tonight instead of tomorrow.

Hell, how far had his car traveled off that side road when he tried to avoid hitting that damn deer?

Okay, he couldn’t stay out here in the weather. He had to get some help. Since he didn’t know the way back to the road, he guessed his best bet would be to move forward and prayed he wasn’t making a mistake.

Dexter wiped at the blood which was still dripping down the side of his face as he made his way into the woods. He feared that if he didn’t get some kind of help he might actually bleed to death. There was no way in hell he wanted his crappy agent saying any final words over his dead body.

Ripping the bottom of his T-shirt, Dexter balled it up and pressed it against the side of his head before he continued his adventure into the unknown. He didn’t have a clue where he was walking but one thing was for sure: he couldn’t give up trying to find his way out of here because no one was coming to find him.

Dexter had secretly hoped the downpour of rain would stop and give him a bit of a rest. Instead of the rain slowing to a drizzle, it seemed to come down even harder.

Now, he was regretting his decisions to toss a bag in the trunk and take a drive to see where he would end up. He had always been bad about jumping into things at the spur of the moment.

However, it was too late to go back now, so he continued on and thought about the real reason left his nice, comfortable home and ended up lost, hurt, and alone out in this damn storm.

Shit, he should have been man enough to handle he’d lost his last audition to Orlando Bloom. He should have taken it like a professional and tried out for something else.

Instead, he decided to take off to lick his wounds, but not getting the role wouldn’t have hurt so much if he hadn’t been positive the upcoming suspense thriller would have been the perfect breakout role for him. Sure, it was an independent film, and the part would have been a totally different venture from his usual action movies. The tormented male lead would have given his fans a chance to see another side of him.

Yet, once again, Anthony hadn’t given him enough time to prepare for it, and that’s why he’d lost it. He was positive it hadn’t come from his acting abilities but by not being in touch with the character enough to make the casting agent feel his deep lingering pain.

God, he shouldn’t be still thinking about the movie role he lost two weeks ago while he was out here in a fucking rainstorm injured, lost, and about to catch pneumonia. He had to find some kind of shelter soon before he ended up passed out on the wet ground.

How could I have been so stupid to leave the car? Dexter thought the second after a low-hanging tree limb smacked him in the side of the face when he pushed on through the forest.

Was he out of his mind? Had it come from the blow to his head? He wasn’t a cocky twenty-one-year-old who believed he could take on the world without breaking a sweat anymore.

He was a thirty-nine-year-old man with a bad divorce under his belt. He should have known better than to jump into a situation without thinking first. Not thinking about the consequences was what had landed him into a hellish two-year marriage in the first place.

But he had learned to put his past behind him and become something, so if he could get through a less than happy childhood, he could get through this shit too without breaking a sweat.

Fuck! He had too much going on now just to give up without a fight.

Brushing his wet hair off his forehead, Dexter pressed the rag harder against the side of his head and continued through the forest. He wasn’t sure how long he had been walking. It seemed like days instead of hours.

He stumbled and fell against the side of a tree, scratching his arm. He was so tired he didn’t even feel the pain. All he could think about was getting out of this forest, yet he couldn’t muster the energy to move another step.

He never really thought about dying before because he was enjoying living his life too much. Nevertheless, this spot might be where he took his last breath.

As Dexter was about to fall to the ground out of sheer exhaustion and loss of blood, a faint light in the distance caught his attention. He blinked a couple of times to make sure his mind wasn’t playing tricks on him.

“If I see light, that means there’s someone out there,” Dexter whispered to himself, fighting through the agony his body was in.

His heart jumped at the thought he might have found some help after all. Now he had to shake off how truly worn down he felt to get there.

Pushing away from the tree, Dexter quickened his pace until he cleared the forest and almost shouted for joy when he saw a small house in the distance with smoke coming from the chimney.

Please God, let there be someone home, Dexter prayed as he staggered toward his last hope in the remoteness of the woods.

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