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Claimed by the Bad Boy

Decadent Publishing Company

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 52,700
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Something always brings him back to her….

Ryker Cage is a rough guy, with very particular tastes when it comes to sex. Rough, hard, and dirty is the extent of his repertoire. Never soft. He doesn’t have a clue about connecting with his sensitive side in the bedroom, or that find-your-inner-femininity bullshit. He fears nothing—except his feelings for the sweet and innocent Molly Monroe.

The bad boy who lived next door claimed Molly’s heart long ago. Crazy or not, she loves him. Always has. No matter what he does to push her away, or how far he runs, Ryker is the one man she’ll never stop loving.

When Ryker finally finds his way back home, will he find the courage to claim what’s always been his? Or will he be destined for heartache when someone threatens to take everything away?

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Molly turned, snagged her cell from the desk, tapped the screen, and bit back a gasp when she saw the avatar of Darth Vader.


He was the one man who’d become an expert at breaking her heart, and, over the years, she’d turned into a woman skilled at letting him. Well, enough was enough. No more. Their crazy roller coaster of a relationship, if you could even call it that, had derailed one too many times. She was tired of waiting for him to get his shit together, and had decided she was done being yanked into his gravitational pull. No more hopeful silliness. No more obsessing.

I should delete the text without reading it. She bit at the inside of her cheek. She almost followed through. Her finger had been ready to do the deed then, for some insane reason, she gave in, tapped the message, and read.

What are you doing?

Seriously? She hadn’t heard from him in months. In fact, the last she knew, he’d been in Singapore, working. When she’d run into his twin a while back, she’d asked after Ryker, only to hear Declan say he didn’t know how his brother was doing. The thing was, she believed him. Ryker’s ability to shut everyone out of his life was just one of the things he was good at. He’d always been good at walking away. It was the sticking around part he didn’t do so well.

Pissed, Molly closed the text, willed her stomach to stop flip-flopping, took a breath, and twirled back around with a smile she didn’t feel, only to see Jack staring at her in that hawkish way he possessed. Sometimes, when he looked at her in such a way, he reminded her of her dad when he was on one of his I-want-the-truth-missions, and the memory of Banning Monroe, when he was ramping up, wasn’t something she cared to remember.

“Important?” Jack asked, studying her face with an intense expression.

“Nope.” Clearing her thoughts, she soldiered to the door of her office, grabbing his hand as she passed. “Let’s eat. I’m starving.”

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