Eggs and Kisses (MM)

Yolks on You 5


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 61,523
0 Ratings (0.0)

Tensions are running high in Mount Angus as the entire town plans for the annual Be Mount Valentine Heartstival and all residents keep an eye out for the latest relationship drama. Kiko and Dom just want to enjoy life together, a task made difficult by nosy residents demanding to know when they're going to tie the knot. And when Dom discovers Kiko actually hates this holiday, he decides it would be perfect to create a fake proposal.

But before anyone's matchmaking schemes can get too far, Kiko's employee Chad finds a body rolled in a rug.

It's obvious there's more than just love in the air, and if Kiko and Dom can't figure out how to work around their emotions, the Heartstival might just end in tragedy.

Eggs and Kisses (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Eggs and Kisses (MM)

Yolks on You 5


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 61,523
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Written Ink Designs

"I'll get our coats," said Dom as Kiko got himself a drink of water. He offered to drive, too, and Kiko handed over the keys to his truck. They drove in together on the weekends, but it was rare Kiko ever let Dom drive his car.

"What are the odds?" asked Kiko as they were on their way. He sounded miserable.

"That Chad would find a body? Probably better than you think."

Kiko gave him a hard look.

"No, that there would be another murder in Mount Angus. Turn left here."

"I'm surprised Chad's not taking it well. I thought he wanted to find a body."

Kiko shook his head.

"He's just a kid still, Dom. He found her rolled up in a rug, blood all over. That's hard for anyone to see."

"Not us."

"I thought you had enough nightmares," said Kiko, glaring out the window at the snow-covered hills. Dom frowned at the road. He still ran inescapable corn mazes some nights, being hunted down. Kiko's nightmares seemed fewer, but it was difficult to tell. Dom had a feeling Kiko hid everything better.

"I'm okay not going after the murderer this time," said Dom, turning into the driveway.

"Really." Kiko pulled out his phone, sent a text.

"Well, if you really want to ..."

Kiko looked over at him, smile slowly forming.

"I guess I love you for a reason," he said. "Not sure it's a smart reason."

Dom unbuckled his seatbelt and leaned in closer.

"Only one reason?" he asked, stopping about an inch away from Kiko. He wanted to kiss him, relieve some of the tension, but it was Kiko who closed the distance. He grabbed Kiko's arm to pull him closer, happy that Kiko seemed to be relaxing somewhat. Dom wanted to kiss his bad mood away. Wanted to do a few other things, too. He started sweating in his winter coat.

A knock on the window pulled them apart, and Dom looked over to see Chad. He opened the door.

"Like, even I think it's not a good time to make out, boss," said Chad as Kiko got out and walked around to him. Dom slammed the truck door shut behind him, noticing how much twitchier than normal Chad was. He was already paler than usual from the winter air, but he didn't even have pink splotches on his cheeks from the cold. He was spooked.

"The police aren't here?" asked Kiko like he was surprised. Dom snorted and they both turned to look at him.

"They probably sent Gordon," he said.

"Boss, you gotta come see," said Chad, walking off down the driveway, but Kiko remained where he was.

"I don't think I should be disturbing the body, Chad."

"Oh, come on," said Dom, taking Kiko's gloved hand. "There's nothing else to do and we won't disturb it. I want to see what's made Chad nearly piss himself."

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