Damien's Past Mates (MMM)

Capulet 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,025
16 Ratings (4.3)
[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M/M, time travel, shape-shifters, sex in partially shifted form, HEA]
Damien thought he was crazy when he went to sleep in 2015 and awoke in 1915.  As if that wasn't enough, Damien has to grasp he is surrounded by wolf shifters and two of them are his mates.  Not knowing, if they follow through, everyone could die.
Alpha Asher, of East Capulet, has known that Alpha Asa, from West Capulet is his mate he could never have. Their packs have been at war for over 100 years.  Banished to this realm, as a result of their war, or so they thought.
When Damien has a meltdown, Asher calls Asa in to help him. They cannot resist the mating pull any longer and the three become one. A Magic spell takes effect  they did not know was written in the ancient logs the Elders hold and refuse to hand over.
Can the mates get what they need to save everyone or will they die trying to find out the secret?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Damien's Past Mates (MMM)
16 Ratings (4.3)

Damien's Past Mates (MMM)

Capulet 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,025
16 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
This is another awesome book by Cree Storm. I couldn’t put the book down until I found out if Damien got his happy ending. Damien founds out that his boyfriend is cheating on him, he takes off and drives until his car breaks down. Love the how Damien went from 2015 to 1915. When he meets Asher he feels instant lust for him, when he finds out that he is a wolf shifter, things change. Damien does not believe it that he finds the one that is supposed to be his mate and Asher wants him to share with another. Love the twist of Asher, Asa and Damien relationship.
Since the wolf packs have been banished by the council, Asher and Asa have not been able to complete their mating since they are Alphas of the fighting packs.
Will they be able to work together and find a way to save the packs and stop the war and banishment?

Highly recommend this book, you will really enjoy it

virginia lee
This is the first book I have read from this author. I enjoyed this book so much I immediately purchased the second one. The story line is different and unique. I felt so bad for the characters and wanted so much for things to work out. On to the next story , by the way I truly recommend this book.




Damien didn't know whether to strut with pride or hide with embarrassment as Pete and the others said their congratulations to the mating.

Damien wasn't ashamed of his mating, it was just embarrassing to have others know how they needed to make that happen.

Laughing, Javan teased, "So Damien, was it as good for you as it seemed to be for them?"

Damien bumped shoulders with Javan as he turned bright red and said, "Maybe more so."

Throwing his head back, Javan laughed loud enough to draw the others attention.

"So did you get the logs that I sent you for?" Asher asked as he sat at the table.

The amusement died from the men's eyes and Pete regarded Asher with a gravity that was not present a moment before.

Damien watched as Asher's features changed and his demeanor changed to guarded as he asked once again, "Did you get the logs I requested?"

 Sighing heavily, Pete said, "No, Alpha. There was a problem."

Asher's tone became chilly. "I remember saying that you were to get those logs no matter what. All of you, sit and tell me what happened."

Damien cringed as he heard the creaking of the antique wood, as the men all sat around the beautiful antique Gustav table. It was as if they had no regard for history and its preservation.

"Baby, are you all right?" Asher asked with concern.

Damien's eyes quickly went to his mate's as he answered, "Yes, Asher. I'm doing fine, it's just that I wish you guys wouldn't be so rough with such beautiful pieces." He indicated the table.

All the men looked around in confusion and then Damien understood. These men had no idea what he was talking about because this type of furniture was the norm for them where as for him, it was an ageless, priceless piece.

Shaking his head, sighing heavily, and sitting in the chair between Asher and Asa, Damien said, "Never mind. It's fine."

Asher looked at Damien for a moment longer and then turned his attention back to Pete. "We knew before you went that there would be a problem. So what happened?"

Pete gave an uneasy look to Omar and Damien sat there completely baffled as to what was going on around him.

Asa looked at Omar as he stretched his arm on the back of the chair and drew Damien closer. "Omar?"

Damien looked at Omar and then at Pete. He could tell, that by the way the two men were looking at each other, something big had happened and neither men were all that anxious to talk about it. However, Asher was not about to let it go.

Slamming his hand on the table, Asher snapped, "I want a report, Beta, and I want it now!"

Pete sat up and nervously fidgeted as he said, Yes, Alpha. It's just..."

Asher's lip curled in a snarl. "It is nothing! Now speak!"

"When we arrived, there was a meeting being held," Pete said hesitantly.

Asher's confusion was clear to Damien by his look and the way he quickly stiffened then said, "There was no meeting scheduled for today."

Pete had his face down, but he lifted his eyes cautiously toward Asher as he said, "Yes, Alpha, I am aware of that. So Omar and I went closer as Javan and Lucas watched the perimeter of the house for who might be entering and exiting in case we missed them."

Asher sighed, clasped his hands together, and stared at Pete, indicating he was losing patience.

"They were talking about you, Alpha. They are planning to take your position," Pete quickly said.

