Christmas Ain't So Bad

ManLoveRomance Press LLC

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 12,000
1 Ratings (3.0)

Ian Durden hates Christmas, but his boyfriend Max Anderson loves it.

Ian Durden is pretty comfortable in his life. He lives in a not-too-small small town, has a decent, steady job, some good friends, and a boyfriend who's great except for one thing: Max Anderson absolutely loves Christmas. And Ian hates it. With a passion. This could be a problem...

Christmas Ain't So Bad
1 Ratings (3.0)

Christmas Ain't So Bad

ManLoveRomance Press LLC

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 12,000
1 Ratings (3.0)
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Chapter 1

“Daddy, look at all the colors!”
Ian Durden looked around as the small girl’s voice attracted several people’s attention, most generally smiling as a brightly bundled girl ran toward the first aisle of Christmas decorations.
A man who looked to be in his thirties and obviously the girl’s father, smiled in resignation as he walked past. “It’s not even Halloween yet, fuck’s sake,” Ian heard him mutter.
Ian snorted in agreement, flashing a smile back, before continuing with his shopping. He agreed. Christmas crap being pushed on everyone before Halloween was even close to being over. On top of that, he could commiserate with the man, in a way. His boyfriend was just like that bright little girl: Christmas was just wondermous.
He couldn’t resist a small smile as he thought of Max Anderson, and resolutely pushed back old, painful memories of childhood holidays. They’d been together for a year now, known each other for two years before that. They’d met on a road construction job, and hit it off from the beginning. First, friends, and now lovers, they occasionally teased each other about trying to be living clichés. Max still worked construction when there was work, but Ian had lucked into a more stable job out at one of the mines, washing haul trucks and helping with basic maintenance on them. Not bad for a guy with no degrees. Good pay, good benefits, and if the company didn’t fuck around with things, he could easily retire in twenty or thirty years. He was already saving money for that day. It was going to take money to move somewhere down south, where the weather would be kinder to older bodies.
He took a quick trip through the health and beauty section, grabbing lube and condoms, then body wash. His phone went off and he checked the text. He grinned as Max let him know that he was off early, and wanted to ask if he could come over. He was offering fried chicken as a bribe.

KFC, huh?
Yup. Don’t feel like cooking.
It’s not healthy.
Fuck healthy.
Thought that’s what condoms were for.
*rolls eyes*
*winks* I picked up more condoms…
Ooh… I could… you know… help you find something to do with them.
Ian chuckled to himself.
You mean make balloon animals? Bit boring.
Depends on what you fill them with.
Well that could get icky.
Or could be fun.
I’m still waiting to be bribed for KFC.
I’ll bring you Dairy Queen too. A nice chocolate cheesecake Blizzard.
Sold. Be home in an hour or so. At store.
Meet you there.

