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While raising four sons along with her husband, Donna Marie’s days can be quite engaged while also working full time for a local home healthcare office in a Chicago suburb. Whenever her diligent schedule allows a spare moment, she spends that time writing as a freelancer for various marketing companies or composing upcoming novels.  Other favorite pastimes of Donna Marie include reading, glass painting, cooking, and spending time with her family.

When reading one of Donna Marie’s novels, it is obvious that this author’s main writing objective is to create credible characters with believable stories. Her writing is tailored to include relatable family issues, as well as heartfelt love and genuine passion.

Q: At what point in your life did you realize that writing was something you loved to do?

A: It was freshman year of high school. My teacher really liked my stories in the creative writing segment of the class. His continuous words of encouragement kept my love of the craft continuing until today.

Q: As a wife and working mother, is it difficult to find time to write?

A: Although more manageable today, time has been my enemy in the past. When working on my first novel some years back, finding such time was my ultimate challenge. Back then, my youngest of four boys was about five years old. So that I could be home for my kids during the day, I worked part-time as a Unit Secretary on the night shift at a local hospital. After arriving home by 7am, I would get the boys off to school, edit various paragraphs I wrote on my overnight lunch break, take a two hour nap before housework and dinner preparations, and then write a bit more before the boys arrived home from school. How I did this back then is sometimes beyond my own belief.

Q: Besides writing a good, sweet romance, what other kind of writing do you do?

A: Actually, I wrote and illustrated a children’s book which is ready for publication. Also, freelancing is another avenue of my writing which includes various articles for marketing firms. Such articles include topics of living green, the benefits of various supplements, health, travel, and more.

Q: When you are not writing, what do you do with your time?

A: My fulltime job is at a home healthcare company. For relaxation, I enjoy cooking, glass painting, reading, and spending time with my family.

Q: Why is your latest novel, We Can Love Again, special to you?

A: By the time I was done writing the final chapter, I felt as if I could pick up the phone and call any character from the manuscript. As with any story I develop, my characters become real to me as I put myself into the skin of each role.  Because of this, We Can Love Again is a believable work of fiction tailored to include relatable family issues as well as love and passion. At the book’s conclusion, most may ask, “I wonder if that was a true story?”

Q: Do you have any projects in the works?

A: Aside from my freelance writing, I have another manuscript near completion. But, more to come on that.

Q. Has there been any highlighting moments of your writing career?

A. Yes, there have been many. One in particular was being interviewed by Marie Osmond. A few years ago, Marie hosted a radio show. The topic of her show one afternoon was about moms finding their creativity while busy raising kids. Her agent set up a time slot for me. Then, Marie and I had a fabulous conversation. She was wonderful.

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