Asher's eyebrow raised. "Take my position?"

Nodding, Pete didn't hesitate. It was as if once the man started, he couldn't stop. "Alpha, they are saying you are getting restless and demanding answers, such as your father did. Elder Jamison said that they couldn't afford for you to find out and that they may have to take care of you like they did your father."

Asher's back went ramrod-straight as he gasped, "My father? What the hell are they talking about?"

Shaking his head, Pete said, "I don't know, Alpha. However that isn't all."

Damien rubbed Asher's leg when his mate began to have a low growl vibrating throughout the room.

Omar looked at Asa and a grave look came across his face as he said, "Elder Cadbury and Carlson were there as well."

Pete anxiously looked at Asher and said, "As were Elder Roy and Lee and like I said, Elder Jamison."

Asher and Asa looked at each other curiously. Damien didn't understand why they seemed so confused. It was clear as hell to him.

"I just don't get it. Why would they want to challenge my Alpha status and how could they? I'm stronger than all the other wolves in my pack," Asher said to no one in particular.

Omar shook his head and then looked at Asa. "They want you gone as well, Alpha."

Asa's eyes went huge. "What the hell?"

Damien shook his head as he said, "You two may be strong, but I think you might be lacking common sense."

"Hey!" Asa gasped.

"Bullshit!" Asher growled.

Damien laughed softly as he lightly kissed first one disgruntled mate and then the other. Pulling back, he gave a sad smile. "I'm not trying to be disrespectful, but what is happening is perfectly clear."

When both Asa and Asher looked at Damien, confused, he said, "They are the reason that you all are in this world you live in."

Shaking his head, Asher said, "Baby, we told you what happened."

Shrugging, Damien said, "I don't care what you've been told. Whoever started that story lied. Otherwise, these elders wouldn't be keeping the logs and talking about dethroning you both."




Everyone stopped moving as Asa tried to catch his breath and get his twitching, needy cock under control. He leaned his forehead on Damien's chest and took deep in-and-out breaths as Damien gently ran his fingers through his hair.

Overwhelmed by all the emotion of how special this moment was overtook Asa and he felt tears forming in his eyes.

Asher felt his mate’s distress and kissed Asa's shoulder gently. "Shhhh, baby. It's going to be all right. Shhhh."

Sniffling and not willing to show Damien and Asher weakness in his reaction, Asa refused to lift his head as he mumbled in Damien's chest, "I feel...It's all so much. I don't want to mess this up."

Damien took Asa's hair in a firm grasp and raised his head until their eyes met. The look of adoration about took Asa's breath away and then Damien's next words almost had him blubbering like an idiot. "Asa, there is no way to mess this up. No matter if you come in my ass now or in a half hour, by the time we are done, we will be one. That is the important part here...Us being one."

Asher kissed down Asa's spine as he softly said, "Just take your time, Asa. I understand the feeling. You and I have waited so long to be together and now it is finally happening. To top it off, fate decided that we deserved such a wonderful man as our Damien to share our lives with, and the need to rush is there, as well as the want to make it last."

Asa couldn't speak, only nod at what his mates were saying.

Damien pulled Asa forward and bent as far as he could to place a soft kiss on his lips, whispering, "It's okay."

Taking in a deep breath, Asa lifted up and pushed until his balls hit Damien's ass.

Damien arched and moaned his enjoyment and feel of his mate.

Asher grasped Asa's hips and pushed in a bit and then pulled out a bit more then pushed in once again as he huffed and moaned his own personal bliss. Arching his head back as he pulled almost all the way out and then pushed in even harder, causing Asa to push that much further into Damien.

Asa didn't know what was better, the feeling of Damien wrapped around his cock or the feeling of Asher pushing into his own ass.

"Oh damn, you are so tight." Asher growled.

"Uh..." was all Asa could say.

As Asa pushed into Damien, he could feel Asher pulling out of his hole, just as when he pulled out of Damien he felt Asher pushing in.

The rhythm and synchronicity of the three men was truly a beautiful thing. It was beautiful to feel and be a part of.

Damien's hand began to stroke his own cock faster. His hips were lifting as if to capture Asa's shaft and not let it go. Asher's hips began to move faster and harder as he kept repeating, "More…I need more."

Asa threw his head back in complete abandonment at the feeling of both of his men. Pushing higher with his hands allowed him to go even deeper into Damien's wonderfully tight channel, as well as give Asher a better angle to pound into his own ass.

Feeling his balls drawing up, Asa began to chant, "I'm gonna…I'm gonna come! Damien, Asher, please!"

"Do it!" Asher ordered.

Asa felt Asher pull him back to where he was practically sitting with his back to Asher's chest as Asa pulled Damien so that they were chest to chest.

His eyes turned monochrome as his canines dropped and he struck between the neck and shoulder of Damien, feeling Asa strike him in the same location on his own neck.

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