Ian put his phone away, and finished his shopping. He looked at the weather, then stopped to get gas. Looked like a storm coming in, and he might have to let the car warm up a while before work. He’d better check his pantry too and grab some extra groceries before he came home tomorrow.
Max was waiting when he pulled up, and grinned as he pulled several huge bags out of his truck.
Ian eyed the bounty with surprise. “How many people are we feeding?”
“Just us, but I figured cold chicken for lunch tomorrow?”
Ian almost drooled. “Oh, yeah. Great idea.” He unlocked the door and Max went inside, while Ian went back to grab his shopping. He looked his house over. A newish 16x80 single-wide trailer, he’d lucked into a rent to own deal on it just a year after he’d moved to town. In three more years, he’d own it outright, thanks to paying ahead when he could.
“So you start the mine schedule this week?” Max asked as Ian brought in the last bags. He’d been busy putting together their plates.
“Yeah. The PM guys are still having pink kittens about the whole having to work at night thing, though.”
“Seriously?” Max asked, taking the plates to the table. Ian put away the stuff that needed to be in the fridge, while Max grabbed them drinks and sat down.
Ian came to the table, leaning in to kiss Max thoroughly. Then he sat down. “Yeah, they’re making Bram take the first night rotation, since he’s the newest one on my crew. You’d think Terry and Al had never worked nights before, the way they’ve been bitching.”
Max snorted. “It’s not like anything will really be different for them. And on nights they won’t have to deal with the bosses.”
“You’d think they’d appreciate that, but I guess one of the main reasons they moved to the PM bay was to get off nights.” Ian dug in, noting that Max had gotten extra breasts for him. “How’s work?”
“They think we’re only going to have another five or six weeks of work, maybe,” Max replied. “We’re overdue a bad winter, after all.”
“Been overdue, haven’t we?” Ian asked. He’d moved here six years ago, but Max had grown up here.
“Yeah, we really have. If we don’t have a good snow pack this winter either, the ranchers will probably be in a world of hurt,” Max agreed as he got up to get more soda. “One or three two day blizzards that are melted off in a week isn’t enough. Need regular snow.”
“Bet you can’t convince most around here that the climate is changing though,” Ian teased.
Max rolled his eyes. “Nope, and coal’s gonna last forever too.” Ian met Max’s gaze and both men burst out laughing.
“How are things at your place?” Ian asked.
“Ugh… they’re on the verge of another breakup I think,” Max answered. He lived with a couple named Susie and Robert. The two could be nice, and even good company when they were sober, and on good terms. Hell, even when drunk, if they were on good terms, they were still fun to hang out with. But when they were fighting, they made sure they weren’t the only ones miserable. Max had become their roommate four years ago, sharing the large, spacious five bedroom house. The married couple had gotten way in over their heads with the house, forcing them to have to take in roommates to make ends meet in the current economy. The housing crisis had left them underwater so badly that they couldn’t sell the house for even half what they still owed on it. Max wasn’t their only roommate, just their most stable and reliable.
“They find a new roommate yet?”
“Yeah, some chick named Lisa. Yelizaveta, actually. Pretty name, ugly woman.”
Ian looked at Max in surprise. Max wasn’t a very judgmental person, so the description was unusual. “Ugly?”
“Yeah, you know, the kind of person that just gives you bad vibes, all around?”
Ian nodded.
Max went on. “She tried to hit on me right off the bat, and then got nasty when I turned her down.” Max shrugged. “But she made sure that Susie and Robert didn’t hear any of it. You know the type.”
“Yeah, they’re always so fun,” Ian agreed. They finished eating in silence, and then they cleaned up, easily getting everything washed up, and the rest of the shopping put away. Ian pulled Max into a hug, kissing him, chuckling when Max bit his neck lightly. “Stay the night?”
“I’d love to,” Max agreed. “But I’d need to wash my clothes.”
“Oh dear… that would mean you’d have to be completely naked around me…” Ian said, smirking. “Will you feel safe?”
Max adopted a feigned nervous posture, hunched in a little. “Can I trust you to behave? I mean… I’m so handsome and gorgeous, and you’re so very gay…”
Ian chortled at the ridiculousness and turned away. “Strip off, Village People poster boy.”
He headed back to the master bedroom, and into the master bathroom. He grabbed the hamper and headed back to the kitchen, opening the folding doors that covered the washer and dryer. Max was naked by this point, and Ian took a minute to enjoy the view. Max was fit, muscular, like you’d expect a guy who worked heavy construction to be, tall with black hair in a brush cut, a rather rugged face, and brown eyes. Not much different from Ian’s own looks, except Ian’s hair was brown and a little longer, a bit shaggy.
Max noticed the perusal and shook his hips, so his dick swung from side to side, looking just a little silly as he grinned.
“Like what you see, pretty boy?”
“Mama always said a naked man always looks kinda funny unless you’re attached to him,” Ian replied, moving close enough to bat gently at Max’s hardening cock.
“You sayin’ my dick is funny looking?” Max asked, pretending to be affronted.
Ian shrugged. “You gotta admit, somebody fucked up, sticking our balls in turkey neck.”
“Hey, my balls are pretty,” Max protested. He cupped them, as if to showcase them. “Look, I even shave them nice and smooth, so they look their best.”
Ian knelt down. “Do you now?” He leaned forward and nuzzled said balls, inhaling deeply. Max’s musk was a little stronger than Ian actually liked, but seriously, what did anyone expect when you’d put in a ten-hour day working in heavy clothes? Besides, he could always invite Max into a shower, so they’d both smell good for each other. Cleaning up was the sometimes the best part of getting dirty. He looked up at Max, who looked eager to play, his dick fully hard, and even leaking a little. “They are soft, I’ll admit,” Ian told him, rising smoothly to his feet as he grabbed Max’s clothes. “But I can’t take time to fully inspect them for this claim of yours, since I have to do your laundry.”
Max groaned. “Shameless tease!”
Ian got the laundry going as he shot a leer over his shoulder at his boyfriend. “Would I still be a tease if I helped you get all squeaky clean?”
“Ooh… inside and out?” Max asked, gripping Ian’s hips and dropping a kiss on his neck.
“That’s quite possible,” Ian granted, his own dick thickening further.
“Come, on, hurry up, I wanna play in the tub.”

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