Claiming Carina (MFMM)

Dragon Warriors 3

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,040
8 Ratings (4.1)

When Carina goes camping with her friends she hopes her friends can help her heal from the horrific attack she suffered ten months ago. The day after she confesses everything to her friends around a campfire, all five of them are blown through a portal to The Land of Feury.

Dragon shifters brothers Denver, Phelan, and Hart, the clan farmers, are excited when they discover Carina is their Desired—their destined mate. But can they help her heal from her past hurts? Will Carina ever be able to accept the attention of three men after being attacked?

Be Warned: menage sex (MFMM), anal sex, triple penetration, rimming

Claiming Carina (MFMM)
8 Ratings (4.1)

Claiming Carina (MFMM)

Dragon Warriors 3

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,040
8 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Sour Cherry Designs
I really loved this book!!!

Denver opened the door and let Hart pass with Carina. Phelan strode into the room right behind them.

"How do we do this? I don't want to leave her here alone. What if she has a nightmare?"

"I'm not sure, Denver. I'm pretty sure waking up to three men in her bed is going to freak her out." Phelan spoke while rubbing his chin.

"Well, how about two of us stay as dragons? We'll sleep on the floor. The remaining one of us stays human and sleeps in the bed with her. How does that sound?"

Hart was ever the logical one. Denver grinned at his brothers as they both raised an eyebrow in his direction.

"I'm eldest and am pulling rank. I'm in that bed with our Desired tonight."

Denver chuckled at his brothers' whining and moaning, but they didn't challenge him. As eldest brother he had final say, and he didn't often pull rank, but to be the first one of them to spend an entire night sleeping beside their Desired was most definitely worth it. Even if they didn't end up having sex.

He moved closer to the bed and turned the sheets down before Hart settled Carina on the sheets. All three of them began removing her outer clothing, leaving her in her undergarments. Denver wasn't sure how Carina would cope with never being able to wear these under-things again. Their women hadn’t had such things. He guessed if she wanted, or the others wanted, they could arrange to have them made. He hoped she'd like not wearing any. Denver pulled away and headed to the walk-in closet, adjusting his erection in his pants as he walked. He returned with a loose fitting shirt. He slipped it over her head with his brothers' help, and they got her settled into the bed. They all pulled back when she was comfortably sleeping against the plush pillows.

"Glad we decided to keep that wardrobe filled and this room cleaned all these years."

"It was fun to see who would win the arm wrestle each week to see who would have to clean it," Phelan said before chuckling.

Denver chuckled, too. All three of them hated any domestic chores. The cleaning crews that came through and cleaned the entire castle refused to do the master bedrooms. With no females they didn't see the point. So the three brothers had started having weekly arm wrestling matches to see who would clean it.

"Well, guess we'll all settle in. May I suggest you two flash out in the hallway so she doesn't wake up?"

"Good idea, Denver."

He watched as they left the room before he turned his attention back to the bed and the most beautiful female he'd ever seen. His heart clenched at how vulnerable she looked lying there in the cream colored shirt lying in their big bed. He closed his eyes as pain assaulted him at what had been done to her. His poor Desired. He took a deep breath, stripped out of his pants, and slid under the covers. He heard his brothers reenter the room, and out the corner of his eye he saw them both settle around the base of the bed, instinctively lying between their Desired and the door to protect her should the need arise. He reached out toward Carina and stroked her cheek with his knuckles. Her skin was so soft and the most gorgeous caramel color. She smiled and nuzzled into the pillow, so he withdrew his hand and just watched her sleep as he didn't want to wake her.

A few hours later, Denver woke to the most divine sensation of Carina's lush bottom wriggling against him. At some point, probably while still asleep, she'd moved over to snuggle in against him. His arm was wrapped around her tummy as he spooned up behind her. He lowered his nose into her hair to inhale her sweet scent. He flicked his gaze around the room and saw Hart watching Carina's face with intense eyes.

Is she still sleeping, Hart?

Yep, I'm pretty sure she's dreaming about us—well, with the look on her face, I hope it's us she's dreaming about.

Denver chuckled back at his brother. Maybe she's just dreaming of me?

He gave Hart a wink as Hart curled his lip up at him and spoke in his mind. Let’s find out, shall we?

Hart put his snout onto the bed and began purring, which meant he had plans for Carina that involved his now vibrating tongue. Denver pushed the bed covers off them both, revealing her beauty to all of them. He looked down her lush body. The shirt she wore had ridden up over the smooth caramel skin of her slightly rounded tummy. A small scrap of white material covered the juncture between her thighs, and her long lean legs moved against his as she continued to dream her dream. Denver followed Hart's movements with his gaze.

Hart inched closer to her core, then pressed his nose against the material covering her and inhaled.

Hmmm, she's wet.

Denver stroked his fingers down her side, enjoying the feel of her silky skin beneath his fingertips. He ran his gaze and hand up her leg, pulling it so her leg draped over his. Denver breathed in deeply, shuddering as the scent of her arousal seeped into him. She smelt divine, like summer rain mixed with muskiness. Whoever she was dreaming of, she liked what they were doing.

Denver nuzzled his nose into her neck and kissed his way up to her ear. When she didn't flinch away but instead arched her head to give him more room, he had never been happier. He gently whispered, "Wake up, sweetness. We're going to make your dream come true."

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