Dead and Hating It (MM)

Ghostly Investigations 3


Heat Rating: Sweet
Word Count: 26,411
0 Ratings (0.0)

Sequel to Searching for My Killer

Kurt Foster is a ghost, killed by the man he loved, unable to move on until he can prove he was murdered. But how can he do that?

Detective Mike Harris and Sage Crewe, Mike's lover and a medium who talks to ghosts, both knew Kurt. When his death is deemed a suicide, they don't believe it. With the help of ghosts Brody and Jon, they go to Kurt's apartment, looking for anything to prove he might have been murdered. Kurt is there and he tells them what happened.

Will Mike and Sage, with the help of Brody, Jon, and a third ghost named Tonio, be able to come up with the evidence to back Kurt's claim? While they try, will Tonio finally accept it's time for him to move on, or will helping Kurt make him realize there's more to life -- and death -- than losing the man he once loved?

Dead and Hating It (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Dead and Hating It (MM)

Ghostly Investigations 3


Heat Rating: Sweet
Word Count: 26,411
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Written Ink Designs

"How do we get into his place," Sage asked as he and Mike drove to Kurt's apartment building Tuesday morning.

Mike grinned. "We could call Brody and have him go in and unlock the door."

Sage took him seriously, saying, "Do it. It'll save you hassling with the manager. Even though you are a cop he might be reluctant to let you in without a warrant."

"True." Mike took out his phone and texted Brody -- the only way they could communicate one-on-one since Mike couldn't hear him talking if he called. They had used that method while searching for Tonio's killer, and Mike decided Brody should hang onto the phone once the case was closed. He was even willing to pay for a cheap phone plan for it because as he'd said at the time, "Sure as hell you can't get one in your name."

'We need your help, if you're willing,' Mike texted.

Brody responded seconds later. 'Where?'

Mike sent the address and a couple of minutes later Sage let him know Brody and Jon had arrived. Then he explained to Brody what they needed.

Brody nodded, went through the door into the lobby, and opened it to let Mike and Sage in. Then the quartet went up to the fourth floor, where he did the same with Kurt's apartment.

"Is he here?" Mike asked.

"Nope," Sage, Brody, and Jon said in unison, although Mike only heard Sage who added, "Not in the living room, anyway."

"Damn. Okay, let's see if we can find any information on this George guy. I'll take the bedroom, the rest of you search the other rooms."

It was a good ten minutes later, and Mike was beginning to wonder if George actually existed or if Kurt had said so because he wanted Mike to think he had someone in his life who cared. He closed the bottom drawer of the dresser and stood, arms akimbo, shaking his head. "This is an exercise in futility," he muttered.

"Maybe," Sage replied from the doorway, "but you might want to ask him." He was looking at the bed.

"He's here?" Mike said, at the same time that Kurt said, "You can see me?"

"I can," Sage replied to Kurt's question. "I'm presuming you're Kurt."

"Yes," Kurt replied, staring at him. "But how? I mean…"

Sage smiled. "I'm a medium. I can see and talk to ghosts."

"He's telling the truth," Brody said, coming into the room with Jon right behind him. "Interesting outfit you're wearing, or not wearing, Kurt."

Kurt quickly put his hands over his groin, even as his eyes widened in shock. "You ... You're a ghost, too, and so is he." He looked at Jon.

Brody laughed. "What was your first clue? The fact you can see through us? Well, the parts that aren't clothed now," he said before he went fully solid, as did Jon, adding, "I figured you'd be more likely to believe us if you could."

When Mike asked, Sage explained what was happening. Kurt looked at him then said, "He must be alive, but not like you, sir, if you have to tell him what we're saying."

"He is. And Kurt, I'm not 'sir', I'm Sage. He's Mike, that's Brody, and he's Jon." He pointed to each one as he introduced them.

"Why are you here?" Kurt asked.

"Mike's a police detective, although you already knew that, because of the photo essay you did. He didn't believe the story that your death was an accident."

"And for sure I didn’t think you killed yourself," Mike added, knowing why Sage was telling him that.

"You better believe I didn't. I was murdered." Kurt shuddered.

"He says he was murdered, Mike," Sage said.

"Who did it, Kurt?" Mike asked.

"My boyfriend," Kurt replied. He stared down at the floor for a long moment. "I thought he loved me."

Sage gave him a compassionate look, asking, "What's his name?"

"George Neville. He's a salesman." Kurt grimaced. "He sure sold me a bill of goods, damn him!"

Sage relayed what Kurt was saying.

"Okay," Mike said, leaning against the dresser as he took a pad of paper and a pen from his shirt pocket. "What's his address, where does he work, and what happened, exactly."

Kurt gave him the information he asked for, with Sage passing it along. Then he told them about the night he died. "Right before he pushed me under the water, he said, 'I'm sorry I have to do this, but it's time for me to move on and try again.'"

Naturally, Sage repeated everything Kurt was saying, including his next words, "He's not at his apartment. It looks like he's moved out. Well, his personal stuff. Everything else is still there."

"So he's already on the run," Mike replied.

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