Checking Out (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 65,084
5 Ratings (3.6)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Romantic Comedy, vampires, HEA]

Death might be the best thing that ever happened to librarian Mina Watson. Her Very Bad Night begins with a soul-sucking spreadsheet and ends with a gunshot to the chest. Plus, there is gunk on her foot. She’s saved by her best friend Emily's annoyingly able older brother, Alex Lawson, the vampire. Mina and her newly adopted vampire death squad travel to Hercules, Alabama, to find out if her recent conversion is related to her parents’ deaths. She’s spent a lifetime looking out for herself. Alex knows the pain of betrayal. While Mina adjusts to her new life and learns to trust her mate, Alex uses a little persuasion and a whole lot of heat to convince her she’s everything he wants. The team colors are black and black with a touch of black, but Mina and her eccentric grandmother Mimsy bring the color. And possibly a gnome or two.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Checking Out (MF)
5 Ratings (3.6)

Checking Out (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 65,084
5 Ratings (3.6)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
I LOVED this story. The heroine was a real like stumbling over her own feet woman, and she was matched inadvertantly with a hotter than hell vampire that wanted to protect her. Steamy sexual tension paired with humor, and an interesting twisted mystery kept me intrigued to the end.
Lori King
I just couldn't settle in to this book. I think there was one too many "mate" references and I should've read the blurb a little closer. The mate thing threw me and I disliked the conversations in the book. The sex was great, but this just wasn't a vampire book for me.



Emily started the water in the bath and came out to wrap her hands around my arms. “Mina, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about being a vampire, but it’s sort of a rule. We don’t tell humans, and we certainly don’t show them.”

I nodded. “Will you be in trouble for turning me?”

Looking just a bit uneasy, Emily shook her head. “No, once we explain the circumstances. I think it will all turn out just fine.” I didn’t quite believe her, but it was just a little too late to be very concerned at this point. Plus, I had gunk stuck to my foot. I had bigger worries.

Patting my arm, she smiled reassuringly. “There’s time enough in the morning to figure out what’s going on. We’re all going to get some rest, and then we’ll answer all your questions.”

As she left, Emily called out, “I’ll leave a T-shirt and some sweatpants on your bed for you to wear tonight. Call me if you need anything.”

I climbed into the tub, pondering how well I would fit into her clothes. I had a sudden vision of a sausage in a fleece casing with lank red hair. I yawned widely enough to cause a loud pop and decided I just didn’t care. Within minutes, I was sound asleep in the tub.

I jerked awake as strong, warm arms scooped me up from the bathtub. It was a good thing I was disoriented for the amount of time it took to get me across the tile floor and on the softer carpet, because as soon as I realized that a very much clothed and able-to-see Alex was carrying my very much naked self across to the bed, escape was my number-one goal. Number two was escape. And so was number three. Number four was a good, stiff drink, oddly enough.

“What are you doing? Put me down!” I gasped. Emily was doing her best to give me a terry burn and a new hairdo, rubbing one of her best towels from my head to my toes. Alex juggled me easily, dodging one flailing elbow smoothly before he crushed me to his chest. The feel of his hands wedged under my breast and gripping the outside of my thigh burned. So did the feeling of his unyielding chest pressed tightly to my side. I was going to remember that feeling for a long time. Our eyes met as he paused beside the bed. There was a teasing glint in his eyes even though no smile crossed his face. When I realized he was enjoying my predicament, I renewed my struggle to free my elbow. I might hit like a girl, but an elbow to the nose would still smart.

Emily pulled back the comforter, and Alex plopped me down right in the center of the bed. I was still gaping when Emily yanked the comforter right over the top of me. The look of betrayal on my face must have been Emily’s last straw. She plopped right down beside me and put her head in her hands. With beautiful, big gulping tears, she said, “I didn’t want to wake you! I needed help to get you out of the tub. It was either Alex or Stephen, and Alex was right next door, and he’s going to be your…well, it just seemed like the best choice. I’m sorry! I told him to keep his eyes closed the whole time, and he said he would. I knew you would kill me if I let him see you naked!” The last part sort of sounded like a wail. I felt marginally better. I could be that way.

I looked over at Alex from my swaddled position on the bed. His very satisfied expression seemed familiar. Maybe if he’d been wearing that in the library I might have recognized him. Probably not. There was a warmth in his look that I don’t remember seeing in his face the first time. Unfortunately, I liked it. I wanted to wriggle but restrained myself. The last thing I wanted at that point was to appear undignified.

He held up one finger and looked very officious as he said, “You asked me if I could keep my eyes closed the whole time. And I said that I could.” He looked over at Stephen, who had joined the party from the doorway with a stupid smirk on his stupid face. “But I never said that I would.” He crossed his arms in front of his chest and looked very pleased with himself. I wanted to kick him. And if there had been any way to get my legs free of the comforter pinned beneath Emily, I might have done it, too. The idea that he’d actually seized his opportunity to give me a good ogling while I was naked and unconscious felt momentous, but I was too tired to imagine any rational reason why he would do so. I wanted to demand answers but felt sure my brain couldn’t stand the trauma of banging it against the wall any more that night.

I settled for being waspish. It was easier, and I was better at that than kicking anyway. “Fine. If you would all just leave me here alone, I will try to get some rest. Apparently I am not going to die again tonight of embarrassment, although it felt a little touch and go there for a minute. I will demand answers in the morning.” Giving him my best evil glare, I spoke directly to Alex. “As well as an apology.”

