Cowboy Combo (MFM)

Painted Hearts Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 16,941
1 Ratings (4.0)

Sam and Shane are twin brothers who own The Smoking “S” Ranch. When they hire a personal chef they expect “Aunt Bea” from Mayberry, but what they get is petite and sassy Piper. She takes one look at the hot duo and knows she wants them in her bed. The brothers know a good thing when they see and taste it and no way are they letting her out of their lives or their bed.

But the brothers have a secret and trouble soon looms. Can this spunky little girl save the day and keep her new found loves?

Cowboy Combo (MFM)
1 Ratings (4.0)

Cowboy Combo (MFM)

Painted Hearts Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 16,941
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Good book.

Piper spread her cards out. “I just have these three sevens.” Shane started laughing, as Sam pulled his shirt off with a yank and tossed it across the room with a grumble.

“You mean I won?” she asked, a big, innocent grin on her face.

Shane slid the deck across the table at her. “Your deal.” The game continued much the same way, before long Shane sat completely naked, and both she and Sam only wore their underwear.

“Last hand, let’s see what you have princess.”

Piper laid her cards down. “Full house, Queens high.” A low appreciative whistle sounded from Shane.

Sam pitched his cards on the table as he stood and tugged his boxers off. “You’re a little card shark! Admit it, you have played before.”

Piper laughed. “Okay I admit it. I use to play poker with my granddad, of course we played for penny candy.”

“I knew it!” grumbled Sam, who really hated to lose, but on the other hand getting to stare across the table at Piper’s pert, little tits had been a win-win for him and Shane.

“Name your price darlin’, what’s it going to be?” Shane asked.

Piper tried to concentrate, but the sight of both brothers completely naked and sitting across from her was a little unnerving. “My price?” she asked. “For the most part you won fair and square, so name your reward.” Sam grinned.

Piper’s teeth worried her lower lip again. Dare she be bold enough to ask for what she desired? For that thing that had kept her up nights wanting? A threesome was something she had thought about a lot lately, but would the brothers agree to such an audacious request?

“What’s it going to be, princess?” asked Sam, his voice dropping low and sexy.

“I want, I mean, I guess…if it’s okay with the both of you…” she struggled to find the right words. “A ménage a trois.” She just blurted the words out. The words seemed to hang in the air forever, not quite sure where to fall. The men had very different reactions.

Sam threw his head back and laughed, “Our little Piper never fails to surprise me.”

Shane studied her face intently, his blue eyes measuring. “Do you know what those words mean darlin’?” he asked ever so quietly.

Piper nodded. “Of course Shane, I’m not a child.”

He and Sam exchanged a look. “No, you are for sure not a child,” he said, before both brothers stood from the table and walked toward her. For the first time Piper noted they were already hard, their engorged cocks throbbing with need. Good lord what had she just gotten herself in to?

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