Chased by Four (MMMMM)

The Mating Season 3

Twisted E-Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,350
11 Ratings (4.1)

He can run, but they will always find him…

With the last of the humans now settled on New Earth, former council member, Rain, finally has a chance to live his life the way he wants to. He has a star ship at his disposal, an urge to explore, and nothing is going to stop him. Or so he thought…

Just two weeks into his adventure and Rain runs into trouble. His ship is found by four Valdor warriors, and there is only one thing they want.


Though profoundly attracted to these powerful aliens, Rain isn’t going to give in easily. His hard won freedom is precious, and it will take something spectacular to make him give it up… The chase is on, across planets and moons Rain will run and they will follow.

The Valdor will do whatever it takes to catch him. Rain will try his very best to resist.

Only question is, who will win?

Chased by Four (MMMMM)
11 Ratings (4.1)

Chased by Four (MMMMM)

The Mating Season 3

Twisted E-Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,350
11 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Covers by K

“He is more attractive than I imagined,” Hark said. “The human, I mean.”

Preh nodded. “Yes, there is a softness about him.”

“A submissiveness,” Hark said slowly.

“We must not assume because he is smaller and weaker than us that he is submissive,” Preh said. “He’s going to be a fighter. I can sense it in him.”

Hark laughed. “That much is obvious already. He has already openly defied us.”

“Then how are we going to do this?” Preh asked.

Hark ran a hand across his face and tore his gaze away from Vas and Jaen. Watching their lovemaking was not helping his thoughts to run smoothly. “He is resistant. We knew that would be a possibility.”

“We must wear away at that resistance,” Preh said. “I can wear away at it.”

“No doubt.”

“I’m serious, Hark,” Preh added. “Let us agree that I will take down the flyer. I can find him…convince him…”

Hark exhaled heavily as he considered Preh’s words. Would it make more sense to approach him one by one? He racked his brain to try to remember everything he had learned about the humans. After Vas had suggested their mate might be from that very species, Hark had accessed all the information he could. There wasn’t a whole lot, but one of the things Hark had noticed was that the males almost always fucked their females, and not just for procreation but for pleasure too. Some males and some females did lust after their own sex, but their number was smaller.

Did Rain lust for cock?

Hark thought he did. Had seen a flare of lust in his eyes. Lust for them. They simply had to stoke that.

“It would make sense for us to approach him one by one,” Hark eventually said. “Humans mate that way, don’t they? Perhaps all four of us at once was too overwhelming for him. Maybe that is why he ran?”

Preh nodded. “Maybe so.”

“Go,” Hark said, his mind made up. “Take the flyer. Find him and talk to him. See if you can convince him round to our way of thinking. At the very least give him some pleasure. Let him know exactly what is waiting for him up here.”

Preh smiled and as he did so Hark felt his dick jerk. Preh was a skillful, accomplished lover. He would leave Rain panting in no time. He grabbed his mate, kissed him fiercely and then watched as he left the control room.

Alone now, surrounded by the moans of Jaen and Vas, Hark walked across the room.

“Preh will find him for us,” he said. “In the meantime…”

He pulled his cock free from his pants and dropped to his hands and knees. A moment later and Jaen’s pants were round his ankles. Hark pushed him forward enough that his mate could still wrap his lips around Vas’ cock, but was also open to him now. Hark needed it. Jaen needed it too. His mate would not come hard by his own hand. He needed a cock in his ass, doubling his pleasure.

Hark found Vas’ gaze as he sank inside of Jaen. He was hard and thick, shivers of pleasure already racing their way up and down his length, and Jaen felt so fucking good...

“Let’s see the human resist this,” Hark whispered.

Vas grinned.

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