Dangereux Liaisons An Action! Series Book 39

The G.A. Hauser Collection, LLC

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 67,434
0 Ratings (0.0)

In this edition of the Action! Series, we have a new arrival. Mark Antonious Richfield and Stan Charles Richfield’s son, Isaac Milton Richfield, or ‘Zak’ as they call him, decided to enter their world two weeks earlier than anticipated. While Alexander Mark Richfield, Mark’s twenty-nine year old superstar son, was away shooting a pirate film in the Bahamas, Alex’s LAPD SWAT Lieutenant husband, and a man twenty years older than Alex, Billy Sharpe, once more battles foes in the streets of Los Angeles, much to everyone’s terror.

As the models for Dangereux cologne prove too hot to handle, more chaos ensues for the men; especially for Mark. Having made another err in judgment, Mark Antonious is once more in a tailspin as his own Dangereux liaison with his old flame, drives him crazy with guilt.

Don’t miss the next book in the series, and the mad adventures of the men from LA you have grown to adore.

Dangereux Liaisons An Action! Series Book 39
0 Ratings (0.0)

Dangereux Liaisons An Action! Series Book 39

The G.A. Hauser Collection, LLC

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 67,434
0 Ratings (0.0)
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The noise of joy and laughter surrounded Mark Antonious Richfield. But…
Mark didn’t hear it.
He was lost in his head.

‘Miss Tice! Are you seducing me?’
Snapping out of his daydream, Mark turned to look at Steve. The open-planned home of his son, Alexander Mark Richfield and Lt Billy Sharpe, his husband, was crowded with family and friends. A celebration. Mark’s newborn son, Isaac Milton Richfield or ‘Zak’, had his bris and christening at the same time.
“Tired?” His ex-husband and business partner, Steven Jay Miller entered the bedroom Mark was hiding in.
“I just need a moment.” Mark touched a mobile that hung over the portable crib.
“We’ll head back to Paradise tomorrow.” Steve caressed Mark’s shoulder.
“Yes.” Mark was sick of Los Angeles, sick of coming back here, sick of sleeping in guest beds.
Steve gave him a soft smile and left the room, leaving the door partway open.

‘Do you mind if I suck your dick, Mr. Richfield?’
‘Will it get me the account?’
‘Nothing. If you insist, Ms. Tice.’
‘Ohmygod, you’re enormous.’
‘Is that why you’re doing this?’
‘Nothing. Get on with it before someone calls for an elevator repairman.’
‘I will.’

At that memory, one that was nearly a decade old, Mark rubbed his face in exhaustion. He sat on the bed that he and his new husband, Stan Charles Richfield, were sharing at the moment…in the house his son Alex lived in…Mark picked up his childhood teddy bear, Praline, which for some odd reason, Steve had packed, and taken with him. Mark held Praline on his lap and stared into space.
Stan cradled his newborn son and searched for Mark in the crowded living room. His parents; Ali and Michael Bergman, his sister Leslie, and two of her law school friends, Maxine and Manuela, had flown from New York to Los Angeles, for both a funeral and a bris.
Isaac, or ‘Zak’ as Stan called him, began to fuss and cry from his ordeal. “I need to put him down for a nap. He’s really uncomfortable and tired.”
The fabulous Swedish, blond, runway model, Tadzio Andresen-Miller, Steve’s new husband, caressed Zak’s head gently. “Iz too much for baby. Yes, he need to sleep.”
Stan carried his little one to the guestroom he and Mark were sharing. When he spotted Mark alone, sitting on the bed holding his teddy bear, Stan became curious. He placed Zak in his portable crib and spun the mobile. Zak whimpered and made sad noises as Stan rubbed his belly, trying to get Zak to sleep.
He glanced behind him at Mark. “Is the noise too much for you?”
“Hmm?” Mark looked very tired.
“Are you okay?” Stan continued to caress Zak, as Zak dozed off.
“Yes.” Mark set the bear in the crib, in the corner above Zak’s head. “Praline will watch over him.”
Stan smiled. “That’s nice.” He drew Mark against him with his free arm. “So, tomorrow morning, we’re driving north?”
“Yes. The earlier the better.” Mark gazed down at his new son.
“Mom and Dad are flying out early too. So, that works fine.”
“Susan may come with us.” Mark held onto Stan as Zak fell to sleep under Stan’s gentle caresses.
“Okay.” Stan left Zak alone and hugged Mark. “Soon we’ll be home.”
“Yes. Soon.” Mark rocked in Stan’s embrace.

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