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Originally from the U.K. Christine and her family immigrated to Australia when she was a teenager. She now lives with her husband in a small country town in Victoria.

An avid reader Christine enjoys novels from all genres, but only writes romance. Currently working fulltime in retail, Christine looks forward to the day when she can spend more time writing romance novels.

Q: Are people surprised that at your stage of life you’ve started writing novels?

A: Yes. Almost everyone who knows about my love of writing erotic romance seems to have trouble seeing me as anything other than a cheerful friendly older lady.

They find it hard to believe someone of my age and appearance would write sizzling sex scenes. LOL.

Q: Is being over 60 a help or a hindrance?

A: I would say a help. Mainly because I am and always have been a very good listener and an empath.

So as the years have gone by, I’ve seen and heard many things that help with the feel of the characters I write about.

Q: Does it take you very long to write a novel?

A: Most of my novels have taken 5 or 6 years to write.

I have a busy family life and I also work full time in retail, plus, I usually have at least 3 books on the go at the same time, and each one is nothing like the others, all are from different eras.

It’s great exercise for the brain to work this way in the limited free time I have. Akin to a kind of mind yoga.

Q: Why do you only write erotic romance?

A: I write the sort of stories that I like to read myself. I want to know what happens next, not what colour the curtains are, unless my lovers are entwined in said curtains. I want to know what makes the lovers tick. How rough the road to true love can get. And after all the pain and anguish, after all the broken pieces have been picked up, I want there to be a happy ever after for them.

Q: What other projects are you working on?

A: I’m actually working on something new, or should I say, new to me as I haven’t tried this before. I am writing a story that involves some of the characters in my novel ‘Agenda’. This will be a challenge for me because I usually just write the stories that live in my head… I know I sound crazy saying that but that’s how it is.

Now for the first time I have started writing a story that hasn’t been screaming out for me to put into words.

It feels weird, a bit like being back at school where the English teacher gives you a subject to write about…Yes, I can still remember my school days. LOL.

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