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Claiming Abby (MFM)

Club Isola 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 65,030
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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, voyeurism, spanking, flogging, whipping, sex toys, HEA]

Waking up in the trunk of a moving car isn’t how Abby Garret had planned to spend her evening. When she discovers the tracking devices she was wearing are missing, she fights off her panic and manages to escape. But Abby’s recent discoveries are set to turn the world’s energy industry on its ear, and it appears not everyone is as interested in renewable energy as they claim.

After rescuing the woman they have been waiting years to claim, Doms Kalen Black and Logan Douglas find out that claiming and managing are not necessarily the same thing. Nothing with Abby is ever easy, and keeping her safe is no exception, and it is going to take everything Kalen and Logan have to keep Abby out of harm’s way and win her heart at the same time. 

Abby’s habit of thinking out loud and her use of colorful expressions make her a fun heroine that Avery Gale readers are sure to enjoy.

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
love her books

- sam

Another outstanding book. I just love that the women in the series "think out loud"! It makes me laugh and want to be their friends. Now I'm just waiting for the next book in this series. Just wish Ms...

- RhondaVB156

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Trying desperately to tamp down her rising panic, Abby instinctively reached for the panic alarm on the bracelet her brother and his techno-brilliant billionaire boss had given her for security reasons. When she realized the bracelet was gone she felt herself sliding even deeper into fear. She forced herself to take several deep breaths and that brought her focus back enough that she realized she was in the trunk of a car. And what had been a fairly smooth ride had suddenly become much bumpier and that had to mean they were moving over fairly rough terrain. Abby reached for her earrings, knowing they held a secondary alarm system that she’d sworn to Jace was totally over the top and unnecessary. Her brother had been a Navy SEAL and to say that he and his teammates were a bit over-protective of her an understatement of Biblical proportions. When she realized her earrings were missing as well Abby had to stifle her scream.

Abby immediately started working her fingers over the inside of the trunk’s top searching for the latch. She knew that most cars had an interior release and as long as she hadn’t been locked away by some low-rent ass-hats driving a beater, she had a good chance of being able to open the trunk from the inside. She had to fight her rising panic and the urge to try to remember exactly how she’d come to be in this mess. But she knew her best chance of surviving was to focus her energy on getting safely out the trunk before the driver reached his or her destination. She’d have plenty of time later for a stroll down memory lane to figure out exactly how this had come to be…right now, getting the trunk lid open and then getting out without getting run over by another car or seen by her captors was going to require all of her focus.

Releasing the latch turned out to be fairly simple, but holding on to the trunk lid after she’d unlatched it had turned out to be a much larger problem. Abby was tiny by anyone’s standards, hell she was barely five feet tall and rarely weighed over ninety-five pounds. She had spent years taking self-defense classes, but it didn’t seem to matter how quick she was or how precisely she could place a well-timed kick to the groin. The simple fact was the lid was bouncing as the car made its way over the rocky and uneven terrain and each bounce was pulling her further in the air.

Abby quickly ran her free hand over her clothing and was relieved to find she was wearing warm-ups and a hoodie, and that she had on running shoes. When Abby felt the car begin to slow down and saw the turn signal begin to flash, she knew this was probably her best shot. Raising the lid just enough to slip out, she rolled out and hit the ground with a thud before sprinting into the dense trees lining the dirt road. It was dusk and the trees cast enough shadow that she hoped the driver wouldn’t immediately notice that his trunk lid was now bouncing freely in the air. But the rapidly encroaching darkness had its disadvantages as well. Within minutes she could barely see her hand in front of her face and since she didn’t have any idea where she was, she knew better than to just take off running. Hell who knows what kind of holes, ditches, or canyons might lie in these trees.

She had only recently gotten the all clear to start running again following the surgery she’d had almost a year earlier. When she’d been hurt skiing in Colorado, Jace and Ian had insisted she be flown to New York so a Club Isola member, who also happened to be one of the country’s best orthopedic surgeons, could perform the delicate piecing together of the jigsaw puzzle pieces of her broken leg and mangled knee. Their actions had seemed over the top, even for them, but when it came to Abby, her older brother had always been her knight in shining armor. Jace had saved her life when they’d both been much younger. She’d been inadvertently exposed to penicillin while helping her dads work calves one spring and she’d collapsed in the yard suffering from anaphylactic shock as she’d tried to return to the house. Had Jace not seen her fall, they’d have never gotten her to the hospital in time.

