Enslaved by Five (MMMMM)

The Mating Season 5

Twisted E-Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 25,520
8 Ratings (4.0)

Nick Gray never expected to arrive home to find an unknown alien waiting for him on his doorstep… and he certainly didn’t expect that alien to be his given mate…

Having been surrounded by Valdor men ever since his people re-located to New Earth, Nick is both thrilled and excited at the prospect of welcoming Thorn, a Valdor male, into his life. Thorn is everything that Nick could have hoped for in a mate, and he is a willing slave in whatever the alien desires.

Only it is not quite as simple as that, because Thorn hasn’t just heard Nick’s mating call, there are others waiting for them. And so, Nick and Thorn have no choice but to set off to the Valdor home world, on a journey to find their remaining mates. But will those mates be as accepting of Nick and Thorn as they are of each other, and will Nick find himself enslaved not only by one, but by five? Warning: Double Anal Penetration

Enslaved by Five (MMMMM)
8 Ratings (4.0)

Enslaved by Five (MMMMM)

The Mating Season 5

Twisted E-Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 25,520
8 Ratings (4.0)
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Nick had not expected any soft words from Llai, had not imagined any gentle kisses or coaxing strokes, and he had been right not to. Because the moment they stopped speaking, Llai took the hem of Nick’s top and dragged it over his head. Once done he took each of Nick’s hands and planted them, palms up, against the wall, either side of his own painting. It was quite a stretch, and Nick had to bend himself forward to keep his balance, but clearly Llai wanted that to be the case, because he let out a small growl of approval once Nick was in position.

“Just like that,” he said.

Next, he unbuckled Nick’s pants and dragged them down his hips. Nick stepped out of them, bare now, his pucker completely exposed. It was a weird position to be in. To know that the man stood behind him was someone who didn’t like him, someone who didn’t want this.

Did Llai even find him attractive?

“Yes,” Llai snapped.

Nick almost jumped. “How did you—”

“You want to know if I want this?” Llai said. “If I’m hard for you?”

“And are you?” Nick asked.

“Of course I am,” Llai hissed. “Look at you, all pale, and soft, bent over waiting for me. How could I not be hard?”

Nick tensed…waiting…heart thumping as Llai removed his own pants. He was so nervous, so confused about the whole thing, that his cock was still soft. That had not been the case with any of his other mates and Nick wondered what that meant.

Next thing Nick knew something was pressing against his hole, hot liquid washed over it, and Nick could wonder no more, because Llai’s cock head was pushing against him, demanding entrance.

Nick hissed.

Tensed even more.

He didn’t know if he was ready. Didn’t know if he wanted to do this after all. But Llai did not seem to care about whatever Nick was feeling. There was no gentleness from him. No taking his time. He simply thrust into Nick’s ass in one quick move.

Nick let out a cry. Shocked by the force of Llai’s invasion. Llai responded by giving him every single inch and he didn’t stop there. He didn’t give Nick time to get used to him. Didn’t give Nick time to settle himself. He simply plumbed Nick’s ass hard, filling him up and making his channel quiver.

Over and over he filled him, and he was thicker than any other of Nick’s mates, so thick in fact that despite the soothing pre-cum he had readied Nick with, Nick still felt a twinge of pain each time Llai filled him. Maybe it wasn’t surprising. Nick had been thoroughly used by both Karle and Jard, and then Thorn before them. But their cum soothed him, and so this shouldn’t hurt…and yet it did.

Another hard thrust. Behind him Llai did not say a single word. He simply grunted his pleasure with each push. Nick’s knees shook. His arms ached. But he gritted his teeth and he let Llai do whatever he needed to do.

This was the only option.

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