Cisco's Boy

ManLoveRomance Press LLC

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 55,000
2 Ratings (4.5)

Master Cisco de Loria wants everything from his new sub Greg Harris, that is everything but love, in fact his contract expressly forbids it.

Dr. Greg Harris finally has the money to buy a submissive membership at Indiscreet, a gay BDSM club. The only thing he wants is to have Dr. Cisco de Loria as his Master. Cisco wants Greg too, but the one thing Greg most wants to give, Cisco refuses to take, Greg's love. Cisco is so sure he doesn't need love that he puts it in as a clause in their contract. If Greg ever mentions love, the contract is terminated. Cisco finds out the hard way that things somehow don't always work out the way you plan.

Cisco's Boy
2 Ratings (4.5)

Cisco's Boy

ManLoveRomance Press LLC

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 55,000
2 Ratings (4.5)
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Friday Morning

Brian and Jim sat in Jim's kitchen about to enjoy his blueberry scones. The Blue Hall teapot stood on the table between them as Brian spooned tea into the pot and poured the water.

"Papa Bear's going to be upset because he didn't get one," Brian giggled.

"Don't worry, hon, I put another batch in the oven before you arrived."

"What's new?" Brian took out two cups and made their tea.

"Dr. Harris released Reed. Yesterday was his last session."

"That's cool! It means Greg can finally join Indiscreet." Brian blew on his tea to cool it.

"I know how much he helped both you and Irene." Jim turned to the oven, and after grabbing a mitt, took out the second batch. "I don't think Reed and I would be back together if it weren't for Greg getting Reed's head screwed on straight."

"Greg's been itching to join Indiscreet since Cisco became a member last year." Brian took a sip of tea. "He was afraid Cisco would find a sub before he got to join."

"You know both Reed and Bear offered him a free membership." Jim took the tongs and put two sugar cubes in his tea.

"I knew he wouldn't take it. He insisted on paying the fee himself. He told me it wouldn't mean as much if he got it for nothing." Washington, Jim's grey ghost cat, appeared on the kitchen mat.

"Where did he come from?" Brian looked askance. "That cat moves like he's got a built-in transporter."

Laverne and Shirley started to yap. "Hold that thought, I have to let the dogs out."

"You mean the furry rats..." Brian tried to keep a straight face.

"Just because Papa Bear thinks Laverne and Shirley are inappropriate dogs, doesn't mean he can diss them." Jim flounced toward the kitchen door.

"I'm sorry puppies," Brian said giving each one an ear scratch. "Maltipoos!" Brian cracked up laughing.

With the dogs in the yard, Jim came in and sat down. "You know, Bull Raleigh is looking for a sub." Brian told Jim.

"Don't you dare change the subject. Bull Raleigh, please...How did you know about how Greg Harris feels about Cisco? I guessed, but apparently you knew," Jim pouted, "and even worse, you didn't share. Cub, I swear you'll take everyone's secrets to the grave."

"Well, I'm sharing now. I couldn't before. The night that Mrs. James' boys beat me and knocked me out, Greg made me admit I loved Bear. To get me to talk; he told me about he felt about Cisco." Brian thrust out his lower lip in imitation of Jim.

"Stop it. You can make fun of me all you like but now that you've spilled you've got to dish up the rest of the story. What's Bear been up to? How come Cisco hasn't found a sub? He's been at Indiscreet for six months. Some twink should have glommed onto him by now. As a doctor, he's a good catch."

"Bear does nothing really blatant. He just points out each candidate's obvious flaws and incompatibilities. There's nothing wrong with that." Brian turned his face away from Jim's stifling a giggle.

"Unless, of course, you try to point out the obvious advantages of someone else." Jim waggled his eyebrow.

"There was no one there that Bear thought would be compatible..."

"And now there will be." Jim took a bite out of his scone. "When?"

"Tonight." Brian's eyes shone with mischief.

"Are you going to be there?" Brian rolled his eyes.

"You think I'd miss this? I want to see Cisco's face when he sees Greg Harris putting himself up as a submissive." Brian chortled with glee.

The two friends looked at each other, inordinately pleased with themselves and their Masters.

* * *

Bear Drummond and Reed Davis sat in two chairs in front of Dr. Francisco de Loria's desk. Cisco to his friends. They were in his office at St. Mary's Medical Center where he was Chief of Staff.

" the new oncology wing will open in six weeks. I can't express to you how much it means to the hospital that you and Reed spearheaded the funding drive and oversaw the construction. Without your expertise, the job would have taken longer and we wouldn't have stayed on budget."

Reed took a sip of his coffee and grimaced. "How do you put up with this swill? I swear I'm going to get you a new coffee maker and supply you with coffee from the club." Reed's nose wrinkled in distaste.

