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Conquer the Demon

The Demon Series

Decadent Publishing Company

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 75,000
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Bad boy rock star, Mick Monroe has never had to work for anything, one of the benefits of Satan giving him a phenomenal singing voice. So, when he has a chance encounter with a sexy female officer, Mick is determined to make her his. She, on the other hand, refuses to give in.

Rookie Office, Laci Harris is a single mother with a strong determination to do it all herself. Being scorned by an ex-lover, the father of her son, she’s very jaded when dealing with men. Especially bossy, arrogant men. Despite being a fan of Mick Monroe’s band, she refuses to give in to his advances. Even if he is incredible with her son.

Mick never thought he would fall in love, not just with Laci, but her adorable son as well. But how is he going to explain to them that he’s part demon? When he learns of Satan’s plan to gather souls, using his music, he refuses to give in. But Satan doesn’t take no for an answer and threatens his loved ones. Torn between saving the world and saving his family, Mick puts a plan in motion.

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Mick Monroe, rock god, was voiceless.
He stepped out of the shower, grabbed a towel, wiped it across his face then swung it over his shoulder. He had everything going for him. Tall, blond, with a rocking body women screamed over, blue eyes that melted the pretty ladies’ hearts, and enough money to live how he wanted where he wanted. He had everything. Except his goddamn voice. Pretty hard to belt out his famous rocking tunes without one. Time to remedy the issue.
He sent out a rare mental call. Rarer still he called with demands. One didn’t make demands of Satan with impunity.
You called?
“Yes, I did. In case you can’t hear, my voice is messed up. I can’t sing.”
And you expect me to fix it for you?
“Well, I can’t sing my heart out if my voice is all messed up. Do what you do best. Make me better.”
The dark shadow loomed behind Mick, towering over him, the image blackening his mirror.
You need to take better care of yourself, my child.
“Yeah, yeah. What can I say? The fans love me and expect to see me, often. No time left to relax.”
You need a break. Take one now.
“I what? No way I’m taking a break! I have a concert here in Detroit in two days. I can’t let them down.”
Mick didn’t cringe when the cloud spun on him, the darkness washing over him like a cold, dry mist.
You will do as I tell you.
“Or what?”