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Del's Pirates (MMF)

Sequel to G'baena's Pirates

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 31,831
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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Futuristic Sci-Fi Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M elements, public exhibition, HEA]

Del used to be a slave. Now he fights to protect others from the same fate.

A deadly attack on the pirate ship he’s called home for the past three cycles brings Avery into his arms, and his bed. He’s been in love with both of his best friends for a long time, but his worries that he and Avery being together might hurt Cooper are soon allayed when the human happily follows their lead and chooses to love them both.

Yet building a relationship in the midst of a crisis isn’t easy.

An unexpected opportunity to disrupt the slave trade for good sees Del volunteering for a deadly mission. He wants Avery and Cooper to live a safe, happy life together, but what happens when his lovers prove they know him better than he knows himself?

A Siren Erotic Romance

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Avery lay in bed, wondering what to do now. She’d loved Del for a long time, so she couldn’t regret what had happened between them, but just the thought of how Cooper would react when he realized they were together filled her with dread. Cooper was too nice a guy, too good a friend to be anything other than supportive, but it hurt to think of him as all alone. Somehow, in her head, she’d imagined for the three of them the sort of relationship that Tee-ani had with Ben and Trey, or even the three-way relationship G’baena, Kam, and Devlin shared.

But she’d never raised the subject. Del and Cooper were good friends, but they’d never shown any indications of an attraction between them. And neither of them came from a culture where sharing a partner was the norm, so it felt incredibly selfish to want to keep both men by her side.

She was still undecided on what to do next when the door opened and someone came into the room. At first she assumed it was Del, but the person hesitated near the bed before sitting beside her and stroking a warm hand over her hair.

“Hi, Cooper,” she whispered as guilt washed through her. Obviously, Del had already told him what had happened.

“Hi, Avery-girl. I hear you had a pretty eventful day.” She blushed at his soft words, but his next sentence proved he was thinking of what had happened before she’d come to Del’s room. “Maybe you should consider studying medicine. I’m sure Tee-ani would be willing to take you on as an assistant.”

She decided to follow his example. Avoidance seemed far easier than explaining why she was naked in Del’s bed. “Ruth might have a word or two to say about that. She’s always called me the worst kitchen assistant she’s ever had. I’m not sure Tee-ani would see that as a good recommendation.” The irony there was that, even though she screwed up a lot and played pranks on the older woman, when it came to actual food preparation she was almost as fanatical as Ruth. And despite Ruth’s bluster, Ruth knew it, too.

For Avery, keeping the crew fed seemed far less scary than trying to keep them alive.

“Scoot over, Avery-girl. I have less than four hours to get some rest then I’m back on duty in engineering.”

After a moment of indecision Avery shuffled across the bed and made room for Cooper to stretch out beside her. He didn’t try to get under the covers. He stayed on top of the blankets and draped an arm over her middle. Guilt assailed her. Not because she felt like they were doing something wrong—they’d lain this way many times before when watching the intergalactic newsreel or entertainment on the video screen—but rather that she hadn’t explained about Del.

“Cooper,” she said quietly, part of her wanting him to already be asleep so she could avoid the subject once more.

“Shh, Avery-girl, I already know.”

Unsure what to say next, Avery fell silent. She glanced at the chronometer and realized that she would need to get to the kitchen to set up for breakfast soon, so she closed her eyes and tried to sleep.


* * * *


Del found the two most important people in his life wrapped in each other’s arms, and despite the fact that Avery was probably still naked under the blankets, he felt only contentment.

Perhaps it was the time he’d spent as a slave, but he didn’t feel any of the jealousy or rage that his people would associate with finding their partner in bed with another man. In fact he was pleased that his two closest friends hadn’t been alone.

He walked around to Avery’s side of the bed and knelt beside her. She looked exhausted but somehow content, and he couldn’t stop himself from pressing a soft kiss to her forehead.

“Are you okay?” Cooper’s deep rumble affected him more than it probably should have. Del nodded and smiled at his friend.

“I’m good,” Del said as Cooper watched him closely like he was waiting for something.

“I’ve got another hour before I need to be on duty. Do you mind if I stay?” Cooper asked in a whisper.

“Of course not.” Del bit the inside of his mouth, worried that he might have sounded a little too eager. Maybe he’d spent too much time with Kam, Devlin, and G’baena, but he wanted what they had. He wanted his best friends to be more than just his friends. He knew that humans were more open to unconventional relationships than Pendarians, but he’d spent more of his life away from his own culture than he had as a part of it.