"While you're at it, you should ask Jim if he would mind supplying blueberry scones for these meetings. It would certainly make me more eager to face the endless bullshit that comes from our recalcitrant hospital board. Now that I'm chairman, there are a few board members getting their walking papers." Bear grumbled.

"You know I'm all for that." Cisco put down his cup shuffling his papers, taking out a brochure. "Here look." He handed it over to Bear. "This is the brochure for the oncology wing. It will give our area excellent local treatment for even the worst cancers instead of forcing the patient to travel to Philadelphia, North Jersey or New York. If everything goes as planned, North Jersey and New York will come to us."

"This looks good, lots of pictures and just enough information." Bear passed the brochure to Reed.

"Not having to travel was a big selling point to the donors," Reed said. "I remember when my mother had cancer; the trip to get treatment was as onerous as the treatment itself. Besides, as the state capitol, Trenton should have a top-notch medical facility. Change of subject...are you going to the club tonight? Bear and Brian will be there as well as me and my boy." Reed made a face as he took another sip of coffee. "Swill..." he muttered.

Cisco shrugged his shoulders. "I wasn't planning on going to the club tonight."

"We have two new service subs in addition to a couple of new submissive members. You might have some luck finding a boy of your own." Bear pushed.

"I haven't had any luck so far..." Cisco took the brochure back from Reed. "I'll get copies made for distribution."

"You never know what you might find at the club, you should definitely check out the new crop." Bear persisted, giving Reed a sidelong look.

Cisco looked puzzled. "You said paid members. You really have subs that pay for membership?"

"Sure. The service subs are for general use by the membership and they play with all of the unattached Doms until they receive a contract offer. They're hired by the club. The subs who buy membership are looking for a relationship not a sugar daddy. They are more discriminating and are not obliged to play with any Dom that asks." Bear said.

Cisco, looking interested, tapped his pencil on the table.

Bear continued, "You'll have better luck with a one who pays for membership. Although subs get a discounted rate because most clubs are Top heavy, you know a sub that pays for the privilege is really into the lifestyle and bound to be more into pleasing his Dom."

Reed finished his coffee. "Bear's right. A submissive that pays for membership isn't a poser. These guys are legitimately into the lifestyle."

"And the new subs are going to be there tonight?" Cisco's ears turned red at the tips signaling to Bear his embarrassment at discussing such a personal topic at the hospital.

"I can guarantee that the new subs will be there tonight. We always introduce new members on the first Friday of the month. Bull Raleigh assures me that both the new members and the service subs have successfully finished their training. Bull always trains off-site so that the subs are ready to service Doms as soon as they arrive at the club." Reed put his coffee cup in the trash and stood, ready to leave. "Of course our sub training is just on protocol, the individual Dom and sub discuss their particular needs when they draw up a contract. As you know the training to be a Dom is much more extensive." Bear pushed in his chair.

"Do you know any of the new subs personally?" Cisco asked Reed.

"That's not information Reed can release outside the confines of the club. If you want to find out, you'll have to show up tonight." Bear interrupted while putting one of his arms in the sleeve of his overcoat.

"Well, depending on how things go here, I might see you there." Cisco picked up his appointment book.

"For Christ sake, Cisco, you don't need to be here for every crisis. That's why the board hired you an assistant. You're going to drop dead of a heart attack if you don't slow down." Bear made his point, loudly, heading toward the door as he knotted his scarf. Cisco looked over his book.

"Okay, I'll try to be there around eight, so stop being a pain in my ass. However, the new oncology department head arrives this afternoon and I need to get him settled in. He comes from Mass General. Getting him down here was a real coup."

"Wasn't he the one with the husband who got a teaching job at The College of New Jersey? That's quite a comedown from Harvard." Reed said wrapping his scarf around his neck.

"He had a problem at Harvard; he didn't make tenure, so he came here. I believe Dr. Middleton said something about a stint in rehab for drugs and booze."

"Interesting," Bear commented as he put on his gloves.

"Anyway, they hired him as an assistant professor of English Literature; so we were lucky that Dr. Middleton decided to move along with his husband. It was serendipity all around. He doesn't officially start until Monday." Cisco leaned back in his chair.

"Then give him the nickel tour and come out tonight. They'll be busy unpacking from the move, so he'll be anxious to get home and have the weekend to get organized. Besides, there's six weeks until the oncology wing officially opens, he has plenty of time to familiarize himself with the staff and facility. If he's as good as you claim he is, he'll have it done well before the dedication ceremony." Bear grabbed the doorknob and opened the door. "Let's leave Cisco to his paperwork."

Reed followed Bear out of the office.

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