Crosspoint in Time

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: No rating
Word Count: 17,412
1 Ratings (3.0)

Massive, it dwarfed the Daehawk. It appeared to be built along the lines of a spider with far too many legs. But the most terrifying thing about it was the color. It was black, but if you watched one spot, it seemed to shift and shimmer as though it was trying to pull you in. Add to that the fact that as you watched it, you seemed to hear a scream in your mind that tried to freeze the marrow in your bones. No, a few seconds of observation and you knew this was not something you were going to reason with. Its goal was your death, plain and simple.

Even before he could break out of his trance-like state, the thing fired.

Crosspoint in Time
1 Ratings (3.0)

Crosspoint in Time

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: No rating
Word Count: 17,412
1 Ratings (3.0)
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Cover Art by Martine Jardin

Sheridan took over the role of command despite what appeared to be worse injuries than Ivanova’s. “Well, Captain Alexander, I don’t know who you are or where you hail from but on behalf of Babylon five, thank you very much.”

Alexander was more interested in making sure everyone lived through this. “Time enough for that later. You both look like you need medical attention. Can we beam you aboard, or do you have your own facilities?”

Ivanova started to say something but Sheridan cut her off. “To tell the truth, we don’t know. comm system is down and Med-lab is cut off.”

“Understood.” Turning to his crew, he said, “Beam them straight to Sick-bay. I’ll meet them there. And keep me posted on those damn…” he realized he had no name to call the ships that had attacked him.

“Shadows.” Sheridan chimed in.

Alexander thought for a moment. The name fit. He nodded. “Two to beam up. Energize.”

As Sheridan and Ivanova watched, all the while wondering what this beaming was, the room suddenly began to shimmer and grow dark. Filled almost instantly with a feeling of panic, they wondered if their rescue had just been a dream, a delusion created by their minds to shield them from the knowledge that their lives were over. But almost as quickly the shimmering faded, leaving them not on the familiar if devastated C and C of Babylon five, but in a whole different place in another room. And as they would learn, on another ship.

“Easy, now,” they heard a voice say as strong hands buoyed them up. “We’ll get you in this bed and have you fit as a fiddle in no time.”

Both Sheridan and Ivanova were more than a little afraid, although neither was about to let it show. Just then, Captain Alexander walked in.

A little taller than Susan, he was powerfully built, evidenced by the way he took over from the slight medic who was trying, not too successfully, to wrestle Sheridan onto the bed.

“I’m Captain Alexander. This is my Chief medical technician Doctor Davis and his staff whose names, if they will forgive me, escape me at the moment.”

That brought smiles and muffled laughter from all. True, he could not recall their names, but he knew what each one’s strengths and weaknesses were. He continued.

“And you are guests on Federation Star Ship Daehawk.”

Sheridan looked at Ivanova, while she looked at him, both equally perplexed. Finally Sheridan said to her, “Seems you’ve outdone yourself this time, commander.”

Another round of laughter.

“After Doc does his thing, we need to talk. We…”

Sheridan cut him off. “Captain, I don’t want to seem ungracious, but we have over a hundred thousand beings still on that station. If the Shadows return…”

Alexander held up his hand. “From the first encounter they had with us, I don’t see them spoiling for a re-match. Besides, my crew is scanning for them. We couldn’t seem to get through their hulls, but we can pick them up.”

Sheridan was not deterred. “Even in Hyper-space?”

Now it was Alexander’s turn to look confused. “What is…Hyper-space?”

“That is how we travel faster than light. The Shadows can…”

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