Conjugal Visits (Good Girls With Bad Boys)

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 10,000
1 Ratings (3.0)

Sylvia Sutten is a good girl who has always fallen for bad boys. When she meets Trevor Lincoln, an inmate incarcerated on two counts of manslaughter, she falls hard for him. But she has a secret she's been hiding from him; a secret so heinous that she fears telling Trevor will forever change his feelings for her and end any chance of their being together once he's paroled.

Conjugal Visits (Good Girls With Bad Boys)
1 Ratings (3.0)

Conjugal Visits (Good Girls With Bad Boys)

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 10,000
1 Ratings (3.0)
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Cover Art by Terry Towers

Chapter 1

Sylvia was so nervous that she couldn't seem to keep her hand steady as she passed her identification over to the guard at the front desk of the Spring Meadow Correctional facility. The tall, broad-shouldered man carefully inspected her documentation and then began inputting something into the computer in front of him.

Oh God, this is such a very bad idea. What am I thinking?

No one knew she was visiting Trevor Lincoln today. Not her family and not even her closest and dearest of friends. She’d kept her visits to the prison a well-guarded secret, partly because she wasn't sure what their reactions would be if she told them that for the past three months, for one hour, once a week, she had been visiting an inmate.

No, that wasn't accurate, she did know what they'd say; they'd say she was insane for going and try to prevent her. The other reason was that she was slightly embarrassed by how it came about that she was coming here in the first place. Most women who came to visit men at the prison were wives, sister, people who knew the prisoner for their entire lifetimes.

But not Sylvia.

In addition, today was extra special, Trevor had requested a "family visit," which meant - from her understanding - that they were being given privacy to do whatever they wanted in a small trailer, which, of course, would be well-guarded. The most physical contact she'd had with him over the past three months was to hold his hand or give him a quick hug. Today she was actually going to get to feel every inch of his extremely oh-so-hot body, and she was as nervous as hell over the idea.

The officer at the front desk pulled her from her thoughts.

"Alright ma'am, everything seems to check out. Proceed on in through that first door when you hear the buzzer and Officer Rizzo will assist you from there." The CO gave her a nod and went back to whatever he had been doing before she had showed up.

"Th…thank you," she stuttered snatching up her handbag, slipping her identification inside and proceeding through the first steel door at the sound of the buzzer. Once through the door she took notice of a tall, lean Latino woman with a nametag saying ‘Rizzo’ on it, sitting at the first desk she came to. Beside Officer Rizzo was a husky, balding man with the nametag identifying him as ‘Cooper’.

As Sylvia approached, Officer Rizzo stood and motioned for her to follow along. "Have you been here before?" the officer asked walking over to a door several feet from her desk, pulling out a set of keys from her pocket and unlocking it. She opened it wide and ushered Sylvia inside, following behind and closing the door behind them.

"Umm, yes." Sylvia surveyed her surroundings, which was a small windowless room, consisting of a single wooden table, with two chairs and a storage locker at the back of the room. "But this is the first time I've been granted a family visit."

Officer Rizzo crossed her arms over her chest. "I see, well the procedure is a little different with these types of visits. I'm going to need you to strip down to your undergarments Miss Sutten. And I'm going to need to go through the contents of your purse."

Oh, God! Trevor had forewarned her that this was common practice, but being prepared didn't make having to strip naked under the cynical eye of the female officer any less intimidating.

"Who are you visiting today, Miss Sutten?" Officer Rizzo asked, grabbing her handbag, tossing it to the wooden table and emptying the contents. Sylvia was aware of this procedure so she never carried anything other than her wallet and a few odd necessities in her purse when she came to see Trevor, in order to avoid the pain in the ass task of gathering up her belongings when the officers were finished pawing through all of her things.

"Trevor Lincoln," Sylvia replied, unbuttoning the last of the buttons on her black cotton blouse and slipping it off her slim, ivory shoulders to reveal her generous breasts contained in a black lace bra.

Officer Rizzo stopped flipping through Sylvia's wallet to stare blankly for a moment and then she clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth. "Awww, Trevor. Yes, I know who he is. Triple homicide isn't it?" She turned and smiled at Sylvia, "How long have you known him?"

