Club de Fleurs 6: Tasha (MF)

Club de Fleurs 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 34,924
5 Ratings (4.2)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, spanking, flogging, cropping, paddling, sex toys, HEA]
Tasha Rivers was tired of running and hiding. She’d been running from her ex-fiancé for years and wanted a normal life. She’d been in Denver for a few weeks and needed to find a job when she saw the ad for Club de Fleurs. She wasn’t sure what kind of club it was but for what they were paying she didn’t care as long as she didn’t have to strip.
Then her car broke down in one of the worst rain storms of the season and Tim Robbins found her. How lucky could she be, this yummy man also worked at the club. Driving her to her interview, Tim vowed not to let this one go.  When he found out the trouble she was having, he moved her into his house to keep her safe. Then her ex found her at the club. Would Tim be in time to save her?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Club de Fleurs 6: Tasha (MF)
5 Ratings (4.2)

Club de Fleurs 6: Tasha (MF)

Club de Fleurs 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 34,924
5 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Tasha Rivers was soaked. It was pouring rain and her stupid car had broke down…again. Cold, wet and frustrated, she got out one more time to lift the hood so that anyone passing by would know that she was having car trouble. Not that anyone would stop in the middle of a storm. And storming as it was, she wouldn’t be surprised to see a tornado come through. The hail was getting bigger and she was afraid the glass in her car windows was going to break. Why did her car have to break down now?

She was on her way to a job interview and couldn’t afford to be late. She needed this job desperately, and couldn’t mess this up. Her savings was almost gone and she didn’t know what she was going to do if something didn’t come up soon.

When she saw the ad in the paper for a receptionist for the Club de Fleurs, and how much they were offering to pay, she thanked the Gods and immediately went to the website to apply. She didn’t know what type of club it was, but it didn’t matter, all that mattered was getting the job. Two days later she had a call for an interview and things were looking up. Now here she sat on the side of the road, stuck. There was no way she was going to make it. Nothing to do but call and tell the man she was suppose to interview with that she needed to reschedule. Even if her stupid car would start, she looked like a drowned rat and now had ruined her only nice outfit, not really a first good impression for a receptionist.  What the fuck was she going to do?

She saw headlights coming up behind her and leaned on the horn to get the car’s attention, hoping they could hear it over the wind, pounding rain and hail

Thanking the Gods when the truck pulled in front of her car, she rolled her window down to talk to the person that had stopped.


* * * *


Damn, damn, and double damn, Tim thought. He didn’t need this shit. But being a southern gentleman and having a southern mama, there was no way he could not stop and help the person in the car. On top of his southern upbringing, he was ex special forces, and a Dom to boot. Helping people in distress was in his blood. If it was a damsel in distress there was no way he was leaving her on the side of the road.

But, shit, he was going to be late…again. His bosses at the Club de Fleurs, all understood what was going on and why he was late so often, but he didn’t like it. It wasn’t fair to the person he was relieving and often the bar had to be closed until he got there, losing business for the club.

Grabbing his phone he quickly called Kyle, his boss, to let him know what was going on and why he would be late…again.

“No problem,” Kyle answered, “I’m suppose to be interviewing a new receptionist to help Theresa while she’s out with the baby and the woman just called to say her car was broke down in the storm. I’ll cover until you can get here.”

Tim ended the conversation, then grabbed his rain gear from the back, hoping it would keep some of the water off of him.

Running the short distance from his truck to the car behind him, he went to the passenger door and let himself in.

“Fuck, it’s cold.” He said as he slammed the door. “Roll that window up for God’s sake, you’re getting soaked.” He told the driver, just now getting his first look at her.

Tasha was shocked he got in her car, what if he was a rapist or murderer or something? What should she do?

“Roll up the fucking window.” Tim was late, cold and wet.

Tasha started the engine and rolled up the automatic window, also turning on the heat.

“Much better, okay, sorry about all the nasty words, but it’s wet and cold out there. My name is Tim Robbins, do you know what’s wrong with your car?”

“Hi, I’m Tasha Rivers and it just stopped. The engine runs, but it won’t move. I think it something to do with the transmission. I’ve been having trouble with it, but didn’t think it would do this to me.” She felt like crying.