Abby had been enjoying her last afternoon of skiing in Aspen when she’d been bull-dozed down the mountain by a beginning snowboarder that had fallen further up the mountain and rolled into her. The man had been twice Abby’s size, so when he’d become a human snowball tumbling down the slope, he’d managed to send his board careening into Abby’s left leg. She still had nightmares about the sound of her femur being shattered and the blinding pain of her knee disintegrating. Unfortunately a rapidly approaching storm had meant the only way off the mountain was in the back of a snow-cat.  The ride was so rough that the pain had finally been so bad she’d simply passed out.

She’d spent almost ten months dividing her time between her work for Garrett Oil and a rehabilitation unit for torture sessions with a sadist disguised as a physical therapist. And even though she’d never admit it, right now she was awfully grateful her therapist had been such a jerk. Because even though she was starting to feel a strange warming sensation in her leg, she was still running without much effort and certainly without the pain she would have felt had she not worked with Teryn the Torturer.

Returning her thoughts and focus to maneuvering over the rugged ground, Abby tried to stay as parallel with the roadway as possible. She might be a Mensa member, but she had to have one of the worst senses of directions of any human on the planet so following the road was the only way she knew she wasn’t just traveling in a circle. Her parents loved to tell the stories about the time she’d gotten lost in her own backyard after dark. And even though they’d teased her unmercifully about it, they’d installed a system of accent lighting that could be “adjusted” to the point she’d wondered if pilots ever mistook their yard for a runway.




Logan licked Abby from her rear rosette all the way up until he could circle her clit and coax it out from under its hood. Abby was so responsive. She was almost a fine musical instrument that was a siren’s call to the artistry of a well-trained Dom. He and Kalen had been Doms most of their adult lives so they were certainly attuned to each and every one of her responses—no matter how subtle. Feeling the muscles in her thighs twitch as he took her higher and higher up the mountain, he knew she was quickly coming upon the point of no return so he backed off just a bit and was rewarded by a soft moan of protest. “Soon, baby. I want you to soar over the moon so let me make sure you are well prepared for the trip.” Refocusing his attention on her sex he slid his arms under her knees and lifted them up and out so that she was completely exposed to him. “You are so beautiful. Your pussy is a rich, dark rose color and the folds are engorged with blood so they look like a rose in full bloom.”

Tracing the folds with his tongue in slow sweeping motions was pushing her limits and he knew he needed to move on before she built an orgasm that would shatter her and prevent her from being capable of enjoying the rest of the pleasures they had planned. He stiffened his tongue and began thrusting it just inside her vagina in a preview of what was to come. When he felt her muscles twitching rapidly he locked eyes with Kalen and blinked once giving his friend the okay. Kalen had been running his tongue around her tight, pink nipples but pulled back and licked the shell of her tiny ear as he whispered, “Come for us Abigail.”

Logan was surprised at the immediacy of her response, it was a testament to the speed at which her mind processed information and the strength of their connection. She was coming before Kalen had even spoken her name. Logan was grateful he’d already encircled her thighs with his arms or she would have arched right out of his hold. Her scream had likely triggered the sound and motion activated cameras in the hallway. Holly had done the same thing not long ago when her men had taken her in their kitchen. Jace and Gage had bragged about that fact for several days.

Before Abby had even finished with her climax he moved into position and slid up against the barrier. “Are you ready, baby? I’m sorry, I know this is going to hurt you, but I promise you it will be worth it.” She was still catching her breath and her eyes were beautifully glazed with passion but she found enough focus to nod and he pushed through in a quick stroke. This time her scream was entirely different and it broke his heart. He could feel the warmth of the blood and wondered for just a moment if he should check and make sure she wasn’t bleeding too much. But she surprised him by wrapping her legs around his waist and pressing herself against him in a thrust of her hips and pull of her legs that pushed the tip of his cock up against the opening of her womb in the time it took him to blink.

“Fuck! Oh my fucking God, Abby. I cannot believe you did that. Christ, woman I—oh my God you feel unbelievable. Your cunt is squeezing me like a fist and I can barely catch my breath. And resisting the urge to pound into you is getting harder by the second. Stop moving baby or this is going to be hard, fast, and over before you are ready to come with me.” He was grateful that she seemed to be at least trying to still the flexing of her vaginal wall muscles.

Logan could count on one hand the number of times he’d failed to anticipate a sub’s movement, but Abby hadn’t given him any clue and he suspected that it hadn’t been planned on her part, rather it had been some kind of instinctual response, but he still planned to paddle her sweet ass for it. At the very least she’d topped from the bottom by taking control of the situation. And even though they’d told her this wasn’t a scene, she’d taken a huge risk with her safety and he couldn’t and wouldn’t ignore it.

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