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Debra Ann Fisk grew up in a small town in New Jersey which serves as the foundation for her Cozy Cove Series. She has worked in the hospitality and construction industry in sales and marketing where she has been published in multiple business and trade magazines. But what she loves the most is writing about romance.

She says writing her Cozy Cove series has been like writing about the town where grew up in. In fact, it is much like the town she lives in now—where the community is full of caring, loving, nosy, quirky people, who offer an endless supply of story ideas.

She resides in Florida and is happily married to a very “hot doc,” has an amazing son, and is the mother to four of wonderful fur babies.

When she’s not writing, she can be found painting, cooking, reading some of her favorite authors, or spending time with her husband.

She’s the Vice President of the Space Coast Authors of Romance (STAR) Chapter in Melbourne, Florida, and is a member of Romance Writers of American (RWA), Washington Romance Writers, Georgia Romance Writers, and the Central Florida Romance Writers group.

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Q: What is the most difficult thing you face when writing?

A: Well I guess it’s that I can’t write fast enough. I get ideas for stories constantly. I keep a notebook of book ideas and different series I would like to develop in the future.

Q: What made you decide to write romance?

A: I have always read romance novels mostly historical. Over the years I dabbled in writing a few but I never finished them, usually life or work got in the way. Then my husband gave me a new laptop for Christmas with the sole intention for me to write my first book. It was because he believed in me, that gave me the motivation to believe in myself.

Q: Why small-town contemporary romance and not a historical you were accustomed to reading?

A: That’s a great question. When I first joined my RWA writers group, I fully intended to write a historical. Somehow when I sat down at my laptop the idea for Irresistibly Delicious poured out onto the keys. I guess I made the right decision because now Olivia and Brady are alive here today.

Q: Do you regret anything about writing?

A: The one thing I regret is that I didn’t start writing sooner. I wish I made more time for it years ago. Not only do I love it, but by joining RWA I have made so many amazing friends.

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