Diagnosis: Gay (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 8,530
0 Ratings (0.0)

Japanese doctor Arthur rents out a spare room in his apartment to Xander, a sexy and younger construction worker who wears women’s panties even though he claims to be straight. Despite his instance that he isn’t gay, Xander still tosses random smiles and winks Arthur’s way.

After a long day of work, Xander comes home late and tired. Both men admit to being horny, and Arthur jokes about slipping into the shower with Xander. A smile, wink, and an unlocked bathroom door provide the perfect invitation. But is Xander really ready? Or will he let social mores kill what could be a wonderful experience for them both?

Diagnosis: Gay (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Diagnosis: Gay (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 8,530
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Written Ink Designs

As he put the vacuum away, the front door swung open. Xander stood in his work clothes. Arthur glanced at the wall clock: nine P.M.

“Xander, man, you look filthy, tired, and worn out.”

Xander moaned. “We were behind on the project. The boss kept the whole crew late.” He moaned again with a flat face and stood with limp arms and shoulders sagging.

Arthur walked to his roomy, wanting to hug him, but was only able to smile. “I guess no partying tonight, huh?” He managed to lift a hand of comfort to Xander’s arm, squeezing it. “I made stew, plenty in the refrig. I’ll heat some for you while you change.”

Xander failed to flash his typical smile. “Thanks.” His voice seemed hollow. He took a step toward the hall. “I need to wash my face and hands.”

“Would you mind undressing here? I just cleaned the whole apartment.”

With drooping eyelids, Xander robotically striped to his underwear.

Arthur’s heart thumped as he stared at the pink panties hiding a significant bulge on his roomy.

Xander looked down. “It’s just a fetish. They used to belong to a former girlfriend. They keep me relaxed on the job.”

Arthur untied his tongue. “Sorry. It just surprised me.” He wished Xander were gay, though. He ladled stew into a bowl and heated it in the microwave as he cut French bread and put it on a plate and brought out butter. Xander headed to the bathroom and wandered back, just in pink panties, and sat in silence.

Arthur served him. “Be careful, it’s hot.” He felt sorry for the fatigued, sexy man and longed to massage his sore muscles. Without thinking, he walked behind Xander and gripped his neck and upper shoulder muscles.

“Oooooh, Arthur, that feels so good. Oh, dear God, it’s awesome.” Xander dipped his spoon into the steaming concoction, blew on it, and slipped the spoon in his mouth. “Yum, just what the doctor ordered.”

Arthur smiled and kept massaging. “Would you like some wine or beer?”

Xander fed himself more stew. “Some of that white wine you keep around would be nice.”

Arthur opened a bottle and served it in an elegant wine glass from the set his parents gave him. He poured a glass for himself and sat opposite Xander.

With his bowl empty, Xander mopped the remains with bread. He sat straighter. “Wow. I didn’t realize how hungry I was.” His eyes rose to meet Arthur’s. “That was great, man. I truly appreciate it. I’m acting like such a wuss, dragging myself home and making you serve me. Sorry.” He lowered his eyes.

“You’re welcome. I don’t mind. I’m not dating, so I guess I need to take care of someone.” His cock stirred in his jeans, and he forced a smile to overcome his nervousness.

Xander scented his wine before draining the glass. “This wine is wonderful.” Arthur poured more for him. Xander groaned, “Well, I’m not getting much action either. I know I brag, but I’m not.” Their eyes met.

Arthur wiggled in his seat. “I can’t remember the last time my pipes got cleaned out.”

Xander stood. “I need a hot shower.” Then he rubbed his pink panties. “You sure you don’t mind? They help me stay relaxed. I wonder what the guys at work would think if I got hurt and paramedics cut my pants off.” He laughed, and his glowing smile returned. Xander winked again.

Arthur turned his eyes away and chortled. “Well, those undies are kind of exciting. I might need to slip in the shower and plug your ass, been so long since I’ve gotten any.” They both smiled and held their gazes for much longer than social standards dictated.

Xander headed for the hall, paused, and cranked his head back toward Arthur. One side of Xander’s mouth curled up into a crooked grin. He winked, nodded, and disappeared down the hall. He slapped his ass just before he went out of view.

Arthur finished his wine and poured more. That wink, just like last night and a moment ago. Is there a message? Damn, I wish I could read his mind.

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