Elizabeth Marchat

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Elizabeth Marchat has been writing professionally for over seven years. Her first novel was published under a pseudonym, and since then she has published six more.

Ms. Marchat belongs to several professional writer's groups and lives in Florida with her husband and her daughter’s cat. She writes daily and enjoys reading and plotting with her author friends.

Q: Where do you get ideas for your plots?

A: I try to let my characters play out the scenes as I imagine they would, but when they don’t keep the story going, I ask my plotting group for help. Thank goodness I have such a wonderful support group to turn to.

Q: Do you write about people you know?

A: Places? Yes. People? Absolutely not. Not that I wouldn’t like to meet some of my heroes, but usually my characters are composites, a mixture of character traits. The same can be said about the plots. Some things come from experience, but most are just products of my vivid imagination.

Q: How much research do you do when you write?

A: I’d probably do even more than I do because it’s always interesting to research, but sooner or later I do have to write the book. When I’m finished, I always have way more information than I need for my stories.

Q: Did you always imagine yourself writing?

A: I think I’m like so many people who’ve said, “I could write a story,” or “I should write a book,” but then don’t make the time. Marriage, business, and five children were great excuses. Those were some of mine. Then one day I just did. The story was based on a true experience and I found I couldn’t do the subject justice. (I’ve put that project aside for later.) That was when I discovered that writing something real was so much more complicated than writing something I made up. So I focused on fiction and spent some time learning about the process, studying my craft. I don’t think the learning and refining process will ever stop and found my niche with fiction.

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