Deal with the Deviled Eggs (MM)

Yolks on You 3


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 61,524
0 Ratings (0.0)

After a chaos-filled summer, Kiko and Dom are ready to ease into a more laidback autumn and really put in some quality time together. Allowing Dom's ex roommate to crash with them, however, turns out to be a mistake when the guy won't leave.

Dom struggles to cope as Travis dredges up things from his past he'd rather not remember and slowly casts doubts on his relationship with Kiko. Just when the tension seems to be too much, a murder after a Halloween party reignites the spark between Kiko and Dom.

But when the body count begins to rise, it becomes clear that this is no ordinary killer. With few leads and no end to places the murderer could strike, this could either be a Halloween for Kiko and Dom to remember, or their very last.

Deal with the Deviled Eggs (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Deal with the Deviled Eggs (MM)

Yolks on You 3


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 61,524
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Written Ink Designs

Kiko woke when Dom slid into bed and kissed the back of his neck. At first all he felt was peace and happiness; he snuggled back against Dom's bare chest, relishing the contact, and felt a warm arm snake around him. Then he remembered the stress of the past few weeks, the situation earlier with the eggs, and rolled over in Dom's arms.

"Didn't think you'd wake up," said Dom.

"You mean you were hoping I wouldn't," said Kiko, but he leaned in to kiss Dom on the lips. Dom hadn't shaved since Wednesday at least, and the dark scruff Kiko liked was growing in.

"I was hoping work would've put you in a good mood."

Kiko smiled at that. It was easier to find it funny now that it was over.

"Not tonight. Tonight we had an irate mother who thought I was using candies to poison or mutilate her children and a goose to spread disease. Martha Bobo showed up with her guns."

"She has guns? I thought she had bison."

"She has both, but she only brought the guns."

Having Dom here in the bed with him put Kiko in a better mood. He'd had a couple hours of sleep and could certainly see where things would go if he touched Dom on the ass. So he slid his hand under Dom's boxers.

"I hope Buddy knows what he's getting into," said Dom, leaning into Kiko's touch. Buddy Miller, the owner of the Mount Angus Brewing Company, had started seeing Martha after she had gifted him a bison. "I really thought we were going to fight."

"We might still," said Kiko, rolling Dom onto his back and straddling him. He lowered his face to where Dom's neck met shoulder, smelling beer and cold October air on him, and kissed the spot tenderly. Dom clutched at his back, pulling him in as he continued to kiss, making his way slowly up Dom's neck. Their cocks pressed together through their clothes, hard and growing harder.

A noise downstairs in the kitchen made Kiko arch up, freeze. A cupboard, a glass. Dom tried to tug him back down.

"It's just Travis," he said. "Kiko ..."

Kiko let Dom pull him back down to his throat. One of Dom's hands found his ass and dug in; Kiko began to hump him, gently, not wanting to go beyond further arousal.

"He'd better not be destroying my kitchen," said Kiko, punctuating by nipping Dom's ear. "Or else."

"Fuck, can all our arguments be like this?"

Dom was grinding up on Kiko now, both hands clutching his ass.

"Me listing my demands as I get you off? I'll consider it," said Kiko. Right now he was considering how likely it was that Travis was drunk enough to not notice if they had a bit of rough sex. They had been stifling themselves, being quiet and quick, lately, but Kiko craved more.

Dom groaned.

"I don't care how sore I'll be tomorrow, I wish you'd fuck me until I --"

Muffled laughter echoed down the hall from the guest bedroom, two voices unmistakable. Kiko froze again and felt Dom stiffen beneath him. A crash followed the laughter, a whoop, and Kiko grimaced.

"Shit," said Dom. Kiko glared down at him.

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