Cherishing Brianna (MFM)

Fate Harbor 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 84,730
7 Ratings (4.7)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]
Brianna has chosen to live the last eight years of her life alone, hoping to prevent the inevitable.  When she finally realizes how little time she has left to live a full and productive life, she stops off to visit her foster family before permanently moving to California.  Spending one last month with the people she loves and values in Fate Harbor Washington, she meets Sheriff Charlie Meade and the town vet, Zac Carmichael.  Both men are loving, caring, and think the world of her.  Brianna is horrified to realize she has deceived them.  She knows the truth, she's unworthy of their love. Brianna decides to quickly leave town. Despite the adamant entreaties of her family, she’s determined to go before things unravel even more and she becomes a burden. Can Zac, Charlie, and her family make one last ditch effort to make Brianna realize how much they want to cherish her no matter what the future might hold?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Cherishing Brianna (MFM)
7 Ratings (4.7)

Cherishing Brianna (MFM)

Fate Harbor 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 84,730
7 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "This was a hard-hitting psychological drama wrapped up in a menage/BDSM story set in Fate Harbor Washington. It is part of the author’s Fate Harbor series, which tackle some interesting social issues. In this case, Brianna has promised herself she will never inflict on anyone else the horrors she went through as a child due to her father’s schizophrenia. Jumping back and forth from her parent’s house to Betty and Butch’s foster home meant she had a difficult time making establishing relationships. In addition, she knows the disease is hereditary, so she lives alone and tries to keep all ties to a minimum. This isn’t acceptable to Charlie, sheriff of Fate Harbor or Veterinarian Zach. Brianna feels guilty for wanting both of them. They are puzzled by her decision to stay away from people, especially her foster family who want her to stay. As they get to know her, they realize they both want her and will have to work together to keep her with them. Can these two dominant men coax Brianna into a relationship and have her see that isolation is not the answer? I liked Brianna, although her thinking was understandably muddled. And I definitely developed a lot of admiration for Zach and Charlie and their willingness to change their way of life for the woman they loved. There was a lot of information about schizophrenia in the book, both the effects it can have and the treatment methods that are available, information that could prove valuable to someone suffering from the disease or with a family member that has it. The sex scenes were hot, the BDSM was light, and overall this was a good addition to the series." -- Shadow, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

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“Do you have to answer the door? Can’t we just pretend nobody’s home?”

“Charlie’s the sheriff, this could be official business.”

“Yeah, I’m officially screwed,” she muttered.

“Honey, weren’t you already officially screwed?” Betty whispered with an innocent expression on her face.

“Everybody’s a comedian.” But Brianna was giggling when a knock sounded at the front door. She looked around the kitchen for a place to hide.

“You’re going to have to suck it up. I’m not thinking they’re here because they’re mad.”

“Oh yes they are. Mom, you don’t know what I’ve done,” Brianna wailed as best she could considering she was whispering. She could hear Butch’s voice, and then the low rumble of Charlie, and then the smooth stroke of Zac’s voice. She cut her eyes over to Betty, who just held fast to her hands.

“No running.” Betty must have seen her eyes dart toward the hall. “No hiding, either. You’re a big girl, you can handle this.” She got up and came around the table, and pulled her up into her arms. “Brianna, you can handle anything.” Betty leaned up and kissed her cheek and it took everything Brianna had not to burst into tears. God she loved this woman. Landing in Butch and Betty’s house had been the best thing that had ever happened to her, and she was damned if she was going to saddle them with her problems.

That was where Butch found them. “There’s my girls. Brianna, you have two gentlemen who are looking kind of ragged, sitting out in the living room. They want to talk to you. Betty and I are going to bed.”

“We are? I want to stay up and listen in.” Butch grabbed his wife’s hand and brought it to his lips.

“We are going to bed. It’s been a long day, and we’re giving our daughter some time with her men. And again, I want to reiterate. You only get one man, and that man is me.” Brianna watched the expression of love that transformed Betty’s face as she looked up at Butch.

“Oh Butch, I could never want anyone more than I want you. Let’s go to bed.” They walked out of the kitchen to the living room with Brianna reluctantly following them. God, she wanted a love like theirs, but she knew that was never going to happen for her. Charlie and Zac stood up as they entered the room.

“Good night, everyone. Brianna, lock up when you leave.” Caca, in Butch’s mind it was a done deal she was leaving with one or both of the men. She looked over at them. They had been sitting next to one another on the couch. It was the first time she had seen them together, and it was overwhelming. Light and dark, lean and broad, both with eyes that seemed to lock her in place.

“Want to explain that text, Brianna?” Charlie’s voice rumbled against her raw nerves. Zac seemed to instinctively know, because he put his hand on Charlie’s arm.

“Angel, we’re here because we’re worried about you.” It might be a nicer tone of voice, but in some ways, that phrase upset her even more than Charlie’s growl.

“Why are you both here?” There was no way in hell they should both be here together, sitting on her parent’s couch. Well now standing in front of it, she amended. They looked so big standing there together. They looked like the stuff of dreams.

Charlie opened his mouth to speak, then turned to Zac. Oh God, she couldn’t take it if they were really going to act with a united front. They would be unstoppable.

“Angel, we’re both here, because we both care about you, because we both have something to say to you.” Fluff!

