Destined Hearts (MMF)

Three Hearts 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 57,976
44 Ratings (4.2)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Fantasy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, Vampires, Shape-shifters]

Calliope wants only to join with her true love. The prettiest and youngest of Goddess Queen Ina's daughters, she watched as her sisters found their mates the nights of their joining celebration. Now her night has finally arrived. Her true heart, however, does not show.

When an anonymous note leads her on a mission of discovery, what she finds is a world of ecstasy she has never known. Not one but two mysterious strangers await her, both with the powers to send her heart and her hormones on a rapturous ride. Will she be forced to choose between the domineering, electrifying Reinn and the gentler but no less tantalizing Bronwen? Or can she keep them both?

"I developed a love for the worlds of the Goddesses and Gods many years back and enjoy bringing them to life in my own creations of the mythical realms. The Three Hearts Trilogy comes from my imagination and it shows that even daughters of the Gods face troubles at the hands of destiny." ~ Tonya ~

A Siren Erotic Romance

Destined Hearts (MMF)
44 Ratings (4.2)

Destined Hearts (MMF)

Three Hearts 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 57,976
44 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
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4 CHERRIES: "Ms. Ramagos writes an intriguing novella filled with fanciful descriptions and characters you wont forget. Her descriptions are rich with details, making you feel like you've stepped into their world. I couldn't put this novella down...The love scenes in this story are initially and emotionally rough, but as the story progresses and the characters get to know each other, the passion and love sizzles. You want to see them make the relationships work. If you want a sexy read filled with fanciful characters and steamy scenes, then you have to read Destined Hearts." -- Tiger Lily, Whipped Cream Romance Reviews

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"You were jealous of her, because I had her, because I fucked her." Reinn could not take his own eyes off Bronwen's, needing to watch the emotions, the reactions. At the moment, the vampire kept them carefully blank.

"I had no right." Bronwen let a quick flash of guilt and regret move through his face. "She is obviously meant for us both."

"As you are." Blankness again. Reinn waited for another quick flash of something. When he saw none, he plunged on. "I was jealous of her, too. Because she had you." He dared to bring his free hand to Bronwen's cheek. "Because she fucked you."

It happened so fast Reinn did not even catch a flash of intention. Bronwen whirled Reinn around, slamming his back against the hard wall of Bronwen's body, one hand at Reinn's waist holding him close. All breath left Reinn's lungs. Bronwen may not need oxygen but he did and suddenly there did not seem to be enough in the chamber.

"Is it the same, old friend?" Bronwen's words whispered in Reinn's ear, low and with a seductive lilt Reinn was certain he had never heard from the vampire, at least not directed at him. "Do you feel it here?" At the question, Bronwen's free hand came up, the fingers grazing over Reinn's temple, his forehead, diving into his hair.

Reinn moaned, both wolf and man angling his head into the touch. His arms were at his sides, shock and wonder stiffening his muscles, rendering his arms immovable. Bronwen let the strands of Reinn's hair slide through his fingers, toying lightly with the curls.

"Do you feel it here?"

The hand cruised down Reinn's front in an agonizing slowness that had every fiber of his being solidifying. Reinn stood statue still against the vampire, unable to move, barely able to breathe as the hand stopped at Reinn's flat stomach.

"How about here?" On the move again, Bronwen slid his hand lower to cover Reinn's stiff cock.

Pleasure, excitement, torment, tore through Reinn in a wild disbelieving rush. How long had he dreamed of having Bronwen's hands on him this way? Too long. Oh Gods, Far too long.

"Yes." The word sounded strangled even to his own ears as he tilted his head and met Bronwen's exploring gaze. "I feel for you all of those places and more. It is the same and yet it is not. I—I am not sure I can explain."

"You do not have to." Bronwen bent his head, his lips so close to touching Reinn's. So close. The hand on Reinn's cock squeezed ever so slightly, a pulsing pressure of stupendous intensity. "I already know. I feel it, too."

Surprise had Reinn's eyes growing wide. He knew? He felt it, too? All the years of secretly hoping, wishing… "Why?"

"It had to be the three of us." Bronwen brushed his nose lightly to Reinn's, careful not to harm, only to tease.

Reinn felt the visceral effects of it sizzle through him like a lightning bolt of evil desire straight to his groin where Bronwen's hand lightly explored Reinn's bulging cock. "Ah, yes."

Bronwen's lips twitched. "I never knew for certain why I waited, why I led you to believe I did not know you care for me until I realized tonight we are meant to be three." He nipped Reinn's bottom lip and then licked the traces of blood Reinn knew were still smearing his face.

Reinn closed his eyes, unable to take it all in. This was Bronwen, the man he had wanted for centuries, the man he pined for by day and hide the truth from in the dark. "I love you." The words were out of his mouth before he could stop them, before he realized there was no need to stop them anymore, no need to hide.

"I know." Bronwen covered Reinn's mouth with his in a kiss so light and so quick Reinn wondered if he had been sucked back into his fantasies. Please no. "As I do you."

Reinn stared at him, unable to believe, afraid to hope he heard him right. When Bronwen let the smile unfold on his lips, let all the emotions he spoke of swim into the blackest depths of his eyes, Reinn knew it was okay to believe, okay to hope. "I want you."

Bronwen's palm ground the outside of Reinn's breeches, his cock beneath. "I know." He kissed him, this time coaxing Reinn's lips to part, his tongue diving inside for a slowly delicious kiss that had Rein trembling. "As I do you." His hand on Reinn's waist dipped to joining the other, to fumble with the ties of Reinn's breeches. All the while, they stared transfixed at each other, both lost in the moment, the anticipation, the love that was no longer secret between them.

"Tell me, wolf," Bronwen continued as his hand slipped inside Reinn's now unfastened breeches. The sound that rumbled from Reinn's throat as Bronwen closed his fingers around Reinn's shaft were ones he had never heard himself make before. Bronwen tugged Reinn's cock free then slowly and methodically started to stroke it from base to head. Reinn's vision blurred as arousal sliced through his nut sack, tightening his balls and seizing control of his hips. He thrust into Bronwen's hand, going mindless with the feel of the vampire jerking him off so skillfully. "Do you wish to be taken, lover, or to take?"

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