“I’m pretty good with cars, but I’m not going to look at it in this mess. How about I give you a ride where you need to go and we’ll have your car towed to a garage.” He told her in his soft southern drawl.

Shit, shit, shit, there was no way she could pay for towing, let alone having a garage fix her car, but what could she do. There was no way she was going to tell this stranger that she couldn’t afford to have her car towed or fixed.

Turning to look at her rescuer for the first time she saw that, even soaking wet, he was gorgeous. Wet, his hair looked the color of dark chocolate and his gray eyes looked like they could pierce her soul and his voice dripped honey. She loved listening to a Southern man.




Tasha woke, not sure where she was. She needed to pee and needed something to drink. Something was wrapped around her. Twisting, she saw Tim and slowly remembered all that had happened and what he had told her. She smiled and relaxed, but needed to get up, badly.

Struggling to get free, he woke with a start. “What’s the matter sugar?” he asked immediately awake.

“I need the bathroom.” She was getting desperate.

Tim sat on the side of the bed and turned on the light, pointing to the partially closed door.

Tasha ran across the room, just making it. Sighing in relief, she washed her face and hands, running the water until it was cold grabbed the cup there and took a long drink. Staring in the mirror, she didn’t look any different, but she felt different.

She was more. Not sure how to describe it even to herself, she felt like more of a person. She wasn’t the scared girl Tim had found on the side of the road. She was more confident. Suddenly she needed to be back in his arms. She didn’t know what this was or how long it was going to last, but she didn’t want to miss a minute with Tim and was taking all he offered.

Opening the door, she launched herself into his arms. He was still sitting on the side of the bed and caught her easily. “What was all that about?” he laughed pulling her closer.

“I missed you.” She answered simply.

He laughed and kissed her. They were both naked and he pulled her to straddle him and slowly started fitting himself to her. “Baby is it safe, or do I need a condom ? I’m clean, I was just tested, are you safe?” he hated asking, but wanted them both to be healthy.

“I’m clean and on the pill. I just had a physical and haven’t been with anyone in a long time.” After she and Jason had broke up she had a complete medical work-up. He had told her there had been other women and she wanted to make sure the scumbag hadn’t given her anything. She had been tested every 6 months, making sure nothing developed. Kyle had also told her to work at the club she would have to be tested and provide a clean physical.

Tim hated using condoms, but knew at times they were necessary. Hearing she was clean and on the pill, he decided it was safe enough. Slowly he fitted himself to her, pushing his way in. She was so tight.

“Has it been a while baby?” He wanted to know what he was working with, if it had been a while, he would have to be very careful not to hurt her. He was not a small man and she was a very small woman.

“Yes, it’s been several years.” She admitted in a soft voice ;she might have well said, yes I’m a loser and haven’t had sex in years the way she felt.

“Okay baby, I’m a big guy, I’m going to use a little lube for our first time. I don’t want to hurt you.” He flipped her around on the bed and grabbed the lube from the bedside table. Applying a thick coat to himself, he lubed three fingers and slowly pushed two of them in her. He was going to stretch her a little before taking her. He wanted this to be as good for her as it was going to be for him.

Rimming his fingers around her, he slowly scissored them, stretching her to accommodate his girth. Adding the third finger he stretched her more and started rubbing her clit with his thumb. He was not going to rush this no matter what his cock wanted.

Tasha felt the feelings rushing up again and began to arch her body. She was ready for him.

“Now, Tim, take me now.” She pleaded wanting more than his hand. She wanted him.

“Please Tim, take me now.” She repeated over and over.

He leaned down and took her mouth, pulling his hand away and fitting himself to her again. Lifting her legs up and out he opened her all the way and pushed slowly forward with his hips, one hand braced on the bed beside her to keep the bulk of his weight off of her.

Tasha reached and pulled his mouth back to her. She tried to pull him down to her, she needed to feel his weight on her. She needed all of him.

Tim felt her need and lowered himself to lay more of his body on hers as he pushed further in. She was so tight, he wasn’t sure he was going to get all the way in, then she arched up and took more of him.

“Easy, baby, we have to go slow. I don’t want to hurt you, easy.” He said against her mouth. It was torture for them both for him to hold back.

“More, I need more.”

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