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Word Count: 19,000
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Years ago, Khastity Chase buried her love for Trent James. He was the star quarter back of Madison, North Carolina. He didn’t have time for his sister’s bookworm tutor drooling over him. So, she just admired him from afar until the day their paths crossed. He finally talked to her and her whole life changed, but it wasn’t for the better.

Trent James couldn’t recall a time since he was a teenager, when women weren’t constantly flirting with him. But none of them compared to the sweet and cute Khastity; however, when he got her alone. She found ways to leave until he finally got his chance and ruined everything with four little words causing her to leave town.

Now, she was back. Could he find the find the right words to make things right? Or had he messed thing up by not being honest in the first place?

0 Ratings (0.0)


Cobblestone Press LLC

Heat Rating: No rating
Word Count: 19,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Walking around the basement, Hawk listened intently as Frank Chase told him how he wanted the lighting redone for his new office. The area was huge, so it might take him a couple of days to see if he could rewire it or would have to completely redo it. It depended on the condition of the old wiring.

He was more than a little nervous being in Khastity’s parents’ home. He had been pretty lucky not running into her so far, but that wouldn’t last since he was working for her father.

It was still hard for him to believe the sweet and shy girl he loved teasing had become an internet model and one of the most recognizable women in the world. Khastity never showed too much in any of the photos on her website, just enough to get a man’s imagination going.

Boy, did his imagination go into overdrive several times one night after he found a picture of her wearing a leopard print bra and matching bikini underwear. That outfit was the perfect color combination against her creamy caramel skin.

Hawk tried to shake the memory from his mind as his cock hardened inside his jeans. The last thing he needed was a hard-on while talking to her father.

“Do you think you can handle what I want?” Mr. Chase asked, interrupting his wayward thoughts. “I know you stay pretty busy doing other jobs around town.”

“I’m not working on any new jobs for a couple of weeks. I’ll be more than happy to work on what you need.”

Khastity’s dad had thrown a lot of business his way over the years, so it would be an honor to work on his house. “Do you have a deadline for this? I need to check and see where the exact cause of the technical problem is,” he stated.

“No, take your time. I’m still waiting on the sample designs to come back from the designer I hired. I hope you won’t mind working with someone else.”

Hawk wondered who Frank had hired to decorate the room. The space was very impressive for a home office and, done correctly, it would certainly be eye-catching. So, the person would need a good design sense to bring out its true beauty.

“Frank, I can work with anyone. I just like to have three things: good working conditions, a job that keeps me busy, and also gives me a complete sense of accomplishment. If I can get all of those, I’m a happy man.”

“Excellent. I think this job will give you all of those things,” Frank informed him. “But before you agree to go on with the project I should let you know who the designer is going to be.” Before Frank could tell him, a female voice broke into the conversation from the top of the stairs.

“Daddy, are you down there?”

Knowing there was nowhere to go, Hawk stood still as the sound of footsteps grew closer, and he knew he was about to come face to face with his past. He was able to mask his reaction before Khastity rounded the corner.

* * * * *

Khastity silently congratulated herself for not stumbling over her own feet as her eyes landed on the man standing next to her father. She had been wondering when she would run into Trent, but she couldn’t have guessed it would be in her parents’ house. The years had been damn good to the gorgeous man standing not twenty feet away from her.

His stance emphasized the force of his thighs in the tight jeans and showed off the slimness of his hips. The snug gray T-shirt brought attention to his bare arms and the silky blond hairs that covered them. Was it just her or did Trent’s shoulders look a mile wide in that shirt? The years hadn’t diminished the air of self-confidence he carried about him, if anything it had gotten stronger.

She had always loved that Trent’s bottom lip was a little fuller than the top. In her opinion, he would have classically handsome features if it wasn’t for the long, thick, blond hair brushing his massive shoulders. On the rare occasions she had seen him smile, his teeth were strikingly white against his natural tan.

“Oh, I didn’t know you were down here with someone,” Khastity apologized, dragging her eyes away from Trent to her father. “I can come back later.”

“You remember Mr. James, don’t you? I think you tutored his sister, Abby, when you were in high school,” her father said.

“Yes, I know Mr. James,” she answered, risking a quick look at him. “What is he doing here?”

Khastity tried not to fidget as Trent’s eyes moved over her black pencil skirt and short-sleeved purple top. She had been on her way to lunch when she decided to drop off her designs. She wasn’t expecting to find him here. It came as a shock to see Trent acting so friendly with her father.

“I heard you were back home. You look good. Nice to see you,” Trent complimented her in that smooth voice she wanted to hate, but secretly loved.

“Good to see you too,” she lied.

A deep chuckle made goose bumps pop up on her arms. Damn, it wasn’t fair that a man could be that sexy, she thought. Could her father tell she was attracted to Trent? She was trying her best to keep her feelings to herself, but her mask might be slipping, and the possibility worried her.

“I see it’s still hard for you to call me Hawk. Is there a reason for that?”

“I only thought your friends were given that honor. I didn’t realize you ever thought of me as your friend.”

A look passed over Trent’s face that she couldn’t quite put her finger on, but that didn’t matter as she wasn’t here for him. “Daddy, the three designs I did for you are upstairs on the table. I can go over them with you now if you want.”

“Khastity is the designer you want me to work with?” Trent asked, shocking the hell out of her.

She moved closer to her father and tried to keep the anger out of her voice. “Why do I need to work with him?”

This job was supposed to showcase her talent as a designer, why would she need Trent James’ help with anything?

“Honey, he is going to redo the lighting in the room. I’m glad you came by. I need the two of you to work together on this. So I’m going upstairs to see what your ideas are. After you finish down here, come upstairs and see me.” Her father brushed past them and left them alone without looking back.

Khastity didn’t know how long she stood there, just taking Trent in. The scent of his cologne was making her body hot and that couldn’t happen. Trent wasn’t even in the realm of a love interest for her. He had made that clear a long time ago and she wasn’t going to forget it.

“Do you have a problem working with me?”

“Why would you ask me that?” She wasn’t about to give anything away to him.

“I saw the look on your face. You looked ready to turn the job down when your father informed you we would be working together,” Trent stated, watching her closely.

“No, I don’t have a problem with you. I’ve worked with other electricians before without any difficulty, so we should be fine.”

“You know that isn’t what I’m talking about. The last time we were together it didn’t end well. I was hoping the years had dulled your memory about that one incident and that maybe we could move past it.”

Khastity wasn’t about to bring that up again. Trent had let his true feelings for her show then and it had taught her to keep hers well hidden. It might be best if they didn’t rehash the past in any way, shape, or form.

“Trent, let it go. We were both young and didn’t have a filter for our mouths back then. We’re adults now and able to deal with each other better. I want this new home office to turn out fantastic for my father, so how about you check the wiring and see what the problem is? I’ll go upstairs and talk with my father about the designs.” Turning, she moved toward the steps.

“When would you like to meet to go over everything?” Trent asked from behind her.

“Come by my office tomorrow and we can work on a plan then. If you don’t know where it is, get the address from my father.” Khastity tossed the answer over her shoulder as she left the room. She couldn’t stay down there a minute longer with Trent or she was going to find a way to touch that gorgeous hard body of his.

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