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Cole's Mates (MMF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 42,729
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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, werewolves, consensual BDSM, voyeurism, public exhibition, flogging, sex toys, HEA]

Colette Mills takes one night to fulfill her curiosities. One night that turns her world into a living hell. Captured, tortured, and finally escaped she now has to relearn how to take life on, not only as a damaged woman but a werewolf to boot. 

Rendell Juniper doesn’t see a damaged woman. He sees strength and his mate. But he feels the longing for his long-time lover Jaron Stokes pulling him just as strongly. It is time to take his mates. It is time Cole claims her mates!

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
Top read! There were twists & turns & I often didn't know what was going to happen next! It was refreshing to read a book where you couldn't predict the next paragraph!

- AussieGirl

Really enjoyed this book. The care Ren took of Cole was awesome and even more so when Jaron arrived. After being held captive for 2 months as a sex slave to rogue werewolves Cole has to learn to trust...

- LynnieP





The crisp night air felt wonderful on her damp fur. She huffed heavily, glancing around the large yard, trying to catch her breath. A startled yelp escaped her at the sight of a large brown wolf heading her way. Ren hadn’t said there would be other wolves out! She backed up, forgetting her form and the two extra legs. Or was it the tail? She stumbled, falling back, and reared around with a yelp and ran back toward the house. Oh, God, if she barked, would Ren hear her? Would he assist her? She had told him she was going to try and attempt to take a run. Oh, what the hell had she been thinking? She swore she could feel the heat of the other wolf breathing down her throat. Panic seared through her.

“Cole, slow down.”

The deep voice penetrated her brain and she whined, fear gripping her. Who the hell was that! Oh God she was going crazy hearing voices in her head. A male voice to boot! She shouldn’t have gone out. How did she think she was safe out here? Her paws pounded hard against the ground. Tall grass whipped her face. She ducked under the fence, scraping her back along the low hang of it, yelping again.

“Cole, you need to stop,” whispered the voice.

Her legs ached and her lungs burned as she spurred herself on. There was no way she was stopping, not till she made it to those steps and managed to yell her head off for Ren. He would save her she was sure of it. There was no way he would let anyone on his ranch get hurt on his back door step.

“Cole, stop now!”

She wasn’t sure how it happened, but her fur-covered body slid and slammed into the hard ground. Dust lifted all around her, up her nose and in her eyes. She swiped at her face, trying to get the dust out. She whined, trying to get up, trying to get the dirt from her nose. She felt strong hands grip her fur and hold her down. She squirmed, turned from wolf to human form and screamed. “Colette!” A hand covered her mouth, a large hand, a hard naked body pressed to hers and she struck out. Her arm got free, striking hard flesh.

“Colette, stop it now!” Ren gritted. He rolled off of her, grabbing her up and dragging her into his lap, arms circling her. “Not going to hurt you. Cole. Shit, woman, calm down.” He tightened his grip, locking her arms in place, tears rolled down her face and she trembled, the most haunting whines escaping her. “Cole, it’s me, Ren…not going to hurt you…wanted to make sure you were okay,” he whispered, waiting for her body to ease, something. She shuddered and broke down in sobs. He turned her in his arms and hugged her close. Her arms were tight around him and shit he would sit here all night if that was what she needed.

Cole shivered. Her breathing returned to normal and her heart rate slowed. Her hands still shook and she wished she could control that reaction. Her head still buzzed and she wished that anxious feeling would go away. How long had they been sitting here? She was in Ren’s arms. She had heard his voice whispering to her, his warm breath fanning over her head, his large hand petting her, calming her. She shivered as the cool breeze of the night swept over her naked body.

Ren brushed his hand over her hair. “There we go… I’m sorry I scared you. I should have told you I would check on you,” he whispered. She sniffled, giving her head a shake, wiping at her nose. “You need to get up, Cole…your muscles are going to cramp. That was some run you took,” he tucked a finger under her chin making her look at him. Poor filly had dirt smeared all over her face. He would imagine she had dirt up her nose, grains of sand in her mouth. “Can you get up for me, Cole?” She offered a meek nod and struggled from his arms. Her arms covered her naked breasts as soon as she stood. Ren sighed. He bet at one point she would have stood proudly naked. “How about next time we go out together? That way you’ll know I’m out here with you,” he suggested, heading toward the house.

Cole nodded. The last thing she was going to do was go out there again. What the hell had she been thinking? To put herself in danger like that! What if that had been some other wolf? What if Ren hadn’t been here? What would happen to her children now? She inhaled quick, sharp breaths. She would not think about that. Her children would have her for the rest of their lives. She would be here for them.

Ren stopped when he didn’t hear the soft padding of her feet behind him. He glanced back. Cole stood frozen so many emotions crossing her beautiful dirt smudged face. “Come on, Cole, a hot shower will make you feel better. Your muscles will stiffen,” he warned, tugging on her hand.

She peeked at him. “I’m sorry,” she whispered.

Ren released a breath pulling her close. “Nothing to be sorry about, little filly.” He hummed hugging her close. He chuckled. “You know that’s twice today I’ve gotten you. Maybe I should stop sneaking up on you?” he pondered.

