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Evenings and Mournings

The Wild Rose Press

Heat Rating: SENSUAL
Word Count: 78,746
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Jordan Carpenter has finally achieved the life he's dreamed of since his teens. His self-conscious, seedy years as a trial lawyer have made him wealthy beyond life's pleasures, enough to buy charity accolades and a spot on the Federal bench. He has everything he wants, except the love of his wife, Diane.

Eleven years ago she shut him out and turned him into a stranger in his own home, for an offense that wasn't his fault. When rapid-succession calamities devastate the family, Jordan sees the tragedies as an opportunity to resuscitate life with Diane. But he soon wonders if she's intent on preserving the family, or if she's exacting revenge for his past sins.

Will his gamble end in the reconciliation he wants or will it tear down his life of accomplishment?

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“What about the car?”

“I just told you, stolen.”

“No,” she said, patting his chest, “I mean really. How do we get rid of it?”

“The only thing I came up with is the ravine. Anything else meant someone new would have to know. The blanket was to cover the car after we pushed it over the edge.”

Her head rocked side to side. “I don’t know.”

“Exactly. That’s why we’re not doing it. It can’t work. I’m sorry.” He stepped around her.

“Do it anyway,” she said, hooking his elbow. “How can it hurt?”

“For one thing, it’s another crime. Several, in fact.”

Sneering, she flapped the back of her hand. “Maybe they won’t look, and if they do, that’s when we say I did it. The boys helped me. You never knew a thing.”

“Diane, forget it.”

“No.” She pressed her fingers to his lips. “Jordan, we’re screwed. I get it. I also know the consequences would be much worse for you. That’s why you’re the one who’s staying out of it. Now, tell me what to do here, then you take the bottles to the river.” Eyes wide, she leaned closer. “I’m saving my sons. If I have to kill people, I will.”

He pulled her hand from his mouth. “Are you threatening me?”

“Get going. You can’t be here if the police show up while this is going on.”
A softening in her expression confused him. First time in years she’d wanted them to be a team, and it could land both of them in prison.