Deirdre's Tale

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 51,309
3 Ratings (3.7)
In the wilderness of 1720's New Hampshire, Deirdre McGregor struggles to find her place in a male dominated world. Suddenly and tragically deprived of her entire family by the murderous Indian chief Chocorua, Deirdre wanders alone through the wilderness. Her way barred by Lake Winnipesauke, she desperately attempts to swim the freezing lake, only to nearly die in the attempt. Rescued by the lusty fur trapper, Jedidiah Havens, she falls for his manly appeal, and becomes his lover as the pair travels to the infant port city of Portsmouth.

However, at Brewster Tavern, danger lurks, in the form of pirate captain, Alberto Garcia, who has very different designs on Deirdre's lush, young body. With the means and will to execute his plans the pirate captain sets a trap for Deirdre. Will Deirdre fall victim to the diabolical pirate, and if so, what fate awaits her?

Deirdre's Tale
3 Ratings (3.7)

Deirdre's Tale

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 51,309
3 Ratings (3.7)
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Patrice F., Joyfully Reviewed

"For erotica fans…Ms. Campbell delivers all around."

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From behind her there came the distinctive click, of a cocking flintlock rifle. Whirling around, she beheld a mountain of a man with a thick beard looking at her with a smile down the barrel of his long rifle. Head to toe, he wore buckskin, topped with a black fur cap. Smirking, he looked her over at gunpoint.

"Stand up, little missy. I see thou art feeling a mite better. Course in thy case tis better than being dead."

Standing up as he asked, she kept the fur clenched tight around her. What does one say when confronted by a woodsman at gunpoint? Deirdre wondered if all her mother's seeming endless lessons in the manners of a young lady would apply now, but she let them guide her. Turning, she curtsied as she had been taught, introducing herself. "Good day to thee, gentle sir, I am Deirdre McGregor, now an orphan these five days as the savage chief Chocorua killed my family." It cannot hurt to play upon his sympathy.

The stranger holding a gun on her only laughed a hearty belly laugh. "So did thou want to die or are thee just crazy, taking a dip in the May waters of Winnipesauke? If thou wanted to die, I should perhaps apologize for pulling thee out."

Deirdre knew now her swim had been folly. As in the mid days of May the waters of the lake were just unfrozen, but she had not thought of that before. "No, kind sir, I was just frustrated trying to get around this Winnpi. . . well, whatever you called it. I thank thee, for thy gracious rescue, and for saving my clothes, how gentlemanly of thee." Thinking if she treated him as a gentleman he would behave as such, she saw how wrong she had been with his next words.

"I be lookin for more of a thank thee than thou offer. We shall start by having you drop the blanket, soin I can get a look at you move. Before, I only saw thee lie still." His glowing hungry eyes admitted to her he had already seen her female charms once, but he wanted to see her body move. She shivered at the thought of what he might want after that, but what was she to do?

What choice do I have? Realizing she had none, she let the blanket drop exposing all of her lush body to his ravenous gaze. Watching him drink in her naked beauty, she thought of what her mother would say, how shameful it would be to show a man your body before you were properly wed. Only harlots and whores would do such a thing. However, there was a problem, and Deirdre didn't know quite what to make of it. I feel neither shame nor embarrassment with his eyes upon me, but rather my cunny is pulsing with raw desire. Do I desire to show him my flesh?

"Come now, missy, move about, shake those breasts for me. Set those fine hips to walkin, with a womanly wiggle. Thou art a beauty, for sure." He moved the tip of his gun indicating which way she should walk.

Forced to sashay about swinging her nubile hips, she also shook her perk, young breasts and found the results surprising to her. This is not shaming, for I am becoming more excited by this. The slickness comes to my cunny, but I think it best not to let him know I like this.

"What doest thou intend for me, sir, to defile me? I only ask to be taken to Boston, for I have relatives there. They will pay you if thou help me, but not if thou savage me." It was and out and out lie, as Deirdre had no relatives in Boston, but she felt she had to offer him something other than her body.

Moving forward quickly, the woodsman pressed the barrel of his gun to her belly. Then reaching over his weapon, he grabbed her right breast. "I wouldn't be gettin all uppity, missy. Let's not think of it as defiling, just as your payment to me for services rendered. Surely a sight, touch and tickle seem a small price to pay for thy life." Letting his gun barrel roam down to her flaxen pubis, he pressed to hard metal to her sex, not entering her, but letting her know he could.

Deirdre remained still, as she endured his gun barrel at her cunny and his hand moving back and forth between her breasts kneading them liberally. Again she considered the fact that it wasn't shame she felt from his touch, no, it was quite different.

Dropping the gun barrel from her sex, he touched and smelt the tip of his weapon. Laughing boisterously, his face come alive with delight. "Thou are wet, fragrant with desire, making me think your indignation is but a show. Doest thee want more?" Setting the weapon against a nearby tree trunk, he stared at her, forcing an answer from her.

Deirdre's mind was fighting a battle, one she had no idea would be forced upon her. What sort of woman am I? I did feel disappointed when his hand and gun left my body. This is not as mother said it would be an onerous task to be performed. She never said anything about wanting him to take you. Looking into his grey eyes, she knew that if she simply said the word, he would take her virginity right here and now, but could she say it?

Taking a rope holding a fat partridge from the back of his wide leather belt, he dropped the bird at her feet, while still drinking in her nakedness. "Well, I be in no hurry, and thou be going nowhere, so thou take some time to consider me offer, and as thee do pluck and clean this bird for our sup."

Knowing she must get dressed or sex would become inevitable, Deirdre spoke quietly, showing respect to him. "Thank thee, gentle sir. May I cover myself, else I become chilled."

Drinking in another draft of her pale skin, he seemed unable to grant permission for her to cover her splendorous nudity, but as he took a last glance at her delta of flaxen fur, he sighed. "Ahhhh, if thou must, yet it seems shameful to cover such beauty."

Not bothering with the fur blanket, Deirdre went right to her still damp clothes wanting their more permanent protection, yet the thought of sex with this man was still dancing in her head. Knowing her mother would be ashamed by what she thought, Deirdre dressed quickly and went about plucking the partridge. Yet she had barely started when she realized, I'm contemplating sex this him and don't even know his name.

"Good sir, tis customary for a lady to at least know the names of men who have seen and touched her naked. Wouldst thee be good enough to introduce thyself?" She looked up at his eyes and knew she had shamed him a bit.

"Jedidiah Havens, the best darn fur trapper in the north woods. Taint a trapper like me from Boston clear to Canada, and I'm on me way to Portsmouth to sell this string." He pointed the rope of soft pelts she had been entranced with earlier.

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