Cole released a nervous laugh. “Maybe I should stop being a chicken,” she stated.




Cole shivered as the air struck her bare flesh, as Jaron’s hands skimmed the length of her thighs, flattening and molding on her hips pulling her closer. She shivered as his hot breath spread over her naked pussy. Her head fell back against Ren’s chest, his hands kneading her breasts.

“Spread your legs for Jaron, Cole,” he ordered softly, tucking his foot on the inside of her, helping her.

She grasped his forearms as Jaron’s tongue darted out, flicking her clit ever so teasingly. She growled thrusting her hips out for more. Jaron’s grip on her hips tightened and the throaty growl that escaped him sent sweet shivers up her spine. “Please, Jaron.” She panted, feeling his thumb spread her pussy lips, opening her cunt to him. Ren growled next to her ear and she turned, Ren’s mouth claiming hers as Jaron’s mouth mashed to her pussy. Electricity shot through her, sensations buzzed all around her and she felt high as the sky as Jaron’s tongue worked her clit, as Ren’s hands groped, squeezed and pinched her aching tits.

She panted, biting Ren’s lower lip and arching her back for more, grinded her hips against Jaron’s face. “Oh God…err, more pleeeassse,” she begged, legs coming up and resting on Jaron’s broad shoulders.

Her hips bucked and her heels dug into Jaron’s back. Stars sparked in the back of her head. Her breath ripped from her and her grip on Ren tightened and she pulled her mouth away from his, mewling growls tore from her lips as her hips jerked and strained at the lust Jaron was awakening and working in her. Jaron’s husky moans and Cole’s sharp squeals filled the room. She threw her head back and her body shuddered on Jaron’s face as the orgasm struck her and threw her off balance.

Ren eased her legs down from Jaron’s shoulder and eased her into Jaron’s lap. He nuzzled her neck. “We love you, Cole,” he whispered as she slumped easily into Jaron’s arms, exhausted and breathing heavily. Jaron hugged her close giving Ren the time he needed to undress. He whispered soft kisses along her jaw, his hands caressing her back. “You’re safe, never gonna hurt you, filly,” he promised.

Cole felt her body lifting from Jaron’s warm embrace, heard the whispering of blankets being pulled back, softness under her.

“Cole, hon, look at me.” Her eyes fluttered open and met Ren’s deep gaze. She licked her lips, spreading her legs.

“Please, Ren,” she begged. She wanted more, wanted Ren. Her heart nearly thudded its way from her chest in anticipation, in fear. She blocked images not worth remembering from her mind as Ren dipped, claiming her lips. She felt the bed shift next to her, Jaron’s warm mouth littering kisses along her shoulder, down her arm. Jaron plucked up her hand and nibbled on the tips of her fingers.

She moaned at the sensations, her arm trembled, and she tore her hand away and her fingers delved into Ren’s thick locks. Her mouth opened eagerly as a fire built deep in her belly. She could feel a hard dick against the side of her thigh and another jutting against the top of her other thigh. Her eyes shot open and clashed with deep green. Her breathing was rapid and she could taste Ren on her, in her.

Ren’s lip curled in a smile at the lust in Cole’s eyes. “Beautiful woman,” he praised, easing between her legs, the tip of his thick dick teasing her wet cunt. Her legs spread further as he stroked his dick against her pussy. “Not going to fuck you, Cole,” he whispered. Her eyes widened and he was sure he saw rage in those beautiful cerulean depths. Her nostrils flared and he smirked. Taking hold of her and in a swift movement he was under her and had her straddling him. “You will fuck me,” he informed her.

Cole looked down at him breathless. She shivered at the feel of his thick dick mashed against her wet cunt. She shook her head, but before she could say anything, Jaron was behind her grasping her hips, his mouth nipping at her earlobe. “I’ll help if you need, Cole…” Nip, lick. “All you have to do is ask,” he sucked on the side of her neck moving her hips against Ren.

Cole moaned out, her eyes closing at the sensual feeling these two beautiful men were instilling in her. Never in all of her womanhood had she felt as beautiful as she did in that moment. Ren giving her the option to fuck him, and Jaron giving his support to assist her, neither of them was pushing her. She dipped, kissing Ren’s lips. “Thank you,” she whispered, hips grinding against his dick.

Ren nipped at her lips. “Your show, my love. All of this is you.” He assured, caressing her cheek with his finger.

Cole felt empowered, felt pure, felt like she had the chance at a new start here between these two men. Her mouth mashed to Ren’s and her hands reached back for Jaron’s, steering them to encircle her, to help guide her onto Ren’s thick cock. She gasped at the feel of Ren’s dick at her entrance of her seeping cunt.

“Easy, filly...” Jaron groaned, holding her till her body eased from the sudden tension. He nibbled her neck. Ren’s hands cupped her face, his lips soft as they brushed along Cole’s lips.

Cole moaned as she allowed herself to settle on Ren’s thick cock. “Oh God!” she sat stunned, impaled. She licked her lips and looked down at Ren. Seeing the passion in his eyes pushed her on. “Help me, please, Jaron,” she begged, moving his hands to her hips.

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