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Dania's Destiny (MMF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 42,153
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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, spanking, HEA]

Dania Bloom is in the arms of the men of her dreams. She has her very own burly police officer and sexy lawyer! Can life get any better? Dania also has a dark past she would rather not remember. A past so disturbing, that she took to the streets to get the hell away from it.

Tank Kiln and Link Dupone will do anything for their Dania. Love her, protect her, and dominate her. Dania’s past comes to light, and Link and Tank will do whatever it takes to make sure she is safe, even if it means leaving her in the hands of another man out of harm’s way. But before that, their mischievous little woman is in dire need of a good spanking for keeping secrets. Bad, bad girl will learn not to keep secrets.

All hell breaks loose! Link’s wounded, Tank’s in killer cop mode, and Dania is missing! Has Dania’s past come to haunt them, tear them apart, and separate them forever?

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
Really, really good. Very emotional and I really liked the arc over time and the slow build. Definitely looking forward to reading. More from this author.

- SoCalReader

Loved it, the story flowed from start to finish. Dania's story is very sad but she finds love and acceptance from Tank & Link. Highly recommend.

- LynnieP





Dania hugged herself around Link as he lifted her up and took her away. The image of the bloody mess on her bed first and foremost in her brain. She could hear Tank’s heavy footsteps as he scoured her room, his thick voice as he talked calmly on the phone, details being quoted, blood, dead cat, open window, no force of entry, no fatalities. Her body shuddered at the image of what caused all the blood in her room. Her room that she had just minutes before been peacefully sleeping in. A sob wracked her body and Link’s grip tightened around her, his warm breath filling her with a familiar scent and safety she needed, his soothing voice comforting her.

Tank stood in the doorway waiting for his fellow coworkers to show up. He stared at the carcass splayed out in the middle of her bed. Blood splattered over her sheets. He looked at the wall above her bed. “We’re coming for you, my pet.” He clenched his fist. How the fuck! That was a clear enough message, and the fucker even put a fucking happy face at the end!

He and Hill had found out who her parents were. With the amount of DNA she had in this house it was easy. The fucking scumbag she had been being trained for was some high-up political man over in Aruba. Her parents had hit a bad patch twenty-five years ago and miraculously came out of the shithole they had managed to bury themselves in. There was a date of birth on Dania as well as a death certificate. The thought of a death certificate angered him beyond any anger he had felt. What sick fuck would do this to another soul! To one that was your own!

He growled. He would never understand the human mind and the sick tendencies some had. He ground his teeth. They were going to sit down with her tomorrow and let her know. Fuck! That plan seemed a little botched now. How the hell were they supposed to deal with all this shit?

Link hugged Dania close, rubbing her back, his hand holding her hair and holding her in the croak of his neck. She had curled up into a ball on him as soon as he settled on the couch and sobbed against his neck. He glanced across the room at Tank who fixed up a tea for her.

“We’ll find prints somewhere, Dania. This guy couldn’t have been perfect, they never are, especially if he was in a rush. You said you were only out long enough to walk down the hall then to our room?”

Dania hiccupped, nodding. “I heard something… I thought it was you and Link. But it was so soft.” She looked at Link, shaking her head. “Maybe it was that stupid cat.” She gagged.

Oh, fuck the cat, how many times she had cursed that cat and now it was dead and used to scare her. Hot tears rolled down her cheeks, a sob escaped her and she buried her face back against Link’s neck, her grip tightening even more around him.

Link hugged her close, rubbing her back and shushing her.

Tank brought over a bucket and placed it next to Link. Poor thing had puked three times now. Cried and whimpered and shook in fear. “I have men doing rounds, Dania. Nothing’s gonna get you. Tonight you stay with me and Link. Shit, you stay with us till you’re ready,” he declared. No way in hell was he letting her out of his sight. Not till he had this mess cleaned up and the culprit found!

Dania sobbed, hugging Link close. “I hated that cat always friggen scared me… I cursed that cat so many times.” She cried, guilt filling her. Maybe if she had been nicer to the cat it would be alive.

Tank placed a hand on her back. “Not your fault the cat’s dead, Dania. Someone knew that cat bothered you. They were trying to scare you,” he assured her.

Dania shook her head. “No one ever gets close enough to the house to hear me hiss at the thing!” she argued. She should never have hissed at it.

Tank inhaled a breath. He hated this part, the denial, the anger, the torment. He knew how to work with it when it came to others. He put on the fake “I care and I can relate” shit. He was good at tuning out how much anguish tore through a person’s face but this was Dania.

He couldn’t be that fake person with Dania. His Tiny who had been threatened and in his fucking house! Shit, while he and Link lay just doors down from her and slept through it all. Fuck, what if she hadn’t of heard what she heard? What if she had of stayed in bed? Would she still be alive? Would she still be here?