“Brianna.” Charlie glared at Zac. “Look, can we go back to your apartment? I don’t want to talk while your father is basically listening at the bedroom door.”

“If you think he was interested in listening in our conversation when he headed down the hallway, then you don’t have the people sense to be sheriff,” Zac said with laughter in his voice. Brianna watched as Charlie’s face flushed, and he reached his hand around the back of his neck to rub the muscles back there.

“Look, Carmichael, it’s been over twenty years since I’ve had to sit in a girl’s parent’s living room. It wasn’t all that much fun then, and it isn’t now.”




“Baby, we have all night.”

“No, I need you naked now!” She was actually pouting. She felt her lower lip protruding and everything. This was not who she was, but then she saw Charlie’s reaction, and realized it was the exact right approach because he was moving off the bed and starting to undress. She couldn’t help her satisfied smile.

“Don’t expect this to work every time, baby.” His shirt hit the floor and he started unbuckling his belt. “It’ll only work most of the time.” She really didn’t care how often it worked, as long as she got to see him naked in the next twenty seconds. Oh God, he was gorgeous. She was dying to see his cock. He pulled his boxer briefs off with his slacks, and his dick popped up like the best present she had ever received. He was thick, and long, and unlike anything she had ever seen before. Her vagina clenched in desire and terror.

Charlie rested one knee on the bed, and bent toward her. Once again he read her. He cupped her cheek. “Are you going to be okay with this, Brianna?”

“You mean the monster penis?” She finally was able to look up in eyes, and she actually saw him wince, and realized that she might have hurt his feelings.

“Baby, we can call a halt to this at any time.” She grabbed the hand resting against her face and brought it to her lips.

“Charlie, I can’t remember a time when I wanted a man more than I wanted you, and that was before I saw the size of your cock!” She watched as he gave a relieved chuckle.

“Thank God, because Brianna, after seeing you naked, I want to spend about five hours making love to you, and then another five hours exploring that tattoo.” Oh God, she felt heat suffusing her body. It was the curse of being a redhead, everybody would know in a second when she was embarrassed because of her blush.

“I take it the tattoo is new?” He stroked over the intricate tree design that encompassed her entire right hip, a branch trailing to the top of the cleft of her ass. The top branch with tender leaves and buds gently reached out and ended at the top of her mound. “This is lovely, Brianna. It looks familiar.”

“It’s the tree of life, Cran Bethadh,” she whispered. She still had a hard time talking about it. Not the tattoo itself, but the image. It meant so much to her. Once again Charlie seemed to know and understand, because he just bent down and kissed the middle of the trunk, from which the branches spread, and then leaned up and gave her a gentle kiss that soon blossomed into so much more.

He was above her, one hand tangled in her hair, while his other hand was pulling her thigh up and out so that his hips were cradled between her legs. She felt him, hot and heavy against her wet core. He must have felt it too, because he groaned into her mouth, and pulled away. “Baby, I need more.”

“Okay, I’ve never been this ready.” She watched as his cheek creased and his eyes lightened.

“Not that, I have got to taste, I’ve been thinking about how good you were going to taste all night.” He pushed downward, and shoved his shoulders between her thighs. He was so broad that she felt her muscles tremble at being spread so wide, then she felt his thumbs part her labia and all other thoughts flew out of her mind.

“You’re beautiful, such a glistening pink. But your clit is still hiding. Let’s see what we can do about that, shall we?” Nobody had ever talked to her like this during sex, and she lifted up on her elbows to look down at this big man who was talking so bluntly. When she felt him push back the hood of her clit she almost dropped back on the bed, and then she felt him blow hot, moist air.

“Are you for real? You can’t really be talking like this,” she squeaked.


* * * *


Just what kind of men had Brianna been with anyway? He had really expected her to be a little more experienced. Brianna Spencer was a dichotomy. She kissed like a dream, but there was a hesitancy. Then expecting him to just dive into sex, was she kidding? There was so much more to enjoy, and he would have thought she would have known that. What’s more, Charlie had realized early on in his sexual exploits that he had to spend some time getting his partners ready for him, and bring lube.

But all of those thoughts fled as soon as he peeled back the lips of Brianna’s sex and saw the glistening abundance that lay before him. But he realized immediately that as ardent as her kisses had been, his girl still needed a lot more attention before she was totally with him, and he was happy to spend the next hour ensuring she was aroused as he was. Pleasuring Brianna would be a delight.

He looked up and saw her poised on her elbows to watch, and he smiled. He used one of his fingers to pull back the hood of her clit and blew on the sensitive nub, and almost laughed at her shocked gasp. Yep, her education was sorely lacking.

“Charlie, what are you doing?” He heard the real question and tremor in her voice.

“I’m enjoying myself, baby. Do you like to watch?”

“Huh?” He blew another stream of warm air along one side of her clit, and then along the other side.

“Do you like to watch? Does that get you off?” He saw more glistening moisture, and he couldn’t stop, so he took a long lick. God, she tasted wonderful, and as his tongue lapped over her burgeoning bud he felt it jerk against him. Oh yeah, now they were getting somewhere. Brianna moaned and he repeated the process again, and again. She kept giving him more moisture, so how could he do anything else but keep licking up her essence. He squeezed her buttocks, and brought her up higher, arching her, then he thrust his tongue into her channel. God, he had to fight to squeeze in.

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