Debra Glass

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Growing up in the south, where the air is thick with stories steeped in legend and truth, Debra came by her love of romance novels honestly. Well…sort of. At an early age, she pilfered from her grandmother’s extensive library and has been a fan of the genre since.

A two-time Passionate Plume nominee and a Romance Studio Favorite Historical and Favorite Erotic Author nominee, Debra especially enjoys combining history, mystery and a touch of taboo to weave stories with unforgettable, haunted heroes.

She lives in Alabama with her sexy real life hero, a couple of smart-aleck ghosts and a diabolical black cat.

Q: What made you want to become a writer?

A: I was a born storyteller. I drew picture books before I was old enough to write words. Writing for me is not a desire. It’s a necessity.

Q: Why have you chosen to write erotic romance?

A: Erotic romance is what I love to read. So much of sexual enjoyment for women is between the ears, and I love exploring the sexual psyche through my characters. Hot sex and happily ever after. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Q: How would you describe a Debra type of book?

A: I try to tap into the reader’s darkest, unspoken desires, while entertaining them with a love story and characters they will remember long after they put the book down.

Q: What type story do you like writing best (i.e. light and funny versus dramatic and angst-filled, suspenseful versus poignant, etc.)?

A: I love a mix. I love spicy banter between the characters, and those tender lines that make you sigh.

Q: Your tagline is "history for the taking." Why historicals?

A: I have always loved history. The lives and stories of people who lived in the past have always intrigued me—so much that my degree is in history! I have an MAed, with emphasis in history, from the University of North Alabama. Historical romance transports the reader to another time and place, where holding hands might be considered risky behavior. I think it’s fun to explore past social mores and my characters’ reactions to them.

Q: What makes your stories unique, compared to other erotic romances out there?

A: I hope my approach to entwining the psychology of sexuality into the love story gives my stories and characters depth to which readers can relate.

Q: Besides being a novelist, what other fascinating or off-beat jobs/careers have you had for a day job?

A: I wrote and have conducted the Haunted History of the Shoals Ghost Walk Tour in my hometown since 2002. I’ve independently published four southern region ghost story collections, which are local best sellers!

Q: About how you write: when you’re writing, tell me what your typical daily routine is. Do you have page goals or time goals? Do you write in the morning or at night? Are you a pantser or plotter? How do you handle revisions—any tricks?

A: Ah, the glamorous writer’s life! :snicker: I roll out of bed, put on my glasses, and go straight to the computer. I joke that I work in my pjs. My husband owns a business and since he works crazy hours, so do I. I’m a total pantser. I have an idea how the story will end, but if my characters take me in a different direction, I go with it. Since I’m such a fast writer, I don’t have to set time or page goals. With revisions, I try to incorporate minimal fixes so that it doesn’t radically change the story. I love to write about thirty pages and then I go back and layer the story with description, etc.

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