Shrugging, Alex turned to leave. “I’m not the one who forgot meeting a beloved friend’s older brother. And I saved your life. Maybe you owe me an apology.” Before he left, Alex gave me some speaking glance, but I didn’t know the language apparently.




Alex rubbed his hands down my arms, tracing the bend of my elbows and measuring the muscles of my arms before tickling over my armpits and down my sides. Lightly scraping his fingernails over my abdomen and up between my breasts, he leaned forward to press a hot, open-mouthed kiss between my breasts. At my gasp, he laughed softly. “So responsive to me, mate.”

His hands covered my breasts again, abrading my sensitive nipples, and I sighed. Wrapping his hot, wet mouth around one nipple, he teased and tormented it, running his teeth lightly across the hard bead until I twisted underneath him. When I moved to wrap my arms around his shoulders, he pulled back. He shook his head and returned my hands above my head. Alex smiled again at my nod. “Good, mate.”

Inching back, he settled himself between my thighs, warm hands pushing my legs as far apart as possible. The cool air hit my sensitized clit, and I moaned. I wanted my hands loose. I wanted his hands on me. I needed them.

He reached between us to run his finger up and down my aching pussy. He wrapped his hand around his cock as he looked down at me. “So hot, Mina.” As I watched his hand move up and down his cock, I wanted to touch. “Alex, I need to touch you.” Reaching up, Alex took both of my hands in his and placed them on his chest. While one hand slowly worked his cock, Alex toyed with the red curls covering my mound and teased my sensitive clit. He watched me as I ran my hands over his abdomen and tangled them in the curls close to his cock. I cradled his balls in my hand. With a curse, Alex released his cock and grabbed my hand.  

“Mate, are you ready?”

I nodded back. “So, so ready.”

He ran a long finger over my aching clit and pushed it inside, sliding easily in my arousal. “Fuck. So tight.”

Placing his cock right there, he leaned up to kiss me. As he did, he eased inside me. I could feel his steady invasion in every inch of my body, and I loved it. I wanted to get closer, to be closer to him. I hooked my cursedly short legs around him, urging him faster, but he wouldn’t be moved. He sighed with satisfaction as he filled me slowly. When I’d taken in all of his cock, he paused to look down at me. Running my hand over his shoulder to feel the power of his bunched muscles, I just nodded again, and he started to move, retreating as slowly as he invaded. The heat and the closeness were nearly overwhelming. We were pressed chest to chest, while his hips moved slowly and surely between my legs. His chest rubbed against mine with each thrust, the fine hairs tickling and teasing my nipples just as I felt the hair on his thighs rubbing against mine. He reached between us to rub my clit as he picked up the pace.

He growled in my ear again. “Mate, you’re going to have to stay with me. This will be quicker than I like.” I loved the idea that he might lose control. Alex Lawson appeared to be a man who was always in control. I wanted him to go hard and fast while I watched. Feeling like I should encourage him, free him from his restraint, I whispered back, “It’s okay, just go with it.” And he stopped. Just. Like. That. Everything stopped.

He started to pull back, but I clutched him tightly. “Wait, wait, what’s happening? Don’t leave me!” He stopped moving, settling between my thighs.

Alex frowned down at me, a little angry if I’m guessing correctly. He said, “You aren’t even trying.”

Stunned, I looked up at him and down along my body, encompassing my death grip on his neck and my legs tangled with his. I said, “Excuse me?”

He just shook his head. “You have to stay with me.” As he spoke, he wrapped a hand around my breast, teasing my nipple with his thumb. Watching my face as he ran that same hand down my side and over the curve of my belly to my thigh, he bent my leg at the knee and pulled it higher on his hip, pulling me closer to him.

Not sure what to say, I just nodded. “Okay, I’m going to. Don’t leave me.”

“Mate, I have no plans to leave you. I want you with me at all times but especially in this.” He took my hands from his neck and placed them on my breasts. “Here. Play with these. I have work to do. I have been too impatient.” He traced a line of kisses down the satiny skin between my breasts and darted his tongue in my belly button.

Then he widened my thighs with his own hands, my pussy a deep pink and glistening with my desire. He murmured, “What a pretty pussy. My pussy. Finally.” He rubbed and tugged at my clit with one hand while two fingers of his other hand thrust in my aching opening. He looked up at me and stopped everything, leaning back to sit up on the bed. I realized then that he really expected me to play with my nipples. So I did. Right there in the bed with my husband looking down at me, I tugged on my own nipples. I felt like such a porn star.

He agreed. “Damn, that’s nice.” As he fingered my pussy, I started to thrust my hips up against his hand.

“Touch yourself.” His fingers slowed as he waited for me to follow orders. Desperate to keep his hand where it was, I gasped and moved one hand down to rub my clit. He worked two long fingers inside my pussy, twisting and pressing, setting the nerves of fire. We both moaned as my hips worked against his fingers and mine. I felt the orgasm coming, a light sheen of sweat covered my face, and I couldn’t tear my eyes away from his face as he watched our hands. “Alex, now, please.”

Gritting his teeth, he took his cock in his hand again and ran it up and down the wetness coating my pussy before thrusting back in one hard thrust. We both groaned at the sensations. I started to wrap my arms and legs around him again, but he shook his head. “Breasts. Now.” And his hands kept my thighs spread wide. Each thrust of his hips was a jolt against my clit, and I could feel the orgasm building. 

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