Despite the cobalt blue of his skin, in many ways he considered himself human. Of course, that didn’t necessarily mean his friends felt the same way. But when Cooper gave him a smile and held his hand out in invitation, hope blossomed through Del’s chest. He threaded his fingers through Cooper’s as he climbed onto the bed.

Avery woke as Del settled onto the mattress in front of her. She looked adorably rumpled, but she smiled when she realized that the weight resting on her hip was his and Cooper’s hands entwined.

He wanted to say something. It seemed such an important change in their friendship, but Cooper moved closer, pressed a kiss to the back of Avery’s neck, and then leaned over and pressed a soft kiss to Del’s mouth.

“Get some rest,” he whispered. “We’ll talk about it later.”




Del couldn’t quite believe how incredibly satisfied he felt just watching Cooper make love to Avery. She was so beautiful in climax that Del had barely contained his own need. But when Cooper started whispering instructions to Avery that included her rolling from the bed and grabbing the small jar of oil that Cooper seemed to have liberated from the kitchen, every inch of Del’s skin felt like he was on fire.

He wanted Cooper to make love to him with a need that went beyond anything he’d ever felt before. He’d never been with another man, and yet something about his best friend called to him.

As Avery went to grab the oil, Cooper helped Del to his knees, a firm grip on the back of his neck pushing his mouth toward Cooper’s slightly softened cock. “Get me hard again, babe,” he instructed as Del leaned over and licked the warm, slippery cream from Avery’s pussy that still coated Cooper’s cock. “She tastes delicious, doesn’t she?” Del nodded his agreement and opened his lips to take Cooper into his mouth. He tried to remember everything that Cooper had done for him earlier, but the addictive taste of both his lovers distracted him and he found himself dipping lower and lower to lick at every last drop.

“Whoa, enough,” Cooper said with a wheezing sort of laugh as he pulled his cock from Del’s mouth. “And here I thought you’d never been with a man before.”

Del shook his head, wanting Cooper to know how much this meant to him. “No, only you,” he blurted rather anxiously. But he shouldn’t have worried. Cooper simply smiled, eased Del onto his back, and then kissed him with a ferocity that had them both gasping for air. Cooper moved over him, pushing Del’s legs apart, and he settled between them.

“We’ll take it slow,” he promised with a soft kiss. He rubbed his cock against Del’s, the warm, slippery feel of his own saliva that still coated Cooper making the sensation more incredible. Avery crawled back onto the bed, her gaze glued to their cocks.

“Come here, Avery-girl,” Cooper ordered as he beckoned her to them with his outstretched hand. She came to them with a shy smile on her face, but she moved to lie beside Del and wrapped her hand around his cock. “That’s it,” Cooper encouraged her. He winked at Del. “Avery is going to make sure you have something else to think about while I make certain you’re prepared.”

Cooper tipped the oil into his palm and gently massaged the cool liquid into Del’s balls. The sensation felt strange, unusual, Cooper’s hand moving slowly as he moved lower. Finally, a thick, lubricated finger touched the pucker of Del’s anus, and he moaned as pleasure swelled outward. He’d long been curious about anal sex, yet hadn’t quite gotten around to self-experimentation.

But as the thick finger pushed past the ring of muscle, Del had no thoughts other than the sensation bursting like fizzy bubbles in his gut. His cock grew harder, the gentle caress from Avery’s hand doubling his pleasure as Cooper’s finger thrust in and out of his ass slowly.

“Okay?” Cooper asked. When Del nodded, Cooper pushed a second finger deep into Del’s ass, the slight stretching, burning sensation lasting only a moment before warmth radiated outward once more. By the time he added a third finger, Del was pushing down, wanting, needing more.

“Please,” he begged as he watched Cooper drizzle more oil over his cock. Del watched, fascinated, as Avery moved to smooth the slick liquid over Cooper’s thick erection before returning her attention to Del. But when Cooper moved, adjusting Del’s position, lifting his ass higher so that he could press his hard, slippery cock against his back passage, Del could barely contain his excitement.

“Now that is what I wanted to see,” Cooper said as he pressed the thick head of his cock into Del’s ass. His slow movement and watchful gaze made Del feel more loved, more cherished than he ever had before. Avery’s caress on his cock grew a little firmer, a little faster. Cooper grunted as he pushed in, holding still a moment before pulling back and thrusting a little deeper. Again and again Cooper thrust into Del’s ass, each time getting harder, deeper, growing faster, the sensations more intense, more delicious, making Del want more, need more.


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