Annoyance overrode her embarrassment, flipping her long blonde hair over her shoulder she planted her hands on her hips and glared at the officer, "For your information it was manslaughter and two men, not three. Trevor was a victim of circumstance."

Instead of being annoyed with Sylvia's attitude the CO merely smiled as if amused. "That what he told you? None of the men in here are really guilty. The prisons of America are just overrun with innocent men, who are all victims of circumstance."

Sylvia went back to undressing. "No, it's what I learned from reading the newspaper accounts of the case and from reading the transcript of his trial."

"So how long have you known him?" The CO repeated her question, as she tossed Sylvia's belongings back in her handbag.

"Three months."

Officer Rizzo huffed. "How did you meet him? Hasn't he been here for a few years now? Serving out a dime if I recall correctly."

Sylvia could feel the flush rising up her neck and exploding onto her cheeks. "I met him online." Damn, did she ever hate to admit that fact.

Finally naked except for her bra and matching black lace thong, Sylvia felt the need to cross her arms over her chest, as though to protect herself from the ridicule that she was certain was about to begin.

Instead the correction officer's features softened and she sighed. "Spread your arms straight out so I can ensure you don't have any contraband on your person."

Reluctantly, Sylvia did as told, wondering - hoping – that what she was enduring currently would be worth it to finally have some alone time with Trevor and to feel his body against hers. If it came to that, maybe it wouldn't. She felt her anxiety over the situation begin to rise.

Officer Rizzo began to pat down her body. "You're not the only young woman who has come through here after meeting one of these men online and you won't be the last, I guarantee that much." She finished her examination of Sylvia and straightened back up. "You can get dressed now."

"Thank you," Sylvia whispered as she quickly grabbed her clothing from the floor - a faded pair of blue jeans and her black blouse.

"But I'd like to give you some advice, honey."

Pulling on her jeans, Sylvia's bright blue eyes looked up to meet the CO's chocolate ones.

"Men in here have nothing but time honey. They may seem like they're the perfect men: attentive, sincere and appreciative of what you do for them. But here's the thing, once they're back on the street," she paused for a moment and frowned. "Well, let's just say men in here change outside these walls. If you have any fairy tale dreams of him outside of this place, you might want to think again."

Sylvia attempted a weak smile, "Thanks for the heads up."

"Just saying is all. Now let me take you to your man. He'll be anxious to see you, no doubt."

Fastening the last button on her blouse, Sylvia slung her handbag over her shoulder and followed Officer Rizzo out of the room and down a number of drab and dreary corridors. The condescending looks given to her from several of the male guards didn't go unnoticed by her, but still they couldn't lessen the excitement that was building within her at the prospect of seeing him and holding him – and being held by him. With each step she took, her excitement grew.

They came to an exit door, which Officer Rizzo opened and ushered her though. It led to a small courtyard where there were half a dozen small trailers lined up.

"This one over here." The officer stopped halfway between the trailer and where they had exited and pivoted around, a curious look on her face. "I have to ask you one more thing."

Sylvia cocked her head to the side and chewed at her bottom lip. "Alright. What do you want to know?"


"Why?" Sylvia parroted, slightly confused.

"Yes, why get involved with an inmate? You're a beautiful girl... Why not find yourself a good, successful man who isn't in here?"

Sylvia sighed and thrust her hands into her back pockets. "My father was incarcerated. He said it was the loneliest time in his life. After ten years he was finally released on parole and he found that life had moved on without him and he had no one." She shrugged and gave the CO a weak smile, "Trevor was in a similar situation, but now he has me."

Officer Rizzo was quiet for a moment and her features softened slightly. Finally she nodded. "Fair enough. Come on."

Sylvia was led to the first trailer which had two armed guards standing at the entrance.

"This is Miss Sutten, here to see prisoner Lincoln."

Both guards eyed her, but the older and stockier of the two didn't seem shy about scrutinizing her. His blatant leering of her breasts made her feel more than a little uncomfortable.

"He's in there and waiting," the younger guard replied, and then directed his attention to Sylvia. "You've got three hours. Ten minutes before your time is up we yell a warning, which means stop what you’re doing..." the stockier guard’s sniggering interrupted his partner. "Wrap it up and leave the trailer so we can retrieve the prisoner. Understood?"

Sylvia nodded, "Understood."

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