He picked her out of Link’s arms and hugged her close. “Fuck,” he grumbled.

Link grabbed the back of his head and pressed his forehead to Tank’s. “You will not lose focus, Tank. This is our Dania these assholes dared threaten. We need you at the top of your game,” he ordered. He could see the hurt filling Tank’s eyes. How easy it would be to just fall into the emotion and want to sit and hold her and hope it all blew over. Both he and Tank knew that wasn’t the reality. They both needed to be strong right now. Not just for them, for Dania.

Tank nodded. “I know.”

Dania hugged Tank around the middle and clasped Link’s hand at the back of Tank’s neck. This was her safe place here between these two men who had taken her in no questions asked and assured her she could do anything with her life.




The place was a hum of activity. Dania stared in awe at the latex-clad women and the normal population blending in and out of the crowds. She looked at Link. All dressed in black. It was the twelfth time she had seen him don the black biker boots that he had placed at the back of the boot closet. She looked over Tank. He, too, wore all black.

Not that that was odd, she had seen him wear all black but here among these people. Especially the men who had pretty little scantily clad women kneeling or standing demurely behind them or by their sides or in some cases some evening knelt at the man’s feet. Those men were all dressed in black.

She nudged Tank. “Should I be kneeling between the two of you? Is there some weird ass code of conduct here?” she teased. Although on the inside she was trembling with panic. What if she did have to kneel at their feet? Would she be able to do that and still look up and admire them from down there?

Her gaze dropped on one woman whose head was bent and she not once looked up at the man who so contently stared down at her a loving smile spread across his face. Shit, his eyes looked like they were glowing with pride looking down at his lady.

Tank smirked, taking a peek at Link.

Link cupped a hand around the back of Dania’s neck. “Feel free, but if you’re going to do that you will be calling us Sir or Master when you do so. Oh and a heads up, we can do whatever it is we like to you or with you.”

Dania giggled, shaking off her earlier thoughts, as if any of her crazy thoughts would happen or her calling them Master. She looked at him and the giggle escaping her turned into a croak of shock. He was totally serious.

Link caressed her cheek. “Of course we would establish a safe word and I’m sure Tank and I both know you well enough not to push you too far.”

Dania shook her head. “No thank you,” she squeaked.

Tank chuckled, draping an arm over her shoulder and pulling her close. “Just looking tonight, Tiny,” he reassured.

Link smiled catching sight of an old friend. “Hey, Tank, George is here.” He waved and the slim tall man waved back.

Tank pulled Dania along, following Link through the crowd.

“Shit, George, good to see you,” Link greeted, hugging the man close.

Dania stared in fascination at the pretty, plump little redhead at his feet. Her head bowed, a thick black collar around her neck attached to a long chain that led to George’s hand.

“Hands off, Tiny, she’s claimed,” Tank teased.

Dania looked up at him, eyes wide and full of that curiosity he loved seeing there. Link grinned, introducing Dania to the couple. George actually let the woman up. Dania learned her name was Paula and his wife of ten years.

George escorted them around and filled Dania in on what was what. He stopped in front of a flogging station and talked nonsense, eyes on her as she became lost in the man flogging the woman in the middle of the roped off area.

Paula giggled, leaning close to Dania. “At least close your mouth. You’re going to start salivating, dear, and if I recall, neither Tank nor Link are into the drooling.”

Dania tore her eyes away from the couple and stared at the redhead. “Shit, that’s amazing,” she whispered, eyes darting back to the scene in front of her. The woman was bent over and her thong was wedged neatly up the crack of her ass and shit if her inner thighs weren’t glistening.

She looked at Link and Tank and both men were watching her. “Are they allowed to do that here? Like I could almost see parts I shouldn’t!” she gushed.

Link smiled and Tank laughed, hugging her close. His big arms engulfed her tiny form. “Shit you’re so cute, Tiny. Yes, I dare you to go up next,” he dared.

Dania’s eyes went wide. “I’m not doing that! Shit, I don’t want my thong showed off to everyone!”

Paula giggled at the girl’s admittance to her underwear.

Dania looked at the couple. The woman was panting and moaning heavily now. She sunk into Tank’s, embrace mesmerised by the way the man flipped the flogger and how it curled around the woman’s creamy thighs. She shivered.

Tank took hold of Link’s hand and clasped it close. Dania’s hand curled around his forearm and hugged him closer.

George grinned at the threesome. He pulled his wife close. “Need to pull some little red bird magic, my beautiful wife.”

Paula smirked, damn right she needed to. Of course she would give Tank and Link their chance, but if they didn’t jump she would get things rolling.

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